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Pax Fellwater

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First Night of Camp
9:00 PM

Beginnings are always magical. There is a novelty to the first day of camp, and combined with the intimate cheer of the Winter Wonderland, Pax’s mood had remained buoyant despite a busy day of responsibility.

He was also newly 14 and was being trusted with the mythical responsibility of a camp counselor. There were all sorts of "new" to keep his spirits floating. He had greeted several faces last seen only a little over a week ago like long lost family. And new faces made everything doubly exciting, all the people shuffling themselves into their various groups and cliques. It was fascinating to watch.

A decent crowd had assembled in the firelit inn, voices swelling and swirling in a surf of conversation that bubbled through the crowd like a fresh cracked butterbeer. Though he was tired and the noise made his ears ring and his legs ached from carrying him all day, Pax couldn’t resist the festive enthusiasm that wrapped around him like a warm blanket. He sat joking and talkign with some old faces and new, not wanting to waste the buzz of excitement and celebration that jumped electric through the air.

It was still an hour from the first curfew. The crowd needed entertainment!

His face flushed from laughing, the young boy stood, tipping the last contents of his own butterbeer onto his tongue. Flipping the now-empty bottle over itself in his hands, Pax called out to everyone close enough to hear, eyes glinting mischievously, “Who’s up for a little fun?”

A little game was just the way to kick things off.

[Welcome to Spin-the-Bottle!

If you’d like to play, just post a reply in this thread. As soon as we have a few participants, Pax will kick things off. A list of active participants will be updated regularly at the bottom of this post for easy reference.

How This Will Work:

The bottle spinner will choose a person for the bottle to land on, who will then spin next.
By posting in this thread, you agree to allow the bottle to land on your character, though their reaction and IC participation are always up to you.
On your turn to spin, you can choose a specific person if you have specific plot ideas, or you can use a nifty random generator LIKE THIS ONE to select a person for the bottle to land on, if you’re feeling adventurous.
You do not need to wait for your turn to post, but please bold your actions on your turn for clarity.
If the bottle lands on your character, you will have 24 hours to take your turn, or else Pax might   a c c i d e n t a l l y   bump the table so the bottle points toward someone else.

For the sake of keeping things moving, short posts are welcome. Anyone and everyone are invited to jump in and spice things up! Welcome to Camp!!]

List of Players (infected Players marked in green)
***Mouth-to-mouth contact is required for infection!***

(14-18 yrs)

  • Pax Fellwater
  • Aiden Duncan
  • Jeremiah Smallweed
  • Rebecca Silvers
  • Felicity Wilding
  • Chi Zeleza
  • Chloe Rose
  • Mia Green
  • Helen Kane
  • Lucifer Grey
  • Brendan McCrae
  • Zak Weiland
  • Tallulah Sloe
  • Charlotte Marin
  • Emilio Soares
  • Lita Chevalier
  • Emaline Woods
  • Caitlin McLeod
  • Althea Smallweed
  • Circe Blackwood
(10-14 yrs)

  • Pax Fellwater
  • Aiden Duncan
  • Jeremiah Smallweed
  • Rebecca Silvers
  • Felicity Wilding
  • Nashira Nettlebed
  • Olette Clarington-Dupont
  • Corrina Buzolic
  • Newton Mariner
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Jeremiah Smallweed

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He was here for one reason alone, and that reason was the free Butterbeer.

There were better people he could have spent his evening with  -- a scornful look was thrown in the direction of Fellwater -- but unfortunately none of them came with free drinks, so Jeremiah had found himself sitting among the rest of the crowd, downing one drink after another. Merlin knew they all needed it, it was bloody freezing outside.

“Who’s up for a little fun?”

There was something grating about the Ravenclaw that had always rubbed him up the wrong way, something that lingered in his smirk and his hair and his voice. Everything about the other boy made Jeremiah want to punch him.

"We're tryin', but unfortunately you're here," he fired back. Still, that didn't stop him from shuffling a little closer, his curiosity piqued. Something needed to happen before the first night of summer camp faded. 

