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Author Topic: What Once Was // Lita  (Read 170 times)

* Zak Weiland

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Summer 1951
Continued from...somewhere

She tasted sweet, like caramel, but warm, as though the saccharine treat had been left too long in the sun and started melting, and he couldn't help but like that. For she always had been sweet, when he cast his glances on her from the distance, when their eyes locked and he could see his own smile reflected in hers, though possibly less in the form of a smirk than his.

Now his eyes were closed, as he made those first trying moves, lips gently upon hers but careful, as though not to scare her away this early in the game. His fingers stroking along the side of her arm, starting at her hand to trace an invisible line all the way up to her shoulder, to her neck, shifting in his seat in order to face her more directly.

What had caused him to leaning in in the first place was hard to tell. Perhaps it was the proximity of their bodies, the way his thigh had touched hers as they say, though without him particularly caring. Perhaps it was the light tone of their conversation, spurring laughter off summer warm lips. Perhaps it was the way that he knew so very well that she'd look at him, the way she had done for so long already, as he caught those eyes, as he invited them into the challenge.

It hardly mattered now, as he pushed forward just a little bit, to deepen the kiss, again to test, to lead her into it.

Before pulling away, gently, opening his eyes and look at her, ever so smugly.

"Are you alright?"

He couldn't remember what was the topic of their previous conversation.
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* Lita Chevalier

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His lips had found hers, a sweet sense of victory washing over her, having wanted to feel him against her for a few years counting. He was gentle, soft even in the way he touched her. Fingertips caressed exposed skin, causing the hairs on her arm to stand, goosebumps rising to the air. A slight shudder coursed through her body as his fingers reached her neck, the trail he left burning with an intensity she had yet to experience before that moment.

He was setting her being ablaze, and she desperately wanted nothing more than to burn.

As Zak shifted, so did she. Extending the arm closest to him, her palm pressed against the grass beside him, the blades tickling between her fingers. She leaned into the lion, feeding into the insatiable hunger he seemed to radiate. Her own cravings came to the surface as the kiss turned darker, pulling her under with each ticking moment. Lita brought her opposite hand up, her own fingertips brushing against lightly his jaw, clumsily letting it fall to the crevasse of his neck.

Zak began to pull back, and she let him lead, mimicking his action. The smirk he held brought her pulse to an all-time high. feeling it trying to leap out of her chest.

"Are you alright?"

"G-great," she said breathlessly, a smiling curling her lips. "Are you?"
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