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How should Spellbound be run next term?

Keep the current structure of three article prompts/themes
9 (64.3%)
Return to the original structure of no prompts/themes
5 (35.7%)

Total Members Voted: 14

Voting closed: 05/01/2018 at 14:44

Author Topic: SPELLBOUND STRUCTURE? [MEMBER POLL!]  (Read 204 times)

* Ella Galanis

    (04/02/2018 at 14:44)
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Hey, guys!

I'd really like your opinions on the structure of Spellbound, the student newspaper, for this coming term.

In the past few terms, the Spellbound coordinator(s) has picked three general themes and turned these into article prompts. Each prompt has two options: a set option that demands a specific task e.g. an interview with a professor; and a free-form option that allows Spellbounders to write any article/poem/prose/etc. as long as it relates in some way (as indirectly or as directly as the player wishes) to the prompt theme. This change was originally put in place to help players and to encourage activity, as some members were often unsure what they should write about and wanted clearer direction.

Before this change occurred, Spellbound was run as a completely open extra-curricular. Students came up with their own ideas for three articles, rather than following a set theme/prompt for each article. 

If you are planning on taking Spellbound as an extra-curricular activity next term OR if you are considering taking Spellbound next term but have not yet fully decided, please vote in the poll to let me know which structure you would prefer to see next term. If you are certain that you will not be taking Spellbound, please do not vote. One vote per member, not per character, please!

This poll will close on 30 April 2018, so please get your votes in before then. Thank you!
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