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Cain Dunn

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And thus the sad Soul that here passes
Beholds it but through darkened glasses.

Name: Cain Dunn
Nicknames: Raven
Age/DOB: 3 September 1938 (12)
Nationality/Heritage: Romani
Height/Build: Above average / slender, thin
Eyes/Hair: Blue / black
Face Claim: Jethro Cave

Zodiac: Virgo
MBTI: INFP / Dreamer
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Intelligence Types: (1) Linguistic, (2) Musical
Temperament: Phlegmatic
Jungian Archetype: Creator / Destroyer
Enneagram: 4w5 - The Bohemian
Headspace Quirks: Highly eccentric, lost in some world beyond, a very 'poetic' way of thinking and considering the surrounding world, poor sense of orientation and bad at anything that needs a very practical approach. Can turn from very timid to very fierce in the blink of an eye. Communicates better with older people - has the mindset of an older person. Will usually be found walking around barefoot. Overly occupied with his looks, obsessed with having as 'messy' hair as possible, wears lots of 'flowing garments', sequins and colours, as well as golden ear rings and beaded necklaces. May hum quiet melodies when he thinks he's alone. He loves it when people call him Raven - it feeds his ego, and is probably the easiest way to get him friendly

Best friends: None
Good Friends: Few
Rivals: Plenty
Significant Other: None
Parents: Fell Dunn, Miselda Dunn
Siblings: Jaelle (b. 1933), Salome (b. 1935), Malina (b. 1942)
Notable Relatives: None
Family Dynamic: Decent. He shares a bed with and is both teased and doted upon by his two older sisters. Lots of pushing in front of the mirror in morning. A weird case of jealousy that only Cain gets to go to a magical school, since they're family of muggle 'fortune tellers' and hold onto a very profound belief in magic (and that they're all magical). Treats his little sister more like his personal slave.

Wand: Walnut, augurey tail feather, swishy, 10 1/2 inches
Patronus: Raven?
Strength: Divination
Weakness: C/S
Favourite Subject: Poetry
Class Schedule: --
Extracurriculars: --
Honours: --

Regular Haunts: Where there is water.
Can Be Found Doing: Reading, writing, lying in the grass.
How They Talk: With no truly definable accent, fairly clear and straight-forward (which does not appear to match his quiet movements), with some authority once confidence settles in.
How They Move: Carefully, silently, gracefully and at times quite feminine.
First Impression?: Weird.

Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Food: Oranges, grapes
Hobbies/Talents: Skilled with words, somewhat musical, ok singing voice
Favourite Animal: Raven, phoenix, augurey, other birds
Pet: Horse and dog at "home". Secretly wants an owl
General Scent: Incense and paper/books
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Phoenix Starr

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Phoenix Starr
Hope rises like a Phoenix from the Ashes of Shattered Dreams.

Name: Phoenix Starr
Nicknames: Nix, Nixy
Age/DOB: August 8tth,1940
House: TBD
Year: First (possibly second)
Nationality: British
Height/Build: 4ft 10inches small, slim, adorable
Eyes/Hair: Blue eyes, untamed long brown hair
Face Claim: Ava Allan

King of Best Friends: Her fairy in Cumbria Tilly.
Best Friends: TBD
Good Friends: I need more friends. Please be my friend! Lol
Rivals: None But I really want to find some
Significant Other: ~
Parents: Valkor Starr - Magizoologist. Phoebe Starr - Muggle Nature Photographer
Siblings: Older Half Sister - Fallon Starr - Bully, Evil (in her opinion), Squib
Notable Relatives: Aunt Augrey
Family Dynamic: Generally on the short periods her Parents are home and not travelling for there demanding jobs (that provide her evil step sister vast amounts of makeup and muggle fashion magazines) things are good. When they are away (which is like 70-80 percent of the time) there aunt Augrey is in charge and then Phoenix's despair begins. Her sister is mean to her, helping herself to things without asking, name-calling ect, her aunt hates her for godknowswhat reason and makes her do chores and homework pretty much anytime she is indoors.

