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Author Topic: Quidditch Game Two | Foxes vs. Geese  (Read 915 times)

Cosette Petit

    (08/27/2017 at 00:37)
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Cosette Petit
Cosette's full attention was stolen by her captain. She was surprised the redhead knew her name. The girl didn't think of herself as memorable. Cosette gained her name by her mother's love of reading, and she didn't realize that maybe that was why  this girl knew her name. But then the girl continued speaking, and Cosette didn't know what to say.

Her cheeks turned bright red. She was too embarrassed to share how she got injured. Cosette didn't want to be known as the girl who flew into the pole, but she couldn't reply, "I'd rather not say." Instead, she awkwardly stared at the girl with her mouth wide open, as though she wished to stay something. Her hands gripped her broom so tightly it hurt.

"Lost control of my broom." She forced out five words that could perhaps explain her face, or what was covering her face. Without second thought, Cosette took the jacket and tied it around her head. (She was better at tying knots than at flying.)  Normally, she wouldn't except such a generous offer, but she wasn't thinking straight. "Thank you," she added, though the words were mumbled. Cosette turned back to the play. She had some experience at muggle football (soccer) and played goalie. As long as she could move, Cosette could catch the ball.

She was relying on what-ifs.

Valkyrie Stymest

    (08/28/2017 at 00:20)
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Valkyrie Stymest

It had been a while since she had been on a proper Quidditch pitch.

And Valkyrie quite liked this weather. It was calm, peaceful. But a little mysterious; it made you keep on your toes. Or well, the broom.

She was just excited to be playing Seeker again. The pressure of the sport, and especially in this position, she was finally becoming familiar with. It was thrilling, something to pull her back in from the monotony that was a summer full of visiting relatives.

At the same time it was relaxing, especially at the start of the game. Being a chaser, she knew well the pressure to get the Quaffle first. But as a Seeker, it was more about breathing in deep and taking in the field. But once that flicker of gold was spotted, it brought on more excitement that anything else.

"Go!" Valkyrie grinned, kicking off, flying up high. Once the Quaffle was secure in Silver's hands, she propelled the broom forward, stopping only when she was high above the field.

High above, she could see everything, especially the Quaffle changing hands. Pursed lips, Val watching in anticipation as Green made a path towards the hoops, she was making it seem almost too easy as she made a perfect shot straight towards the left hoop.

But then suddenly, pop!

Val's eyes snapped away from the Quaffle, trying to find the origin of the noise. Though it almost seemed like it was coming from right behind her. In her peripheral vision, she noticed the other seeker (whom she had been keeping an eye on the whole time) dash forward.

Immediately, her broom followed suit, making for a beeline towards the girl and... geese?

She yanked the tip of her broom up, coming to an abrupt stop. There was a chorus of honking as geese swarmed some of the players, and to her horror, most of them were on her team.


It was unmistakable this time, the sound was from right behind her. Valkyrie cautious turned her head, to meet eye to eye with a couple of hungry geese.

Without thinking she shot forward, screeching all the while. "Who in the--!?"

Pulling upwards, her hope was that the geese would give up on her if she was higher in the air. But not daring to look back, she kept climbing.

With one eye closed she peered back, heaving a sigh of relief when the geese seemed to find some other prey.

But then she saw it. It was just a flicker, ahead of the opposing Seeker.

And geese or no, Valkyrie wanted to catch that snitch.

Diving down, trying to put out any thoughts of any big white birds on her trail and their respective sharp beaks, she made a straight shot towards it, arm stretched out. Yet as she got closer to the snitch, Val started to realize that the other girl didn't seem to have stopping on her agenda, and her focused wavered.

"Pull up" she yelled, zipping by and doing the same thing herself, before any bloody and or broken noses got involved. Quickly her eyes scanned the area, but it seemed that the snitch had flit away.

She exhaled a puff of air, blowing her hair in her face upwards. Her broom continued to climb until she reached her previous height. It would not do to let someone else catch the snitch first, her eyes would have to be more alert now.
And so she sat, observing the chaos of feathers and brooms below, trying to pick out her equivalent of the golden egg.