"Spit it out, then, ya Horklump. What stupid idea've ya got now?"
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Rebecca Silvers

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Rebecca rested a half-empty bottle of butterbeer in her outstretched legs, occasionally bringing it up to her lips to have a quick sip between the laughs. It was the first day of camp. She was counsellor. Older. Responsible. And this was going to be the best summer that ever was.

Wrapping the blanket she had brought with her around herself tighter (it was too cold to miss out such an important item), she shuffled closer round to Jere, hoping to gain his warmth. Why was it so cold out?

“Who’s up for a little fun?”

Who wasn't? Clearly, Jere. Nudging him with her elbow, Rebecca threw out a smile and added quickly, "You don't need to be so rude! Or... are you scared of what Pax might be planning?" Taking another quick drink of butterbeer, she continued, "But do spit it out, I'm up for something fun!"

Last summer, after all, had been a whole lot of fun indeed.

Mia Green

    (12/03/2017 at 21:31)
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The first day of camp, especially as a counselor, was always ridiculously busy. It was nice to be relaxing at last. Mia lounged back on the couch she was settled on, sipping on a glass of butterbeer. For some reason, the same exact cabin that was here last summer was here again, but at least it was as warm as ever. The warmth was needed--it was freezing out. Team Robin's cabins were plenty cozy, but Mia had to say, actual buildings were quite convenient.

She had to say, though, that Team Robin certainly sounded better than Team Turkey.

The fifteen-year-old probably couldn't say that around the team of them, though. A picture of Aiden, Pax, Finny, and all their campers as actual turkeys coming after her for insulting their team name made her laugh. It was completely ridiculous, of course...but still funny.

Nativity Inn was a great place to hang out with friends, as well. She laughed and prattled on with a group of them now, campers and counselors alike. Until a single voice broke out of the chatter. “Who’s up for a little fun?”

Mia raised her eyebrows at Pax. "I'm always up for some tell what you've got in mind, though." She was curious now.
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* Felicity Wilding

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As soon as she had arrived at camp Felicity had let her hair down - literally - releasing the long plait her mother had done that morning. Camp meant freedom for Felicity and that included not having to sit through her mother's long hair styling sessions. She was going to be fourteen in a matter of weeks, she should be able to decide how to do her own hair.

Fortunately it hadn't taken long for her to forget about life at home. Even for someone like herself, who didn't have a lot of close friends, the first day of camp was always exciting and busy. The camp changed so much every summer there was always a lot of exploring to do to see all the changes.

And now that night had fallen on the wintry landscape, Felicity had found herself at the first party of the summer; although it felt a little strange to have her woolly Gryffindor hat pulled down low over her ears at this time of year.

Felicity hadn't settled in any particular place since arriving at the party, instead just chatting lightly with a few people as she drank a couple of butterbeers. She wasn't bouncing off the walls or anything but she did have some pent-up energy that wasn't allowing her to stand still for very long this evening.

“Who’s up for a little fun?”

Blue eyes brightened as she turned in Pax's direction, it sounded like there was a hint of a challenge in his voice and that was right up Felicity's alley. Her eyes swung briefly over to Jer and the corner of her mouth curled up in a smirk at his comment before she turned back to Pax.

Clearly Pax had piqued the interest of many of the party-goers. Felicity just hoped he lived up to his hype.

Pax Fellwater

    (12/04/2017 at 03:19)
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Pax’s signature tilt-lipped smirk brightened at the attention he’d gathered, glad that quite a bit of it was female. The smile didn’t leave his face as familiar voice grated against his ears, but it did tighten a bit and go more than a little chilly. Jeremiah's unfortunate presence was the only burr to a pleasant evening.

“Nothing you should concern yourself with, Smallweed,” Pax replied coolly, not even looking at the other boy, “This game’s probably beyond your skillset anyway.”

” tell what you’ve got in mind, though,” Pax's taut features melted into something more ingratiating at the words of the girl next to him, glad for anything to focus on other than Jeremiah.

“Elementary, my dear Mia,” Pax winked at his friend knowingly and held up the empty bottle as if it explained everything. After the briefest pause, he brought it smartly down to the table and with a flourish sent it spinning on it’s side. That should answer any lingering questions.