Zodiac: Leo • This is a natural sign for Gryffindors, not least because the griffin is part lion. Gryffindors born under this sign are outgoing, friendly, affectionate, and likeable. They make friends easily and are crushed when their advances are rejected. Their romantic, chivalrous nature makes them perfect examples of all that is best in their House. However, they are also bossy, domineering, spendthrift, and overly dramatic (ever heard the phrase "drama queen?") They have sharp tempers and need to learn to direct their anger toward only needful causes. The natural creativity and flamboyance of Leo makes Gryffindors born under this sign good at most everything they attempt, provided they apply themselves to learning magic rather than using magic to hog the limelight.

OOC - I thought it would be cool to add this in here if its allowed? If not PM me and I will remove it. Its from this site. It tells you your house astrology :3 if its allowed others may use it too.

MBTI: ENFP-A / Campaigner
Enneagram: Type 7 / Adventurer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Intelligence Types: Naturalist
Temperament: Sanguine
Jungian Archetype: Explorer
Headspace Quirks: Energetic, stubborn, idealist, social, optimistic, naïve, charming, over-confident. Chews hair when nervous.

Wand: TBD
Patronus: Phoenix
Strength: C & S
Weakness: Transfiguration
Favorite subject: Yet to know but expected to be COMC
Extracurriculars: Summer Quidditch, Dueling & Hospital Wing
Honours: Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Regular Haunts: The Black Forest, The Lilly Pond, The Vegetable Garden & Gingerbread Cottage
Can Be Found Doing: Roaming the outdoors Taking Photos, Writing in her journal, adventuring for faries, climbing trees, practicing handstands, eating lemon cookies, causing trouble, breaking rules.
How He or She Talks: Cumbria accent, soft tone but loud and excitable. She plays with her hair a lot and makes lots of dramatic poses and hand gestures.
How He or She Moves: Confident, Balanced, Agile. Good climber.
First Impression?:Is this girl feral? She's a bit wild.

Favorite Color: Lilac
Favorite Food: Steak Pie & Mash cauliflower cheese
Hobbies/Talents: Quidditch, Photography, Writing, Affinity to Creatures, C&S
Favorite Animal: Niffler
Pet: -
General Scent: Fresh air, forest, fire,
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Jamie Duncan

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Name: Jamie William Duncan
Nick Names: Jam, Jamjam, James,
Age/DOB: 18 come 7th July
Height: 5'11
Eyes/Hair: Dark Brown Eyes, Dark brown hair - stylishly chin-length
Face Claim: Ben Barnes


Best Friends: Briar Marchen, Maggie Harkiss
Good Friends: Lucas
Rivals: Smellmund, Marina Lamont
Significant Other: Helen, Tempest, heartache.
CRUSHES: i'malonershush
Parents: William Duncan (Muggle), Caedigh Brinnon (Witch)
Siblings: Kenneth Duncan (o. brother, Squib), Geillis Duncan (o. sister, Witch), Fergus Duncan (o. Brother, Squib),  Aiden Duncan (y. brother), Moira Duncan (y. Sister)
Notable Relatives: Barclay Duncan (Cousin)
Family Dynamic: Close knit. Run a business together. Blood first.


Zodiac: Cancer
Enneagram: ??
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Kinsey Scale: 1
Headspace Quirks: Fiddles with a harmonica often. Stares into the distance quite regularily.


Wand: Cherry wood, Unicorn hair core
Strength: Charms
Weakness: Divination
Patronas: Hedgehog
Class Schedule: TBA
Extracurriculars: Sulking mostly. Sometiles wallowing.


Regular Haunts: Somewhere with a great view
Can Be Found Doing: Playing harmonica, inventing unique items,
How He or She Talks: Always with a smile, tiredly.
How He or She Moves: with a purpose. with a small sluggish step


Favorite Color: None. All colors are alright.
Favorite Food: Most sweets.
Hobbies/Talents: Quidditch, Music, Pranking
Favorite Animal: Kneazle
Pet: Mangey maine coon ''Smooch"
General Scent: Musky, like driftwood.
Virtue: Charity
Sin: Wroth
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Trading glances for a stare,
My silent words have never spoke so loud

Will Marin

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Will Marin
Don't be mad 'cuz I'm doin' me better than ya doin' you.