Jamie Duncan

    (08/28/2017 at 06:19)
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Jamie Duncan | Beater

Naturally, Jamie had seen nothing too wrong with his actions. The game of quidditch, as he liked to think it - even in a casual, relaxed and mixed house format was one of victory and loss. The competitive, hard working side of the boy showing even as his family taunted and told off his actions. They weren't inexcusable, people were just too used to everyone hugging and making up for winning.

"JAMIE! HE'S NOT EVEN DOING ANYTHING!" Aiden was mistaken. His new friend, passive and unacting had done just that. Made himself a target. Summer teams were small and one injury could mean that the team could not function.

Jamie's own grin split his face more from his brothers protest more than the look of satisfaction he had when he the bullies into the great lake. A raspberry was blown against the wind in spite of his brother's complaints. Family drama to this level was fine, it stewed the fires of sibling rivalry and created a bond that would last for life.  Aiden however had a sharp eye, one that rivalled Jamie's own and with his bat colliding hard with the bludger, Jamie dashed. Body pressed tightly to his broom towards where he had aimed it.

Jamie was racing now. Neck to neck with the speeding back ball. His hair whiplashing back against his cheeks before he skidded, tapped the side of the bludger [troll] with his bat and sent it spiralling towards Vanessa.

Chloe would most likely lecture him after the match. But he had already seen his house mate happy, confident and shine brighter than the sun. If he could upset her, maybe he could convince her to get into further mischief.

Trading glances for a stare,
My silent words have never spoke so loud

Vanessa Naoi

    (08/28/2017 at 17:49)
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"Pull up," a girl had yelled, whizzing by. With the geese now nipping at her heels, Vanessa gladly accepted the advice, abruptly raising the tip of her broom into the air and flying out of danger. She now hovered near the other girl, of which Vanessa recognized to be the Geese Team's Seeker.

"Thank you," she spoke, smiling widely at the girl. "I would've been dead if you hadn't stepped in!" She paused for a moment, scanning over the field, but still not spotting the golden snitch. Seeing as there was no urgency for the time, Vanessa decided it would only be polite to introduce herself.

Before she even got the chance to form her words, however, a strange whistling sound seemed to be approaching her. Whipping her head around, she was startled to see a bludger [Troll] swiftly nearing her from behind. With only a moment's notice to react, the best Vanessa could do was quickly raise her broom up in the air. Simultaneously, she realized that the bludger was bound to hit the other seeker if she did so, so Vanessa called out frantically, "Watch out!

Unfortunately, she wasn't quite quick enough to do both, and though her warning did get to the other girl her own escape was not as successful. Mid-rise up into the air, the bludger made a painful connection with her hand, before whirling off somewhere else.

A cry of pain was desperately trying to bubble out of her, but she shoved it down even deeper. Anger flashed through her, and she told herself, demanded of herself to push through it. Shake it off. Keep going. Her grandmother always told her to numb out the pain, to stay strong. That was how one succeeded, avoided failure.

To fail was to be a disappointment. She already had enough of that before coming here.

Gritting her teeth at the stinging, white pain coming from her right wrist, she gripped the broom with her left hand, and steadied herself from the impact of the bludger. She let out a deep breath, conversation with the girl already forgotten, and wai----

There it was! A flitting, shining orb flew past the two of them, contrasting the dark skies. Without even a glance back at the other seeker, Vanessa urged her broom in the direction of the snitch and took off.

She would need every advantage, every chance she got. She couldn't afford any setbacks. Her injured wrist was enough.

Aiden Duncan

    (08/29/2017 at 00:08)
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Aiden Duncan

Aiden had a brief staredown with his brother in which the older boy unnervingly grinned. Aiden certainly wasn't a fan of that grin when he was on the opposite side of it. It only meant trouble coming from Jamie. It was the same evil grin he would sport just before passing gas on Aiden's pillow and forcing it into his face. It always meant a prank or a wrestling match was coming.