"A bit of entertainment is all."

The bottle skidded a short distance across the wooden surface, wobbling against the texture, and slowing sooner than Pax had expected. Almost before he was ready for it, the glass cylinder stopped, pointing straight back at Mia Green. His stomach did a little flip. He’d be lying if he said he’d never pictured kissing Mia before. Pax had at some point pictured himself kissing pretty much every girl his age he’d been acquainted with. But Mia first and foremost was a friend.

Still, it would only make things a million times more awkward between them if he floundered now. Adopting an easy casual grin that played with the humor of the situation, he looked straight at Mia. “Pucker up, Buttercup!” Pax declared before leaning to bestow the Lioness with a confident and chaste peck.

[Alright, before we begin, I'd just like to take this quick moment to remind everyone to be careful about powerplaying. It's okay to say your character attempted to kiss another, and quite another to assume that attempt was a success!

That being said, Have Fun Everyone! GAME ON!]
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Helen Kane

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If there was anything Hel understood by now, after 18 years of floundering through life with flailing limbs and barely-controlled velocity-- it was kissing.

She was lounged up against the wall, slightly removed from the group of gathering teenagers with Pax Fellwater in the centre (she didn't doubt for a second that boy was David Leighton's protegée, not with that hair of his), and watched with growing interest as the younger kids flocked around the bottle like geese.

With a strange, detached sort of fashion, she realised she was like them, once. It sent a bitter tang across her tongue; nostalgia and regret among the cocktail of emotions skittering across the roof of her mouth. She missed the naviety of her youth-- she was turning 19 this year, and the sensation of constantly tossing herself bravely into the future was beginning to feel a lot like vertigo.

She tried to catch Jeremiah Smallweed's eye across the circle, and suppressed a grin when Pax moved forward to try and kiss Mia. These kids-- these wonderful, creative, hormonal kids.

She wanted to be there again.

Caught in the spiral, she found herself moving forward until her knees knocked against Mia's. She straddled her chair and draped her arms across the backrest. It went unspoken that she, too, was now a willing and able participant in the game.

She'd suffered enough. She could handle anything at this stage-- and just for one night, she was going to have herself some fun.
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Lucifer Grey

    (12/04/2017 at 20:09)
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Did he belong here? Something, for some reason told him that he did not. He wasn't sure what it was but there was something in his stomach that twisted and knotted. He shouldn't have stumbled down here, accompanied by that cane that annoyed him so.

However, he was here now and he couldn't be bothered to trail all the way back and name that trip a wasted journey. It might be fun, but it also might not... who would want to kiss a cripple. That's what he was, people stopped and stared, that's what people did to cripples.

The cane lay between his legs, sat perched on his spot. Although he hated the thing, he did not want to lose the only thing that helped him get from A to B. It was the first time being around so many of his peers, fear fueled him immensely.

Spin the bottle was always an interesting game, one that he had of course played before. He wasn't quite sure why he was here playing it, wasn't it quite childish for him? These were all young.

Still, he remained silent, if the bottle landed on him, he would participate, but he was more concerned with what people thought. Part of him told himself that he shouldn't be concerned, but he couldn't help it. What fifteen year old had to walk with a cane?

He was here just to get a feeling of what it might be like when he finally was able to make it back to Hogwarts. Although it was nothing like Hogwarts, here he could see his friends again, could see what kind of life Hogwarts might throw back at him, now that he needed the help of a cane.

Mia Green

    (12/04/2017 at 21:49)
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"Elementary, my dear Mia,”

He held up an empty bottle and her head tilted to the side curiously. And then she knew. Of course. It had to be Spin the Bottle. This was Pax Fellwater What the hell had she gotten herself into?

The bottle spun across the table, skidding, and slowing to a stop. Right in front of...her? Green eyes widened. Oh no. Mia hadn't been prepared for this! She hadn't even known what they were doing until a few seconds ago.

"Pucker up, Buttercup!"

