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Lita Chevalier

    (12/09/2017 at 15:24)
Continued from the Beltane Ball

"Do you really think you should be snogging him when you have a boyfriend?"

Lo's sassy tone echoed above the noise of the student body. With a grin curled upon her lips, the badger crept closer to her two friends while her boyfriend went to get them something to drink. Lita couldn't help but be completely full at the sight of the beautiful evening in front of them. Everything was just perf--

"That's rich coming from you. Didn't you kiss Bren over Break?"

Stopping just behind her blonde best friends, her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach. Wh-what? Her brows furrowed in confusion as she reached out to grasp Chloe's attention, cutting her off mid-sentence.

"Yeah,  but --"

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Lita's voice quivered.

Surely, there was a different Bren around Hogwarts. It wasn't her Bren, not Brendan McCrae, her boyfriend. They had been together since last summer. If Chloe had kissed him during break....that meant Christmas Break, when she had gone home and they had stayed at the castle.

She bit her lowered lip to attempt to keep it from quivering further, to keep the tears from welling in her eyes. There had to be an explanation for the comment.

"Did you just say you snogged my boyfriend?"

Chloe Rose

    (12/09/2017 at 17:13)
Unwillingly, she untangled herself from Jamie’s arms with a soft, “Be right back,” before making her way over to her friend who was snogging someone who was most definitely not her boyfriend. Because, really, Chloe wished there had been someone there to stop her when she kissed Bren, effectively cheating on both Jamie and Lita.

By the time she reached Circe, Will Marin was being yanked away from her friend. Which was good, probably.

A brief scolding took place. Honestly, as horrible as Chloe had felt over lying the past few months, she didn’t want anyone else to need to feel like that.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Lo froze. Oh no. No, no, no. This wasn’t happening. She knew the voice anywhere. The second best friend in her trio. Wide eyed, she turned to face Lita Chevalier.

“Did you just say you snogged my boyfriend?”

“Lita, listen, listen! I was going to tell you, I swear. Only I was waiting for the right time and one thing led to another and— It was an accident!”

Brendan McCrae

    (12/09/2017 at 17:45)
The time spent getting two glasses of punch was needed. Just enough time for Bren pull himself together at the thought of having to talk to Jamie and Chloe, to convince himself that it was a simple conversation, and it would be very easy to get out of it by asking Lita for a dance.

Just a quick hello, and then he could whisk his girlfriend away and on to the dance floor.

"It was an accident!”

He only caught the tail end of whatever conversation they were having as he joined them, but it was clear from the look on the girls' faces that it was nothing good. Bren froze, eyes shifting from Lita to Chloe, knowing in an instance what was going on. There's only one reason why Chloe would look at him like that.

This was not good.

He remained frozen for a moment, his mind unable to come up with a quick exit strategy. How in Merlin's name did this happen, when they had managed to keep it under wraps for four months?

Lita Chevalier

    (12/11/2017 at 14:25)
The look on her best friend's said it all. What she had overheard was true. Her jaw dropped ever so slightly, taking in the newfound information that her best friend had snogged her boyfriend. The tears she had desperately tried to keep under wraps were now beginning to fall freely. Her chest began to ache from the heavy sobs looming to come forth.

How could they betray her? What in Godric's name had she done to them to deserve that?

“Lita, listen"

"Listen?," her voice quivered as it rose to a higher volume. "You want me to LISTEN?!"

"Listen! I was going to tell you, I swear."

"When? When, Lo? When were you going to tell me you snogged my boyfriend?! Was yours not good enough?" she spat just as Bren came to her side.

If looks could kill, her boyfriend would've been on the ground. Her heart was beating rapidly as she hastily took the cup from his hand to her right, no doubt meant for her. The girl he had cheated on, and had been treating her impeccable for the last four months. Now she completely understood just why he had been the perfect boyfriend to her.

"Seriously, Brendan?! You snogged my best friend!"

Merlin, she was going to tell him she loved him, to ask him to meet her parents. What a fool she had been to think he truly cared about her. Green hues glanced around them, wishing she could have been anywhere but there, enjoying the night she had prepared all month long for -- WITH CHLOE. In a fit of rage, her right hand flung the contents of the cup onto Chloe's front, attempting to drench her face and dress.

