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Author Topic: Thread Trackers '52  (Read 384 times)

* Clinton Litchfield

    (11/30/2017 at 20:57)
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Thread Trackers
Summer '52

Having difficulty keeping track of all your threads? Track 'em here!

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what's that playing on the radio
why do i start swaying to and fro
i have never heard that song before,
but if i don't hear it anymore

Mia Green

    (12/01/2017 at 20:42)
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Mia Green Thread Tracker


plot page |signature shop | mel & aph thread tracker


spread the love | spin the bottle  | july first

don't kramp my style! | h&h--team robin event  | july twenty-fifth

we must be as swift... | capture the flag--team penguin event  | first week of july

gifts for giving | white elephant--team turkey event  | july thirty-first

title | event  | date

letters & notes

life is beautiful  | mavis

title | person


sign-ups & rosters

game one | reindeer vs elves  | mid-july

game two | candy canes vs. gumdrops  | second week of august

personal threads

winter wonderland | open | july seventh

frozen dreams | caitlin | first saturday in july

let it snow | open--snowball fight! | second week of camp

just hear those sleigh bells jingling | aiden | second week of camp

dangerous | caspian | july sixteenth

boy meets world | dilwyn | summer

ghost of you | aiden | august eighteenth

title of thread | person | date

title of thread | person | date

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did you think i'd lay down and die?
Oh no, not I

I  w i l l  s u r v i v e

Emaline Marin

    (12/02/2017 at 19:01)
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Emaline Woods

  /Giddy up!/ Emilio(M&M)

  /Parental Intervention/ Luc and Guil

  /Let It Burn/ Tallulah

Athena Bonnet

  /Readjustment/ Ryan Kennard

  /Cat and Mouse/ Calypso Ross

  /Flower Crown Castles/ Clinton

  /Bubbles/ Rita Lye

Juliette Rose

  /God Save The Prom Queen/ Open
  /Title/ Person
  /Title/ Person

Caspian Fedorov

  /Dangerous/ Open
  /Title/ Person
  /Title/ Person
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There's always a WILD side

To a INNOCENT face

Adam Hoying

    (12/02/2017 at 20:20)
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Adam Hoying Thread Tracker


plot pagemel & aph thread tracker


gifts for giving | white elephant--team turkey event  | july thirty-first

title | event  | date

title | event  | date

letters & notes

stop and stare | journal

title | person


a tough spot | case study one  | july seventeenth

the soup-er duper soup cook-off | case study two  | summer

title | person  | date

title | person  | date

personal threads

the endless cycle | open/caly | july first

little drummer boy | open/vega | july fourth

penguin sledding!| aiden | second week of camp

home is where the heart is | lucifer | september first

title of thread | person | date

title of thread | person | date

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When you're falling in a forest
And there's nobody around
Do you ever really crash
Or even make a sound
Did I even make a sound?
It's like I never made a sound
Will I ever make a sound?

Moira Duncan

    (12/04/2017 at 20:31)
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Home is... | Open
Moirax Thread
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black rocks and shoreline sand

still dead summer I cannot bear

Jeremiah Smallweed

    (12/04/2017 at 21:08)
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gonna sort this mess out soon.

thread tracker

jeremiah joseph smallweed
bridge over troubled water [ld & OPEN!]
spread the love [spin the bottle & OPEN!]
home is where the...? [md]
life lessons [helemiah]
don't kill my vibe [big sis]
the sweet life [jercity]
dark side of the gym [silverweed]
remember [kb]

vega violet nettlebed
infirmary case study one
little drummer boy [ah & open!]

calypso ilena galanis ross
worth the fight [jalypso marriage snaps]
mind eater [altair]
carousel ride [#squad]
oh, how you've grown [rjc]
tomorrow's episode [claeth]
betrayed [sg]
wild child [bc -- babysitting snaps]
wingman cont. [vnj]
no slugs were harmed... [iw]
changes [cb]

coming soon [caly²]

Clinton Herbert Litchfield
& you need to know [cloe -- snaps]
london misadventures [jk]
flower crown castles [ab]

nyla adelaide ross
these four walls [russross]
if i had a tail [is]
coming soon [dragon buds]

Ella Louise Galanis
brainstorming [site plot & open-ish!]
far too long [vsd]
dysphoria [cg]

Cyrus Helios Galanis
all that we have [lucyrus]
daymare [cg²]
fix you [cg²]

isla aveline haywood-lowe
little games [lady & the tramp]
half of my heart [casa]
i knew you were trouble [lady & the tramp]
dress [lady & the tramp]

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oh, you can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen
next to your heartbeat where I should be, keep it deep within your soul
and if you hurt me, well, that's okay, baby, only words bleed

Newton Mariner

    (12/12/2017 at 21:07)
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Newton Mariner
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rise above.