A million thoughts raced through her head at once. Kissing Pax Fellwater? Well...hadn't really been what she'd thought of in the past. It wasn't that he was a bad person, he was great. How many other girls had he kissed, though? Maybe she was just getting too worked up...She was brave, she was a Gryffindor. What was one kiss?

A lot of things, was what she'd told Ema last summer. First kisses were special. Was this a waste? Was this...

Mia didn't have any longer to ponder it. There was a second, a second of confusingness and what the hell is happening before she almost subconsciously moved backwards, away from Pax and his lips. It was only a game, she kept telling herself, only a game. But there was Julia and Lecia and maybe even Becks too (even though she was kind of with the Weed which wasn't cool) and Mia didn't want to get involved in all that.

Yet, here she was. Did that count as her first kiss? Maybe it did? But that was only a peck, and she got to decide when her first kiss was, right? A first kiss was more than a peck. Maybe. She was way too confused. "Um...I didn't really...sorry," she muttered, almost unintelligible. Mia pushed the bottle away from her towards the center of the table. "Someone can go." she said rather shortly. Unsure of what to feel, think, or even do. It might've not been a real kiss, but she was fifteen and her lips had never been touched like that before.

Merlin's beard. Mia had not signed up for this!

The bottle is open to spin!
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Rebecca Silvers

    (12/04/2017 at 22:24)
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Mia and Pax kissed. Rebecca watched, a little irritated at the kiss. It was so... boring. Mia wasn't into it and moved away quickly. Nothing special. Nothing like her kiss with Jere last summer. The girl was still seemingly under shock as Becca burst forward, snatching the bottle up before anyone else could grab it.

Of course, she had someone to kiss if she wanted to kiss. But at the same time, there was something exciting about spinning the bottle. And, maybe, she could get him jealous enough to have him actually make it official.

She knew he liked the off-hand way they were together. But of course Becca wanted him to actually be her boyfriend.

Spinning the bottle as fast as she could, she put everything into chance. Her eyes watched it quickly, heart pounding as it passed over both Pax and Jere. But, as the bottle slowed, she found it landing on someone she really didn't know.

Lucifer Grey.

He was in the year above her. Or two. But she couldn't remember him from last year. All she really knew was that he had a cane between his legs.

And he looked fit.

It hadn't been a bad choice, even if the bottle had made it. Rebecca smiled widely at him. "Looks like I'm kissing you," she warned, before leaning forward, shifting towards him in an attempt snog him.

Chloe Rose

    (12/04/2017 at 22:51)
The last few days had been nothing short of a blur of heartbreak. At least at home she was able to curl up in bed all day with a plate of cookies that she couldn’t even eat. Here she had to socialize. Something she thought she wanted to do. But it had been even more difficult than she’d anticipated.

So here was Chloe Rose —social butterfly— at Camp Loki acting more like a social flobberworm. Her smiles were phony, her laughter forced and she dipped in an out conversations awkwardly. And it was only the first night. So she’d already given up on talking. And, though she was still in the thick of the action, propped up against a cushion and wrapped in a blanket, she’d pulled out her Charms textbook, rested it against her knees and read.

It didn’t take long for games to begin. Which was fine. A worthy distraction. So long as it was anything but—

Blue eyes shifted up to see the bottle spinning and spinning.

—Spin the bottle.

It wasn’t as if she had a problem with the game. She’d organized a crazy game just last summer. But the idea of kissing someone so soon after breaking up with Jamie didn’t make her very happy at all.

She didn’t leave the circle. But she sighed and buried her face further in the Charms book. The Kamiflage Charm causes the person to blend in and perfectly match their surroundings, making them very difficult to see.

If only, if only.

Chi Zeleza

    (12/04/2017 at 22:55)
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A congregation of students could only mean one thing—trouble. A fight, a prank, or a game. Bored of unpacking, she snooped on the chaos unfolding. Truthfully, she’d been hoping for something a little bit more violent or exhilarating—with bets and sickles, but watching her classmates make fools of each other was amusing enough. Incipient romances were pure comedy, and as she grew older she found it all the more ridiculous.

As she meandered up, a tad bit late as she’d been debating if it was really worth her time, she found the bottle frozen on her—that guy she’d completely messed up entire conversations with.

