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Author Topic: Calendar Dates '53  (Read 205 times)

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Activities & Events Calendar
Summer '53

1 April
Duelling [Round One] sign-ups open
Hippogriffs and Horklumps sign-ups open
Infirmary sign-ups open
Quidditch sign-ups open
Team Mermaids event sign-ups open
Team Pirates event sign-ups open

2 April
Team Lost Boys event sign-ups open

7 April
Hippogriffs and Horklumps starts
Quidditch Game One starts

8 April
Infirmary Case Study One starts

9 April
Team Pirates event starts

11 April
Duelling [Round One] sign-ups close 

12 April
Duelling [Round One] starts 
Duelling [Round Two] sign-ups open 

13 April
Team Lost Boys event starts
Team Mermaids event starts

14 April
Quidditch Game One ends

18 April
Quidditch Game Two starts

19 April
Infirmary Case Study Two starts

21 April
Duelling [Round Two] sign-ups close 

22 April
Duelling [Round Two] starts

25 April
Quidditch Game Two ends 
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