Name: Will Marin
Nicknames: Will?
Age/DOB: 15 as of July 7th.
Nationality: British
Height/Build: 5’7’’
Eyes/Hair: Brown/Brown
Face Claim: Dave Franco

Zodiac: Cancer
Kinsey Scale: 0
Quirks: Messes with hair, cocky attitude, laughs a lot, takes nothing seriously, loves attention, selfish

Best Friends: NONE HE IS NEW
Good Friends: NONE HE IS NEW
Significant Other:  None.
Siblings: Artie, George, Lisa, and Corrina
Parents: Arthur and Jessica Marin
Other Important Relationships:

Wand: Applewood, Phoenix feather,
Patronus: A Wolf
Strength: Transfiguration
Weakness: Conjuring/Summoning
Favorite subject: Transfiguration probably.
Class Schedule: It’s summer, chill.

Regular Haunts: Outside
Can Be Found Doing: Flirting, laughing, flying
How They Talk: Smooth
How They Move: “Smooth”
First Impression?: Arrogant git probably

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Anything.
Favorite Animal:
General Scent: Erm, like a boy?

* Chloe Rose

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Chloe Rose
Find me where the Wild Things are...

Name: Chloe Rose
Nicknames: Lo, Chlo, C.
Age/DOB: 16. May 28th, 1935
Nationality: American
Height/Build: 5’4’’
Eyes/Hair: Blue eyes, same as her sister’s and dad’s. Blonde hair.
Face Claim: Sasha Pieterse

Zodiac: Gemini
Quirks: Talks really fast when nervous or excited. Chews her fingernails, especially the thumb and pinkie, almost always has a book on her, if not an entire backpack.

Best Friends: Circe Blackwood, Lita Chevalier
Good Friends: Everyone else
Rivals: Helen Kane, Valencia Alvear
Significant Other: None.
Siblings: Serena McCormick, Philip, Hayes, Penelope, Philip, and Liam Parker.
Parents: Alan Rose (dead), and Wendy Parker-Rose
Other Important Relationships: Bailey McCormick, Nina McCormick, inlaws.

Wand: 10 inch, Pear, Unicorn Hair.
Patronus: Undetermined.
Strength: Charms.
Weakness: Transfiguration.
Favorite subject: All of them, are you kidding?
Class Schedule: Constantly too many classes.
Extracurriculars: Quidditch

Regular Haunts:  In the library, in the kitchens, outside, at the lake.
Can Be Found Doing: Laughing, dancing, studying, reading, experimenting, spying
How They Talk: Fast talking, American accent.
How They Move: With a skip in her step.
First Impression?: Bubble cutie?

Favorite Color: Sunshine yellow.
Favorite Food: Pineapple. 
Hobbies/Talents: Reading, exploring.
Favorite Animal:  All of them.
Pet: Pig named Porkchop.
General Scent: Books and Bubblegum, pineapple, and Autumn and I don’t know, does sunshine have a scent?

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damaged ⋯ goods


Aiden Duncan

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Aiden Duncan
All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust.

Name: Aiden Finnen Duncan
Nicknames: Mini Dunk
Age/DOB: 13 years; February 15th, 1938
House: Hufflepuff
Year: Third
Nationality: Scottish
Height/Build: 5'1/Athletic
Eyes/Hair: Blue/Red
Face Claim: Luke Benward

Best Friends: Calvin Sharppe, Mia Green
Good Friends: Zak Weiland, Finny Morgenstern, Chloe Rose, Aengus Magee, Thijs Marchen, Briar Marchen, everyone he meets
Significant Other: N/A
Siblings: Kenneth Duncan (brother), Geillis Duncan (sister), Fergus Duncan (brother), Jamie Duncan (brother), Moira Duncan (sister)
Parents: William Duncan (father), Caedigh Brinnon (mother)
Notable Relatives: Barclay Duncan (cousin)
Family Dynamic: Aiden comes from a large, loving, very close family. Second-youngest of six, tends to need to compete for attention.