"Looks like I'm kissing you,"

For a moment she paused, taking in his expression, the cane in his lap, the glass of the bottle and the girl leaning forward. Then she popped the cap loudly on a butterbeer. It hissed before she raised it to her lips. It didn’t quench anything. It had never been like her to make a mistake twice—she was more careful than that. Yet, she felt gravity—tugging, dangerous.

A slammed wooden chair next to Lucifer announced she was in the game. In the name of competition. That was it. That feeling, yeah. Plus, he looked like he needed help.

A joke came to her lips, but wouldn’t come out. Instead, she bit them, then smiled—a white sliver of moonlight against the curls of her hair. Waxing. Waning. Incomplete, she thought she might watch this unfolding. (But actually wouldn’t look.)
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Lucifer Grey

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They were young. At least they looked it, young enough that he was not sure who they even were. Though he was certain he had seen the boy in Slytherin robes before, the girl... no, he had no idea who or what house she belonged too. The kiss looked... he wasn't sure what to say.

Nevertheless, the game went on, and the next hopeful had begun the spin. He was all to focused in the game, until he was forced to squint, then drawing his eyes fully shut, moving his damaged right leg. The pain was all too familiar.

Flickering open, the bottle was slowing down, and his eyes remained transfixed on it. Who was it going to land on now? A small gasp escaped his lips, barely audible as he turned to the girl of whom had spun the bottle. Year below, and below again. He was not sure what to make of it.

A game was a game, rules were meant to be followed. He swallowed.

"Looks like I'm kissing you,"

He couldn't help but smile, it was an off hand comment that probably was mean't to make him chuckle a little, but still, maybe she liked it, he was used to being told he had a nice smile.

"I suppose you would be correct." He replied, pushing on the ground as he tried to move closer, however the constraint of his leg didn't help much in that regard. However, he managed to place a small kiss onto her lips, and fall back into his place.

Then within a moment, he heard the thud next to him. Almost jumping he craned his head back to see who it was that would throw something hard against the ground. It could have hit him.

Oh, it was only Chi. Although he knew her, it still didn't give her the right to be so aggressive with a chair, it wasn't like he could dive out of the way or anything. "Calm down, would you?" He smirked, his attention given solely to her.

A quick pause, then he remember the game. He slowly turned, leaning across in an effort to reach the bottle, before flicking it, he waited with bated breath to see where it would be going next.

Fixated once more, the bottle spun and spun, until it got bored and began to slow down. His eyes looked up, to find a blonde, it had landed on Felicity Wilding.

* Nashira Nettlebed

    (12/05/2017 at 00:30)
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The discussion had gone a little something like this:

Nashira Nettlebed: I don’t care what Pax says, Jeremiah
   Smallweed is cute.

Gertrude Morningdew: Boys have cooties.

Nashira Nettlebed: No they don’t.

Gertrude Morningdew: Prove it.

That was the story of how Nashira Nettlebed, eleven, had wound up here, the tiny outlier grouped with a bunch of decidedly older students ready to play spin the bottle. Although, if she was being honest, Nash was starting to have second thoughts about the whole ordeal.

She’d never kissed anyone before. And this whole happening was Pax’s idea. Merlin forbid her bottle landed on him when her turn came. He probably did have cooties. Even if she counted him out, though, everyone assembled here seemed so old. And no matter how many times Nash lied about her age, the fact remained that she was most certainly the youngest in her (first) year and she looked like a tiny blonde horklump sitting here next to all of them.

It was with a grimace that she looked on as Pax locked lips with a girl about as medium-old as he was. As expected, it was gross, and Nashira could tell that Mia thought so too. The barest hint of a smile teased at the corner of her lips as she watched the Gryffindor’s recoiling reaction. Then another medium-old girl landed a kiss on a bit-more-than-medium-looking boy and then his own spin landed on a probably-a-bit-smaller-than-medium girl.

