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Author Topic: scared i'll die of uncertainty [a.j.h.]  (Read 124 times)

Adam Hoying

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July 1st, 1953

Dear Diary,

And so, here we are again.

I've been sent off to Camp Loki once more. Aunt Martina wants to do some more traveling, and so I suppose that coming here is my only option, though I am not particularly enthused about it. Camp is always filled with throngs of people wherever one goes, and I, of course, do not do well with that. I could have gone with Martina, I suppose, but the world is too large for me. I do not understand what she sees in it--it can be quite cruel, Diary, and I wonder how she can see beyond that.

The theme is Neverland, which is from a Muggle book. I am considering reading said book in order to understand the locations better, but I don't think I'll need to. I've been assigned to Team Mermaid, which would be more disconcerting if Aiden wasn't my counselor. He's still a bit much, but I've grown more used to him. It is not as if I have much of a choice--he actually truly wants to be my friend, which I do not see often.

There is much to see, and I fear that I will get lost if I do not at least know the basic layout, so I suppose I will have to remove myself from my cabin to walk around for a bit. Hopefully Aiden doesn't rope me into something truly ridiculous on the first day.


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