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Author Topic: friends forever | cool girl squad | OPEN to third year girls!  (Read 107 times)

Virtue Hir

    (04/15/2018 at 16:16)
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Early August,
Outside the Home Under the Ground
In the Shade of the Biggest Tree

“Pass the sea glass, won’t you?”

It was a dumb activity and she knew it.  It was even a little square, but it was that time in the summer where she had already done all the cool stuff there was to do for the first time, when beach was getting boring for visiting every day.  Not yet was she bored enough to venture into, say, the Neverwood (that humidity with her hair would be a nightmare), or to play yet another game of Gobstones with Nash (“play” was a bit of a kindness; “be swiftly and soundly beaten at” was more accurate), but she was just bored enough, it turned out, for this.

Virtue Hir--True, to her friends and anyone who knew what was good for them--had gathered an “activity basket” from one of the older counselors (that weird one who was always talking about cats).  Contained within was everything that would be needed to make bracelets--lengths of thin-cut leather, spools of jute and hemp, little skeins of embroidery floss, beads and charms and baubles in various types, and all in every color anyone could ever want. 

Though she had rolled her eyes at the girl who had given her the basket, True thought this was better, at least, than getting sprayed with Gobstone gunk.  She had rounded up as many of her girlfriends as she could--friendship bracelets were definitely cooler than regular bracelets, because they were a bit more exclusive--and at present the whole lot of them sat on several picnic blankets, all spread out together under the shade of the biggest tree in the clearing, the small baskets and bags of bracelet making materials spread out among them.

When the basket of sea glass beads was passed her way, Virtue selected the deepest blue ones she could find and began stringing them into the weave of her bracelet, which was in the style of traditional camp friendship bracelets, knotted together in (of course) true red and varying shades of a moody, dusky blue.

“What do you think?” she asked idly of no one in particular, tiling her work so that the foggy sea glass glowed in the dappled sunlight that filtered through the shade of the tree branches above.  True already knew the answer: her bracelet looked the best of all of them.
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* Nashira Nettlebed

    (04/17/2018 at 22:44)
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Why on earth True thought this would be more fun than gobstones, Nash would never be able to figure out. Sure, she was winning most - scratch that all - of the time, which entailed a smelly little shower for her friend, but if anyone could pull off gobstone stench, it should be them. Nonetheless, she'd conceded to the suggestion of making friendship bracelets with the other girls.

And maybe it wasn't just for true, either. Nash felt a bit of a fondness for all these third year girls, and a pang of jealousy at the thought that all of them would get to go back to Hogwarts together while she would be stuck at Foxe Farm for another year. Of course, she'd been the one to insist on being homeschooled, but she didn't have many friends back then, and certainly not the cool kind who didn't spurn gobstones with a dismissive wave of the hand. If anything, perhaps these friendship bracelets would serve to remind all these girls, all these friends, that even though she wasn't at the castle with them, that she still existed.

“Pass the sea glass, won’t you?”

"Gotcha," Nash mumbled, setting aside her own bracelet momentarily to pass the little basket of translucent blue stones to True, playing off the other girl's eye roll with a shrug. Retrieving her arm, she took a moment to properly examine her handiwork. She certainly seemed to be working at a slower pace than anyone else, weaving the strands together meticulously because her lack of talent was no excuse to miss perfection by even a hair.

Yet somehow True already seemed to be finished. Tightly securing another loop of string, Nashira's blue eyes flicked up to observe the other girl's handiwork. "Aww," She said, frowning and inwardly bemoaning how good True's bracelet looked in comparison to her own half-finished one. "You did that so fast!" Promptly, she returned her attention to her own work-in-progress, her tongue sticking out between her teeth as she focused on weaving just a little bit faster without ruining the whole thing.
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