And, in a flash, Jamie was already at it again, sticking his tongue out at Aiden. Confused, Aiden's gaze followed Jamie closely for a few moments. He knew there was another bludger somewhere around and that Jamie wasn't one to rest while playing beater. And he certainly didn't play defensively like Aiden did. But he had blocked one of Jamie's shot and he could certainly do it again. Unfortunately for Aiden, Jamie zoomed right past him, towards the bludger he had just hit. He was like a destructive lightning bolt on his new broom, while Aiden was still stuck on the rickety old school broom.

Before he could even turn his broom around to give chase, Jamie was already causing mayhem and swatting [Troll] back at his teammates. Not quick enough this time, Aiden could only watch as the bludger smashed into Vanessa's arm. What a cheap shot.

"Come on, Jam!" His older brother hadn't yet managed to ignite his explosive temper. Aiden was more annoyed at Jamie's cheap tactics. "Yer such a big, smelly troll!" Still, Aiden didn't want to blow up. He still vividly remembered clobbering Zak after becoming too angry to think.

It was the sort of cheap shots and sucker punches that Aiden had to deal with anytime he got into a wrestling match with Jamie. His brother was relentless and always, always wanted to win. Aiden was more interested in having a good time. He enjoyed being a little more laid back, especially while playing sports.

Unable to do anything else, Aiden resorted to being childish. "I hope all the geese poo on yeh!" Aiden called to his brother angrily.

* Julia Cole

    (08/29/2017 at 02:33)
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The girl was a bit quiet. Perhaps she was shy? Julia wasn't really sure, but as team captain, was trying her best to connect and make sure all her players were okay. She didn't say whether or not she was okay enough or not, but Julia figured she probably was, and Julia couldn't really do anything about it either way.

Julia turned around to head back to the action on the pitch. There were geese and bludgers flying everywhere. Julia sighed. Perhaps she wasn't as good a leader as she had hoped. She looked down at the other end of the pitch. Mia was trying to make the shot. Julia zoomed towards the other hoops. "Aiden! Thijs! Aim for Oz!" Julia yelled, trying to catch up to the action.

She quickly looked around to make sure her other players were okay. Vanessa was flying after the snitch, but looked a bit pained. "You okay, Naoi?" She called out. And why were these geese everywhere? Where did all this feed floating around off brooms come from? Julia just wanted to go get a butterbeer and relax after all this.
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* Helen Kane

    (08/29/2017 at 02:44)
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Mia Green aims the quaffle at the left hoop, and scores! The Quaffle is now FREE
Bludger [Troll] is now tailing Julia Cole-- better watch out!
Bludger [Giant] is still FREE

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I never wanted a body.

Aiden Duncan

    (08/29/2017 at 23:32)
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Aiden Duncan

Aiden was being run ragged this time around. Having Jamie on the opposing team was probably the worst thing for Aiden as his brother was far more trigger-happy than the average beater. That, combined with his new broom and ability to speed across the field and bounce from bludger to bludger was really starting to wear the young Duncan down.

Even the bludgers themselves seemed to be against him. Just as Vanessa was hit, the same bludger [Troll] made a sharp u-turn at the edge of the pitch and headed straight back towards the cluster of chasers. It was headed straight for Julia! Starting to feel a little tired, Aiden still pressed forward with renewed resolve. Even if he got distracted every now and then, Aiden was still dedicated to protecting his team. Aiden sped off towards Julia, almost racing [Troll] to see if he could get there first. With his tired, old school broom once again catching up to him, [Troll] almost managed to pass him up as they both hurtled towards their target.

"Go go go!" Aiden urged his broom. It would be close...

As Aiden drew nearer, he lifted his bat, prepared to strike. Just a few feet away from Julia, Aiden desperately swung at [Troll], both hands on his beater bat as if it were a baseball bat. Luckily, he managed to connect, sending it flying in the opposite direction. Unfortunately for Aiden, he also managed to throw himself off-balance from the rushed attempt at saving his teammate. He slammed his thighs together as he felt his broom tipping over. He managed to grip tightly onto his bat and locked his legs firmly around his broom. He was upside down, but he was fine.

"Phewww... that was too close," Aiden said, grinning up at Julia, the blood rushing to his head.