This was getting boring. She’d come here to prove a point to Gertie the Complainer, not to sit about idly as all the older kids got to spread their germs (which, Nash sustained, were not of the cootie variety). Loudly, she groaned, neck rolling backwards, eyes looking pleadingly upward in search of mercy. “This is boring!” She declared, again, loudly. “I want a turn.”

OOC: Don't feel obligated to give in to Nash's moaning and groaning. She's used to getting ignored
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Aiden Duncan

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It was weird. When the Spin the Bottle game had taken over the older years' party the previous summer, Aiden had recoiled in horror at the mere thought of it. Girls had cooties, after all. And besides, he and Calvin had far more fun camping out under the stars and rescuing Mia from the kissing party than they ever would have had sitting around and watching people making gross kissing faces at each other.

And yet... the very next year, he had willingly come along to join in on spin the bottle. It seemed it was all Pax could talk about and he had badgered Aiden for most of the week about coming along. Aiden still hadn't been quite comfortable with the idea of playing spin the bottle and mostly had just wanted to shirk his counselor duties and have another campout, but it wasn't until it was casually mentioned that Lita would be coming along that Aiden finally relented and joined in on Pax's game.

And so, Aiden sat cross-legged on the ground as everyone else began spinning. He still wasn't really comfortable with the whole thing, so Aiden mostly hung back. Finally, Pax started the game and... landed on Mia, who had also been convinced to come along. Aiden frowned a little. It wasn't that he cared about what Mia did, but he knew she hadn't been exactly comfortable with the game last term. Still, as her lips drew closer to Pax's, Aiden could feel his face getting hot and it was only after a few moments that he realized he was glaring at Pax for no good reason. Luckily, the kiss was cut short by Mia, which managed to snap him out of his unexpected annoyance. Where did that come from?

* Olette Carroll

    (12/05/2017 at 02:20)
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Olette had a goal for the summer. To fit in and make friends. She wouldn't have them for long, after all, they'd all notice her absence at Hogwarts in September. She supposed she could come up with a clever lie about why she wouldn't be there, but the truth would come out eventually. Especially with her brother at Hogwarts.

The inn seemed a great place to socialize for the first day of camp. Butterbeer, and people were bound to gather there. However, as she walked in, she noticed a group sitting in a circle with an empty bottle in the middle. She had heard of this game before. It was a kissing game. She'd had crushes on boys before, sure. And there were some cute boys playing. It seemed so grown up of a thing to do.

But she had wanted to fit in and socialize. What better way to start? Most of the kids seemed older than her, but there were a couple younger ones that made her feel a bit less out of place. She grabbed a butterbeer and found a place to squeeze into the circle. She'd never participated in something like this. She'd been brought up to be sophisticated and proper, and had already been introduced to boys around her age from other pureblood families. Kissing other boys just for fun was definitely out of the question. Not to mention the possibility of kissing a girl!

Olette took a swig of her butterbeer. Perhaps this new life of hers would be better than she thought.

* Corrina Buzolic

    (12/05/2017 at 03:55)
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Just because it was a loungey get together thing didn’t mean she was going to look loungey and ready for bed.

No way.

Corrina spent over an hour picking out thee perfect outfit for the first night of camp activities. Really though, this whole winter-in-the-summer thing was completely throwing off not only her summer outfits, but her entire summer color palette. Honestly they could have given her a little more warning so she could prepare. But whatever. What was done was done.

She’d decided on a bottle-green sweater dress and a pair of tan boots that kinda pinched in the toes but were totally worth it because they pulled the entire outfit together. It was comfy (except for the boots…) and definitely cute. Her dark hair hung down her back and was pulled back from her face with a tan headband effectively keeping her hair out of her eyes.

A quick coating of chapstick and she was ready for anything.

When she made it to the inn, things seemed to be in full swing already and Corrie quickly made her way over to the group just in time to see a familiar (—totally totally cuh-yewt—) face. Pax? Or was it Calvin? One of the boys she’d met very very briefly in Hogsmeade this past winter. Only… he was leaning in to kiss some girl. Corrie wrinkled her nose up at the girl (Mia) only briefly before wiping the expression from her face, tossing her hair over her shoulder and joining the circle.

