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Sylvia Rose Renn, what in the world is Summer Mentoring?

Well, sweet summer child, I am glad you asked. Here at Hoggies, we run a Mentoring program, which (I hope) you are all familiar with! When brand new members join up, we assign them a mentor to act as a guide around the site in both the logistical sense (Gringott Vaults, right?) and character sense (reaching out to some similar minded characters to plan plots with!), as well as a person to bounce ideas off of, have general fun with, and just be generally really cool. And stuff.

That sounds nice, is it a lot of time commitment?

While there is a bit of a time commitment in terms of we want you to actually interact with your assigned mentee, there is no "minimum". You can come onto the Mentoring team and only wish to take on one mentee, which is fairly little time commitment, or you may sign up and say 'The sky's the limit'! Completely up to you. Be mindful of any holidays or IRL due-dates occurring during the summer that might affect your availability for the mentees!

Cool, what else am I expected to do?

Not much! You do have a badge so other members can recognize you, so remember you represent the Mentoring Team when you interact with new members.

Fair enough, can I stay on the Team after summer too?

Why, yes you can! We need a few active Mentors during the Term season as Elsewhere characters are accepted year-round and we do have a number of people who join intially as an Elsewhere character.

I want in! What are the requirements?

Pretty straight-forward! We would like it if you've been on Hoggies for at least one active term, just so you know your way around. Other than that ... being a patient person is important.

Great! Sign me up!

Fill out the form below and PM it to Sylvia Renn with the subject: Mentoring Sign-Up!

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[b]Why do you think mentors are important to the site?[/b]

[b]What do you think could be added to make the mentor program more rewarding for mentors and mentees? Would you be willing to lead this initiative?[/b]

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[b]The Most Important Question: Cake or cookies? (Bonus round: What kind?)[/b]

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