Zodiac: Aquarius
MBTI: ESFP "The Entertainer"
Enneagram: Type 7 (The Adventurer)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Intelligence Types: Bodily-Kinesthetic, Spatial
Temperament: Sanguine
Jungian Archetype: Explorer/Jester
Kinsey Scale: N/A
Quirks: Prone to daydreaming; loyal to a fault; generally tries to smile and be happy all the time

Wand: Dogwood, Dragon Heartstring, 11 3/4 inches
Strength: Charms
Weakness: Divination
Favorite subject: Potions
Class Schedule: N/A
Extracurriculars: Quidditch, Dueling

Regular Haunts: Gingerbread Cottage, The Lily Pond, The Black Forest
Can Be Found Doing: Ignoring Jamie's rules, running around and making friends, eating everything in sight
How They Talk: Thick Scottish accent, speaks very casually and sloppily most of the time
How They Move: Usually slowly and leisurely as if he is never in a hurry. When excited, however, Aiden bounces a little as he walks, almost jogs, quickly.
First Impression?: Loud, obnoxious and friendly

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Candy/Chocolate
Hobbies/Talents: Punching things, harmonica (learned a little from Jamie), pranking, making rude sounds
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Pet: Shares Smooch with Jamie
General Scent: Outdoors, fresh grass
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* Reggie Graham

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Reggie Graham
A Graham always collects his debts

Name: Reginald Graham
Nick Names: Reggie, Reg, The Machine
Age/DOB: 15, October 30, 1935
Height: 6'1''
Eyes/Hair: Green, Red
Face Claim: Caleb Laundry Jones

Best Friends: Fish Weiland
Good Friends: Sawyer Pennifold, Helen Kane, Circe Blackwood, Chastity OConnor, the entire Slytherin Quidditch team, everyone who thinks about Quidditch sometimes
Rivals:Guillaume Cossé-Brissac ... A few more
Significant Other: None... yet
Parents: Tiffany and Gerald Graham
Siblings: None
Notable Relatives: None
Family Dynamic: Complicated

Zodiac: Scorpio
Enneagram: The Enthusiast
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Kinsey Scale: 1
Headspace Quirks: Do and ask questions later. Respect is given when it's earned, that's students and professors. Calls Professors by their first names. Has a crooked smile. Likes to connect his freckles and find shapes, likes it more when girls do it.

Wand: Maple, Manicore Hair, Rigid, 15¾ inch
Strength: Transfiguration
Weakness: Divination
Favorite Class: None
Class Schedule: Divination, Alchemy, History of Magic
Extracurriculars: Quidditch

Regular Haunts: Astronomy Tower, Forbidden Forest, some random closet
Can Be Found Doing: Mischief making, Smoking, drinking, doing things he shouldn't
How He or She Talks: Choppy, quick, loud, heavy accent
How He or She Moves: Confidence, head up, pushing his hair back, staring at you

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Fish
Hobbies/Talents: Making smoke rings, slight of hand tricks
Languages Spoken: English, Russian
Favorite Animal: Owl
Pet: May-bell, Great Grey Owl
General Scent: Tobacco, pine, burning hearth 
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* Oswald A. Viggano

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Oswald Viggano
Do you have to waste my tiime?

Name: Oswald Arcturus Viggano
       Pronunciation: Oz-wahld Vig-gha-no
Nicknames: Oz, Ozzy
Age/DOB: 12 (December 26 1938 )
Nationality/Heritage: British/Italian/American/Norwegian
Height: 5'0
Eyes/Hair: Green
Face Claim: Gustav Morstad (soon as he hits puberty)

Zodiac: Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising
MBTI: INTJ - Architect
Enneagram: Type 5
Alignment: Neutral
Intelligence Types:
Temperament: Melancholic
Jungian Archetype: The Innocent Child
Quirks: Can get restless at night and tends to wander, feels calmer outside and looking at the stars. when not in a formal situation doesn't like sitting down in chairs and tends to pace and move around. Can seem to drift off in a conversation or lecture, but readily responds as soon as he is addressed.