Only she realized fairly quickly that she didn’t know any of them really. It was fine. She stood beside a redheaded boy (Aiden), and wiggled her way in beside him, “Hi!” she flashed him a dimpled grin, “Can I sit here?”

And without waiting for permission, she knelt down beside him.


* Felicity Wilding

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While Pax took a dramatic pause before plunging into his idea for fun, Felicity reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a sugar quill - cherry flavoured, naturally - unwrapping it and slipping it into her mouth as her eyes fell over those assembled. She studied their various reactions as Pax began the game.

She shifted closer to the makeshift circle, still standing and having no intention of not participating in the game. And it was a game for Felicity. While others might be thinking about how they felt about kissing someone, someone they might not like, someone that might be dating someone else or even someone that they really liked; Felicity had no such thoughts.

It was a game and games were meant to be won.

The others would let their emotions get involved, but Felicity had years of practice keeping those at bay and not letting them get the best of her. That way she could still get to know people, form things like friendships with them, without giving too much of herself away in the process. She was good at it, making relationships about the other person more than about her. That way no one would truly know her.

Most relationships were messy anyway; nothing ever lasted.

An amused smirk played across her lips as Pax went over to Mia with a fair amount of gusto, perhaps a little too much for her fellow Gryffindor's liking. From her vantage point it was hard to tell if Pax had actually gotten a peck on Mia or if she'd back away at the last possible moment.

Removing the sugar quill from her mouth long enough to take another pull off her bottle of butterbeer, Felicity watched with a bit of surprise as Mia gave up her opportunity to spin and the bottle was seized enthusiastically by Rebecca. Rebecca liked Jeremiah, didn't she? The Hufflepuff didn't seem like the type to play this kind of game while having feelings for someone, but although she considered Rebecca a friend, her and Felicity weren't really close.

Unless her ploy was to make Jeremiah jealous. Felicity could only shake her head at the idea. Just another reason to avoid relationships, especially the committed kind. You could do what you wanted, when you wanted, without having to worry about how someone else would feel about it.

The game continued, Rebecca's spin landed on Lucifer and the two shared something a little more worthwhile than Mia and Pax. After, Lucifer gave the bottle a spin and Felicity watched as it spun around merrily in its orbit, gently slowing until the mouth of the bottle stopped and her. With its last minute movement the light caught the glass of the bottle just right and it was almost as if the bottle was winking at her mischievously.

Well...she was always up for mischief.

Instead of making Lucifer move, Felicity walked over to him and stood on either side of his outstretched legs. She might not like emotions, but she wasn't cruel and wasn't about to make him get up and come over to her. Plus, she would need to spin afterwards anyway. It was really just easier for her.

"Hey, Lucifer," she knew who he was because Felicity was good at knowing people even if they didn't know her, "I'm not sure if you know me but I'm Felicity."

The least she could do was introduce herself before kissing the boy. And she did that next, sinking down toward the ground but being careful not to put any of her weight on his legs and setting her bottle on the ground next to her. Removing the sugar quill from her mouth, Felicity wet her lips, placed her free hand against Lucifer's cheek and placed a proper kiss against his lips.

When she pulled back, she smiled kindly at him and whispered, "that's how you win a game." Because why play at all if you weren't going to put your best effort into it?

Swinging her left leg from over Lucifer's legs and kneeling on the floor, Felicity reached out and gave the bottle a good hard smack, watching as it gleamed, curious about the bottle neck's trajectory. It slowed, stopped and pointed toward Jeremiah Smallweed.

Felicity looked up at her friend, a playful smirk pulling at her lips.

"What'dya say, Jere, wanna give me something sweet for all the sweets I've given you over the years?"

Her eyes flicked briefly in Rebecca's direction but she couldn't stop the small chuckle that escaped her as she turned back to Jeremiah with a wink, plopping the sugar quill back into her mouth for emphasis.

Before Jeremiah answered her another voice sounded out.

“This is boring! I want a turn.”

Felicity turned to the other blonde, one eyebrow quirked upward.

"Do you even know what a kiss is?"

It was a valid question, the other girl looked rather young.

