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Brock Sanders

    (12/29/2017 at 22:33)
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Um... Hi?

I'm Breanna, and I'm somewhat of a newb here. I guess you could call me a lurker, because I have this tendency to wander around without saying anything. I post occasionally, but even if I don't post, I'm usually around somewhere.

I'm an avid reader and writer in real life, and I will never turn down a chance to RP. Just shoot me a PM if you want to thread with one of my bbies. I can't code to save my life, though, so don't expect anything that is visually appealing. xD

On to my pride and joy, now, because I'm a boring person.

Brock is excellent at analyzing and solving problems through the use of sheer logic. Logic doesn't fix everything, however, so he has an extraordinarily hard time being emotionally supportive or even emotionally attached. Of course, his emotional hardships are augmented by his tendency to argue his stand on things and can make him come across as being mean or rude. Despite this, he has never been known to turn down a opportunity to spend time with a beautiful female.

My other two characters are still works-in-progress, but they'll hopefully be ready to roll out in the next few weeks. They're a husband-wife duo by the names of Derek and Breanna Murray. And no, I did not mean to make myself into a character, it just sort of happened...

Anyway, that's me! :D

Vanessa Naoi

    (12/29/2017 at 23:14)
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welcome to Hoggies! I'm not really in a position to be showing you the ropes around here, as I just joined last term, BUUUUUT if you ever have any questions I'd be totally happy and willing to answer them to the best of my abilities :)

I'd love to thread with you sometime, so feel free to PM me once term starts at the castle! See you soon <3


speak up.

Brock Sanders

    (01/01/2018 at 17:05)
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Hiya, Vanessa!

It's great to meet you :) I'll definitely PM you once I get into the rhythm of things at the castle!