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Author Topic: Prompt 2B: Daddy’s Boy  (Read 158 times)

Lucas St. Oswald

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Saturday, May 17, 1956
Early Morning

Scratch… scratch… Lucas’ quill slowly moved across the page, as he finalized a rough draft for a contract that his client wanted him to draw up. The pitter-patter of rain against his window almost mesmerized Lucas for a second, before he returned to his work. For a moment, he had been overcome by a feeling of immense exhaustion. The deadline wasn’t for quite a while, but Lucas preferred to spend his nights burying himself in his work, with the dim light of lantern as his only friend, instead of going to sleep in his very empty bed.

Three years… it had already been three years since Rosalie had passed away, leaving Lucas alone to raise their two children. Her little darling Evalyn was growing fast. She was six years old and looked more and more like her mother with every passing day. And little Sebastian… it hadn’t been his fault. It had taken Lucas a long time to figure that out for himself. Even if he were to blame, nothing could change the fact that Rosalie was dead and Lucas was the only person in the world that the little boy had left.

Both of his children had been tucked in hours ago, when the sun was only just setting. It had been a special day for little Sebastian.  It was his first night in a big boy bed. Both of them were growing so fast. They were out of diapers, completely potty trained, and now neither of them even needed a crib. In just a couple of years, Evie would be off to Hogwarts to learn all about magic. She was a natural, of course, already showing the early signs of being a witch. It was almost a miracle that her development hadn’t at all been affected by the tragic death of her mother. In fact, she had been such an easy child for Lucas to handle. She had been so independent that, at times, it felt like Lucas was just being dragged along for the ride by her. Not that it was all that surprising… she was so independent and brave, just like her mother.

Suddenly, his entire room lit up with a blinding flash from outside as a loud thunderclap followed. Lucas jumped in his seat, accidentally creating a large blot on the parchment as he did so. After taking a second to calm down, Lucas let out a frustrated noise as he crumpled up the piece of parchment in a momentary fit of rage. He was twenty-five years old and he was still scared of thunder. If anyone had been around, it would have been a humiliating sight. He didn’t even realize that thunderstorms still frightened him… it had been years since he jumped like that. But then, it had been years since he had been so alone. Whether it was Briar or Rosie, Lucas had always had a support system, someone to hold his hand when he was frightened. Briar had his own life now and Rosie…

Another loud clap of thunder sent Lucas into a panic. Clearly he wasn’t going to get any work done with the storm raging outside. Reluctantly, he got out of his seat and turned off the lantern, leaving the crumpled piece of paper on the floor for him to collect and fix when he was in a better state of mind. Taking a moment to change out of his work clothes, Lucas slipped into bed, ready for a sleepless night of staring up at the ceiling, scared out of his wits by the thunder.

As he settled in, however, Lucas heard a faint noise coming from the corridor. Straining his ears, and momentarily panicking yet again, Lucas heard it again. This time, he could faintly make out the call that made him leap out of bed instantly.


Lucas threw his bedroom door open in an instant and looked in both directions as he came out into the hallway. Sure enough, his eyes fell on the tiny form of Sebastian St. Oswald, running towards Lucas with tears streaming down his panic-stricken face, dragging his little security blanket and stuffed bear behind him. Making a beeline for his son and immediately scooping him up, Lucas held his little boy tight and patted his back while quietly pacifying him as he carried Sebastian into his room. Setting Sebastian gently down on his bed, Lucas sat down next to him, his hand still gently running down Sebastian’s back. He took a moment to re-light the lantern, bathing them both in a comforting, yellow glow.

“Shh it’s okay, daddy’s here,” Lucas cooed. “What’s wrong, my little prince?”

But Lucas didn’t have to wait long for an answer. The thunder outside shook the windows and the wind began howling as the storm became even more dangerous and volatile. Sebastian buried his head in Lucas’ chest as he clung to his father for dear life. So that was it… he was scared of the storm too. Lucas returned the embrace, holding his little boy tightly against his chest to mask his own fear. Perhaps a “big boy” bed had been a little too ambitious for his much less independent little boy. But he certainly couldn’t put the toddler back in a crib. He was far too big for one.

“Teddy is s-s-scawed,” Sebastian managed to stutter out as he looked up at Lucas. He couldn't help but smile sympathetically.

“I know, Sebastian… I know… ” Lucas said soothingly, still holding his little boy close to him. “Tell Teddy not to worry. The scary noises will be gone soon.”

Holding Sebastian tightly for a few minutes while the storm continued to batter the windows, Lucas gently tousled the little boy’s hair. His sweet baby finally started to calm down a little as the thunder became more distant for the time being. The tears, at least, had stopped freely flowing, having been reduced to small, almost pathetic sniffles and whimpering as Sebastian accidentally wiped his runny nose on Lucas’ nightshirt while burying himself in his father’s chest. Finally, he had calmed down enough for Lucas to set him back down on the bed and give him a warm smile.

“There now, is Teddy all better?” Lucas asked him, taking the handkerchief on his bedside table and wiping the little boy’s nose gently. Sebastian quietly rubbed the tears out of his eyes and put his stuffed bear close to his ear, as if it were speaking to him. Sebastian nodded slightly. Lucas gave him a tired smile and said, “Good, then let’s get you both back to your big boy bed, shall we?”

Sebastian shook his head sadly. “S’eep wiv daddy?” the sweet little angel asked, his wide eyes looking up pleadingly at his father.

Lucas looked down sympathetically at his little boy. He couldn’t say no to that face. “Yes, of course you can sleep with daddy,” he said as he pinched Sebastian’s cheek affectionately. “But just for tonight, my little prince. Okay?” Sebastian nodded again. Of course, that wasn't a rule that Lucas was likely to enforce. 

Without even hesitating, Sebastian climbed over and settled into the empty side of Lucas’ bed, dragging his blanket and Teddy along with him. Lucas took a moment to tuck his little boy in, kissing him on the forehead before getting into bed himself. With one last comforting look at his little boy, Lucas extinguished the lantern one final time and set his head down against his pillow just in time for what sounded like the heralding of the apocalypse, the loudest thunderclap of the night. A lightning bolt flashed against the window and the entire room seemed to rattle from the booming thunder. Sebastian immediately clung to his father, accidentally stuffing Teddy into Lucas’ face as he did so. While he couldn’t see the terror on his little boy’s face, the sad little whimpering said it all. Lucas responded by reaching out with a firm, reassuring arm, bringing Sebastian closer to him, without even taking a moment to think about his own terror. Sebastian needed him… he was the only person this little boy had left and he couldn’t spend his time cowering in a corner while his little boy cried for him and looked to him for comfort.

“It’s okay, Sebastian,” Lucas whispered softly. “I’m here… You’ll always be safe with daddy.”