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Author Topic: [PROMPT 2] What's Your Spirit Animal?  (Read 157 times)

Clinton Litchfield

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Summer Workshop Prompt #2
What's Your Spirit Animal?

In certain traditions or cultures, 'spirit animal' refers to a spirit which helps guide or protect a person, and whose characteristics that person shares or embodies. For Animagi, their animal form is not chosen by the wizard, but determined by their personality and inner traits. An Animagus's animal form, then, is extremely similar to a spirit animal. In this prompt, you have the opportunity to explore this further.

Your Task

Write a piece in which your character has morphed into their spirit animal (i.e. what is/would be their Animagus form). As an animal, they would perceive the world extremely differently. Write about their experience in this other body and the ways in which their perspective shifts as a result. For example, some animals have a much more acute sense of hearing, sight, or smell; can your character now do things that they'd be unable to do in their human form? Take these sorts of things into account when writing your character's view of the world from their animal form.

Your character does not need to have an approved special request for Animagus nor do they need to have the necessary levels for Animagus to participate in this workshop, as it involves a hypothetical scenario. However, you may not write your character as an Animagus elsewhere on the site, unless you have an approved special request for an Animagus. All other site rules still apply. 

How do I start?
three simple steps

1. Start a new thread in the Summer Workshop forum. It should be called Prompt 2: Title of Your Piece
2. Write your piece, following the prompt above.
3. Review the pieces of others (see How To Workshop).

i see a mansard roof through the trees
i see a salty message written in the eaves
the ground beneath my feet, the hot garbage and concrete
and now the tops of buildings, i can see them too