"Only I was waiting for the right time and one thing led to another and—"

She pulled her left arm back, palm facing the blonde, red clouding her sight, rippling the tide of polite etiquette embedded in her being. It took but a moment for her hand to connect with the girl's cheek.


"It was an accident!”

"Go rot in hell, you slag," Lita spat before throwing the cup at Bren, gathering her dress, and hurrying out of the ball.

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Chloe Rose

    (12/16/2017 at 05:59)
Quicker than she could have imagined, Chloe was drenched with Lita’s drink and she coughed as some of it got into her mouth. Fine. Fine. Maybe she deserved that. She opened her mouth to speak but—


Frowning, Chloe reached up to touch her cheek. It burned where the impact hit but she didn’t retaliate. A slap was something she deserved, too. Maybe now that Lita had that out of her system they could talk it over. It had really been an innocent accident. A glare was shot in Brendan’s direction. This could have all been avoided if he hadn’t been so damn stubborn.

“Go rot in hell, you slag,"

Mouth wobbling down into a frown, she shook her head at her best friend, “Lita just listen—” But the girl was gone.

And Chloe rounded on Brendan, “I told you! I TOLD YOU! We should’ve told her ages ago but you’re nothing but a coward and I hate you, Brendan McCrae! HEAR ME!?” she was shouting now but she didn’t care, tears pricked at her eyes but she ignored them. Fists clenched and unclenched, and she snarled lower to him, “If I’m going to hell, you’re going too so I hope you can handle the heat, Birdie boy, because I’m going to burn you to the ground. Trust it.”

Turning sharply away, she choked back a sob and she glanced around the crowd for the one person she wanted to talk to right now.

“Jamie?” she called, pushing past someone roughly and not pausing to apologize. What was the point?

Brendan McCrae

    (12/20/2017 at 03:39)
"Seriously, Brendan?! You snogged my best friend!"

He still hadn't moved, his mind desperately trying to come up with a proper answer, with a solution to the problem he had avoided for months. Bren barely registered that Lita had taken one of the cups from his hand, not until he felt some drops hit his own face, splash-back from the contents being thrown at Chloe.

The Ravenclaw blinked, taking a slight step back and finally taking in the whole situation unfolding before them. He hadn't seen Lita dump the punch on Chloe, but he most definitely saw her hand rear back, coming forward to make a hard connection with her cheek.

"Lita, now hold on-" He had to do something, had to stop everything from falling apart, but he was reacting entirely too slow, and Lita was already retreating as the other guilty party in the whole event turned on him.

“I told you! I TOLD YOU! We should’ve told her ages ago but you’re nothing but a coward and I hate you, Brendan McCrae! HEAR ME!?”

Eyes followed Lita's figure out the door, as he tried to tune out everything else. But Chloe wasn't going to let him do that, her screams invading his ears as she yelled at him.

Brendan just stood there, taking it all, knowing that he had to take action somehow, but he had never expected this to happen. He was someone who never made plans, who sort of just went with the flow of things, and now he was desperately wishing he had thought about what to do in case this very possibility had occurred.

Suddenly, Chloe had left him as well, and the Ravenclaw finally made a move, turning to run after his girlfriend. He had to make this right, had to fix things. If only he could explain to her that it meant nothing, it was nothing.

Maybe this was still salvageable.

"Lita, wait!" He saw her as soon as he exited the room, not too far ahead of him. Bren picked up some speed, not slowing down until he had reached her. One hand came out to try and grab her arm, to stop her from continuing, so that they could talk about it. So he could explain.

"Please, Lita, stop! It's not what you think!"

Lita Chevalier

    (01/15/2018 at 03:16)
Angry tears began to fall from her eyes, undoubtedly messing up the perfect job Chloe had done with her makeup. Chloe, she sneered as the back of her hand wiped the tears away as she made her way through the crowd. Their peers began to stare as the commotion had started, and continued until she fully made her exit through the doors. As she stepped out into the empty entrance, a sob escaped with a heave of her chest.

But they couldn't leave well enough alone, could they?

Fingers grasped her forearm and she instantly knew who it was before her named escaped his lips.

"Lita, wait!"