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He would have revelled in the fact that Banshee seemed so horrified at the notion of kissing Fellwater, had he not glanced away and accidentally met Helen Kane's gaze at the very moment that all the action -- or rather, lack of it -- occurred. As it happened, Jeremiah missed the panic and confusion and rejection, for he was far too preoccupied with trying not to blush and to return Helen's half-smile in a cool and definitely-not-desperate way.

The fact that she was here was a game-changer.

He'd have been lying if he'd said he'd thought about her nearly half as much since he had started spending more time with Rebecca. It was kind of hard to think about one girl when there was another one draped all over you. But that didn't mean that he never thought about her; and even if the poor attempts to trick the older girl into going on a date with him had ceased, that didn't mean that the hope of being hers, a flame that flickered faintly in his chest, had yet been extinguished.

When he finally wrenched his gaze away, the tips of his ears pink and his expression more than a little flustered, the bottle had already landed on Lucifer Grey. And Rebecca was the one moving towards him. Despite the fact that he himself had been imagining kissing Helen Kane just moments before, irritation still sparked in Jere's gut at the sight. It was only a game. But it had only been a game last summer too, and look where that had got them. The Slytherin said nothing, simply watched with carefully-feigned nonchalance.

He'd be damned if Spin The Bottle was going to get a rise out of him, he'd be damned if he was going to care. And then it was over, just like that. The game resumed, the bottle landed on Felicity. Another kiss, another spin.

"What'dya say, Jere, wanna give me something sweet for all the sweets I've given you over the years?"

Well. Things had certainly taken an interesting turn. He had never thought about her like that. He wasn't Fellwater, going around trying to collect as many of them as he could. He wasn't shallow like that -- or as desperate, either.

Completely ignoring Nashira's protests (this wasn't about her, damn it), Jeremiah grinned at his friend. "I knew you was gonna want something in return eventually," he taunted, "Ya could've just asked." Without further ado, he pulled himself to his feet and strode confidently over to meet her. He had enough experience with this to know what to do. A hand reached out to tuck her hair behind her ear. Jeremiah leaned in; his parted lips met hers. She tasted like cherries and sugar. She tasted good. And for a moment, he kept kissing her.

Until he remembered where he was, who she was. He pulled back, a little more quickly than he would've liked. He leaned in, a murmur brushing against her ear, "I reckon that clears my debt, huh?" A faint smile etched onto his features, Jeremiah turned and nudged the bottle with his toe.

Pax Fellwater.

"Oh, hell no!" What was this, some kind of sick joke?! He turned away in disgust, gestured towards the girl he'd so blatantly ignored earlier. "Oi, Nettlebed. You wanted a go. Spin again."

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juliet, the dice was loaded from the start
and I bet, and you exploded into my heart
I can’t do everythin’ but I’d do anythin’ for you
I can’t do anythin’ ’cept be in love with you

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Well, that wasn't what she had expected. It had been so plain. Boring. Quick and over and done with. At least he hadn't protested, and Rebecca sent Lucifer a quick wink afterwards, trying her best to be cool and suave.

Although he was already moving on to kiss the next girl. And Felicity wasn't shy about it. That was one proper kiss. Much better than her attempts.

The bottle spun again. This time, it landed on Jere. Her heart froze, hoping that the boy would simply refuse. Yes, she had just kissed another boy for the sake of the game, but that didn't mean he had to. And not Felicity, who hadn't been shy with her kisses. What if they kissed, and it meant something? Like her kiss had, once? What if they kissed and she lost Jere?

The girl couldn't watch as he kissed her. It lasted too long - every moment that their lips touched pained her. Why hadn't he stopped already? He was whispering something now. Smiling.

Had that kiss been better than their kisses?

"Don't back out!" she found herself snapping, a little harsher than she wanted to. It was just that Felicity and Jere's kiss had been too good - not just a peck on the lips. Maybe he had to kiss Pax to show that it was just a game, and he was just playing along. That he hadn't agreed to kiss Felicity because of anything else. "You spun the bottle, it landed on Pax! Now kiss him. Or else you can't play the game, Jere!"