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Back To School!
1952-53 term

Hi, guys! In exactly 1 week, 11 hours and 15 minutes, we'll be transitioning back over to the castle board! It'll soon enter maintenance mode (and become inaccessible) so that the admins can finish up new-term things for you all, but it'll open again at midnight (UK, GMT) on 1 January 2018!

In the meantime, here's a little bit of information about where to start once term begins!

First Things First...

• There'll be a thread called 'The Sort 1952!' in the 'News' forum -- if you're new to the castle, get over there! It's where you'll find out which house you've been placed in.

• As soon as the castle opens, you're free to post anywhere you like... But make sure you check out the Opening Feast in the 'Entrance Hall & Great Hall' forum! Don't be shy to post, it's a great place to start if you're not sure where to begin.

• Check your title and levels (also known as your 'subbies') to make sure that everything's correct. To view them, you can either look at a post you've made, or simply go to your forum profile. Your title should be your school year. The letters in your levels correspond to the four magical cores: C = Charms; D = Divination; T = Transfiguration; S = Conjuring/Summoning. Your magical strength will be one number above your year, while your magical weakness will be one number below your year. The other two will be the same number as your year.
Example: a fourth year with a weakness in Charms and a strength in Divination would have levels that look like this: C3D5T4S4

• If you think the admins might have made a mistake (it happens!), just submit a helpdesk ticket and we'll look into it for you. If you seem to be missing a title/levels at first, please just sit tight -- there's a lot of people to get through, and it's New Year's Eve! If you still don't have them by the end of the next day, you can submit a helpdesk ticket.

• Make sure you can access your house OOC subforum. These are located in Gryffindor Tower (Gryffindors), the Kitchens Corridor (Hufflepuffs), Ravenclaw Tower (Ravenclaws), or the Dungeons (Slytherins). You'll need to post in your house check-in thread so that we know you've made it! If you can't access your house OOC, submit a helpdesk ticket.

Administration Team

These are the staff members in charge of the different areas within the castle. If you have an issue that falls within a specific area, turn to the appropriate person first. Any general questions/concerns about the castle should be directed to Anneka.

Headmistress: Anneka Ivanova
Deputy Headmistress: Pythagorea Proud (NPC)
Gryffindor Head of House: Aubrey Kedding
Hufflepuff Head of House: Hazel Wright
Ravenclaw Head of House: Ella Galanis
Slytherin Head of House: David Leighton


• Class sign-ups are usually held within the first ten days (OOC) of term. You are allowed to take up to four classes, only two of which may be core classes (Charms, Divination, Transfiguration, Conjuring/Summoning). This means that you can take up to two core classes and two electives, or one core class and three electives, or no core classes and four electives. You do not have to take four classes, and it is encouraged that you only take as many as you can handle.

• Classes attempt to hold three full lessons through the course of the three-month term (approx. one lesson per month). If you have any questions about classes, contact your mentor, your Head of House, or the relevant professor!

• If you have two student characters, they may not take the same classes.

• Below are the classes available for you to take this term:
Charms -- taught by Austin Nadeau
Divination -- taught by Cladis Perses Gallion
Transfiguration -- taught by Mark Lerner
Conjuring/Summoning -- taught by Ella Galanis

Care of Magical Creatures -- taught by Andromeda Wagner
Herbology -- taught by Peter Copeland
Magical Defence -- taught by Serena & Bailey McCormick
Muggle Studies -- taught by Gabrielle Renard
Potions -- taught by Estella Ricardus

Activities / Extra-Curriculars

• Activity sign-ups are usually held within the first ten days (OOC) of term. Some activities allow you to sign up later in the term too, but you'll need to check with the relevant activity leader first. We offer four different extra-curricular activities, and you can take as many or as few as you like.

• Below are the activities available for you to take this term:
Duelling -- signups are in your house OOC! Led by Altair.
Hospital Wing -- signups are in the Hospital Wing! Led by Rafael Blancamuerte.
Quidditch -- signups are in your house OOC! Led by David Leighton.
Spellbound, the student newspaper -- signups are in General OOC! Led by Ella Galanis.

• If you have any questions about extra-curricular activities, contact your mentor, your Head of House, or the relevant activity leader.

And finally...

• Don't forget to finish up your summer threads as quickly as possible! The summer forums will remain open for a week or so after term begins, but expect a quick drop-off in activity over here. This summer's threads can and will be archived after the new term starts.

Vote for Player of the Summer, if you haven't already! The winner will be announced at the start of the new term.

• Make sure you've claimed all your Gringotts points for the previous term and this summer by 31 December. After this, staff will be verifying vaults, and you won't be able to claim any points that you earned before the new term. If you have any questions about Gringotts points, please PM Calypso Ross.

• If you have any questions about the start of term, please don't hesitate to contact your mentor or any member of staff. Thanks for this summer, guys, you've all been great! 8)
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