Jerking her arm back hastily, the brunette stopped in her tracks and spun around to face him. Though her expression was that of fury, the tears continued to fall from her cheeks. She didn't bother to wipe them away, not when she knew they would come more freely as he continued talking.

"Please, Lita, stop! It's not what you think!"

"Not what I think? How could it not be what I think, Bren? You KISSED her, for godric's sake!"

There was nothing else to say. It was cut and dry. Nothing he could say would make it better.

Brendan McCrae

    (01/15/2018 at 03:40)
She stopped suddenly, and Bren hastily took a step back, almost tripping in the process.

"Not what I think? How could it not be what I think, Bren? You KISSED her, for godric's sake!"

Okay, so maybe it was what she thought. But Lita didn't have the full story, he was sure of it. He just needed to explain, and then everything would be fine. They would be fine.

"Well, yes, but..."

How could he explain it though? Bren saw the look on her face. She was pissed, and clearly not thinking straight. Anything he said now would just make it worse. But he had to try, right?

"It didn't mean anything, honest! And it was months ago."

Lita Chevalier

    (01/15/2018 at 03:50)
"Well, yes, but..."

"But nothing, Brendan! You kissed her, and that her wasn't ME!"

Her lower lip began to quiver, and she had to bite down hard to keep the full blown sobs coming. Lita sighed shakily as she tried to calm her breathing, and ran her hands over her face, not caring about messing up her make up, or hair for that matter. She took a couple steps forward, past her boyfriend, trying to gather her thoughts.

"It didn't mean anything, honest! And it was months ago."

She turned around on her heel, ready for the next round.

"And that makes it okay?! Because you both lied me for months, that means it didn't mean anything?!" she yelled, not worried about the students leaving and returning to the ball just a few feet behind them.

"Obviously it meant something if you had to hide it, Brendan!"

Brendan McCrae

    (01/15/2018 at 03:57)
"And that makes it okay?!"

"Well, no-"

It wasn't okay, and he knew that. As much as Bren wanted to believe that not telling her was the right thing to do, he knew it wasn't. But he also knew that telling her would be the wrong thing, because she wouldn't try to understand what really happened.

"Because you both lied me for months, that means it didn't mean anything?!"

He tried to ignore the stares from the other students around them. This was not the right place to be doing this. But it wasn't like he could ask her to go somewhere else to talk. Lita was obviously not in mood for conceding to any requests.

"Obviously it meant something if you had to hide it, Brendan!"

"Damn it, Lita, would you just listen to me!"

One hand ran through his hair as he tried to think of what he could say to make this right, to make her understand. But he was coming up blank.

"It was an accident. I'm...I'm sorry."

Lita Chevalier

    (01/15/2018 at 04:23)
"Damn it, Lita, would you just listen to me!"

She sighed loudly, watching his emotion explode to the surface. The tears kept coming, and her shoulders shook with a silent, suppressed sob.

"It was an accident. I'm...I'm sorry."

It was as if she saw red and all of her anger and frustration came out at once. Palm connected with cheek, harder than with Chloe, if that were even possible. Her breathing had picked up and her teeth tore into her bottom lip as fresh tears came rolling. The noise of skin against skin made a shudder course through her body and she hastily brought her hand back.

"I'm not sorry. You deserved that," she said shakily, as if she didn't actually believe it. "It's over, Brendan. We're over. I just can't do it."

And with that, Lita ran past him, her destination the common room.

Brendan McCrae

    (01/15/2018 at 04:31)
He felt the pain before he had even realized what happened. His head whipped to the side and Bren bit the inside of his cheek at the moment of contact. Hands clenched at his side as Bren desperately tried not to cradle the side of his face she had just violated.

"I'm not sorry. You deserved that."

The boy didn't argue. He definitely did deserve that. But now that it was done, maybe that was all she needed. Maybe he could still fix them.

"It's over, Brendan. We're over. I just can't do it."

Or maybe not.

He didn't even holler after her, or try to stop her. Obviously Lita had made up her mind. Tugging the sides of his robes straight, Bren took in a deep breath and hastily made his own exit, avoiding the eye contact of anyone who had just witnessed their very public breakup. 

Why couldn't Chloe keep her damn mouth shut?