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Author Topic: Player of the Week '53!  (Read 112 times)

Clinton Litchfield

    (04/10/2018 at 10:49)
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Player of the Week!
Summer 1953

Every summer, the Mod Squad (i.e. your counsellors) convenes and nominates one new player each week to the honour of Player of the Week! These new members have seriously impressed the summer counsellors, and we hope to see them around for many terms to come!
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Clinton Litchfield

    (04/10/2018 at 10:52)
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  • Director of Camp Loki; AB&C Daycare Employee
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Week 1: Sirius Cíprio!
From the Mod Squad!

Sirius has made a fantastic addition to the site this summer.  Right out of the gate, he's jumping into open threads, starting open threads--really just hitting the ground running as far as writing goes. It's a joy to see Sirius explore camp and start to make friends; this little circus performer is quite the handful and his enthusiasm for life is contagious.  I'm really glad that Sirius found Hoggies!  Welcome, Siri, and keep up the great work! --Tallulah Sloe

Sirius has been a welcome addition to Hoggies. He hasn't been shy about joining my open thread almost immediately and has been very enthusiastic about already expanding on the character's backstory. I love the passion behind the writing and he's a joy to have in main chat as well. Sirius has transitioned very well to Hoggies and it feels like he's already been here for a while. --Aiden Duncan

Right out the gate, Sirius has taken to the site like a fish in water. It’s been great seeing him sign up for camp events, allow us to get to know him with an introduction and in MC, and I’ve happily watch him throw his adorable character at us, be it in exploring painted caves, playing Quidditch, or trash talking crocodiles with Aiden and Zak. We’re lucky you found us, Sirius, and I for one am excited to see little Sirius about the castle soon! --Lucian Grey

About Sirius!

What shall we call you? Do you have any favorite nicknames? Lis/Elis is tots fine

How did you find HSNet? The magical reign of tumblr

What made you decide to join? Truth be told, the aesthetic (most rpg-sites I have seen weren't so organized) AND the idea of a retro-harry-potter-rp'ing

Which book is your favorite in the series? The goblet of fire! Though i like 'The prisioner of Askaban' pretty much, too (eh, hence the name of my char)

Who is your favorite character from the books? Draco (iknowitsucksbutimalloverthebadguys)

Who are you most excited to roleplay with, that you haven't yet? Oh my god, there are so many... But I guess Jeremiah Smallweed, Virtue Hir and Vanessa Naoi. I really enjoy stalking reading their threads.

What is one thread that everyone should read this very instant? Why? Most are probably already reading, but Hippogriffs and Horklumps is being GREAT (really, what can be better than a rp inside a rp?)

What is one thing about Sirius that no one knows? It's no big secret, but he can actually draw quite well (but is a bit shy about it).

What is one thing about Sirius that everyone should know? Don't feed him - really. He will come back for seconds.

What are you most excited about for when term begins? Quidditch *squeals*. And, strangely, classes.

Any last words? First of all: thank you! You all have been very kind since I arrived here. Furthermore, I can only say I'm excited to keep RP'ing here!
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