Best Friends: N/A
Good Friends: N/A
Significant Other:  N/A
Siblings: Nicholas, Tiril
Parents: Frank Viggano, Catharina Viggano
Other Important Relationships: Marcus Altair (Uncle)

Patronus: n/a
Strength: Divination
Weakness: Transfiguration
Favorite subject: Divination
Extracurriculars: Quidditch, Dueling

Regular Haunts: The rooftops
Can Be Found Doing: Stargazing
How They Talk: Not a big talker but uses some pretty big words when trying to discourage conversation
How They Move: Like he is in no real hurry
First Impression?: Misanthropic and grumpy red head

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Pancakes
Hobbies/Talents: Stargazing/Astrology
Favorite Animal: Snake
Pet: Snake (one day)
General Scent: Woodsy/Earthy
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Chastity OConnor

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Chastity O'Connor
Not for ourselves alone are we born

Name: Chastity Katiana O'Connor
Nicknames: Chas, Connie
Age/DOB: September 7, 1935 (15)
House: Ravenclaw
Year: To-be 5th
Nationality: Family is Irish, grew up Scottish, assorted other European
Height/Build: 5'3'' / almost stocky
Eyes/Hair: Blue/green / reddish brown
Face Claim: Kirsten Dunst

Best Friend: Lucien
Good Friends: Sylvia Renn, Emaline Woods,
Friends: Guillaume Cossé-Brissac (?), Persephone Crowley, Reggie Graham, Briar Marchen,
Rivals: Circe Blackwood
Significant Other: Lucien
Parents: Chastity and Jonathan O'Connor
Siblings: John, Nadine, Brody, Collin
Notable Relatives: Huge family, all kinda important!
Family Dynamic: Overbearing mother, distant father, 3 siblings who have had the good sense to escape to foreign countries.

Zodiac: Virgo
MBTI: IStJ "The Logistician"
Enneagram: 6 "The Loyalist"
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Intelligence Types: ILinguistic, Logical-Mathematical
Temperament: Melancholic
Jungian Archetype: Sage
Kinsey Scale: 0
Quirks: Always worried what her mother will think, easily offended though she would never admit that, always well dressed.

Wand: 10 inches, elm, unicorn hair, rigid
Patronus: Hawk
Strength: Charms
Weakness: Divination
Favorite subject: Charms
Extracurriculars: Hospital Wing, Spellbound

Regular Haunts: Spring of Life, Lily Pond, Golden Goose Inn, anywhere where there's books.
Can Be Found Doing: Reading, studying,
How He or She Talks: Very traditional upper class British, sometimes slips into a more common Scottish accent when upset.
How He or She Moves: Confident, elegant, well trained, restrained
First Impression?: Sweet, intelligent, traditional, aloof

Favorite Color: Dark blue
Favorite Food: Chocolate!
Hobbies/Talents: Learning languages, playing piano, dancing
Favorite Animal: Owls
Pet: A barn owl named Reign
General Scent: Expensive perfume (Lilacs, roses, and vanilla)
Character Padlet: Here!
not for ourselves alone are we born

James O Peakes

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J. Owen Peakes
Darkness is needed to see the stars..
Name: James Owen Peakes
Nicknames: Peakes, Peaksy, Owen, O’
Age/DOB: 15 / 1 May 1936
Nationality: Scottish
Height/Build: 5’10” / Athletic (still growing)
Eyes/Hair: Blue / Reddish Brown
Face Claim: Liam Hemsworth

MBTI: XNTJ (Ambivert)
Enneagram: Type 8
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Temperament: Owen is confident in himself, but not conceited. This loosely translates into his being impervious to negative opinion and capable of considering criticism objectively. Level-headed, easy going. Competitive in sports but not academics. Unafraid.
Quirks: Owen doesn’t often attach himself to people. He feels whole as a human being and, while he intuitively understands a person’s traits, doesn’t seek certain ones in his friends (beyond “good” company). He’s also very direct and doesn’t mind confrontation. Doesn't hold grudges (losing interest in a person is entirely separate). He's been home schooled until now, so all of this is subject to change.

Best Friends: N/A
Good Friends: None.
Significant Other: None.
Siblings: Mairi Peakes (deceased)
Parents: James (Pureblood) & Morissa (Fraser) Peakes (muggleborn)
Other Important Relationships: “Cousin,” Annis Fraser (NPC, 24, muggle)

Wand: 11-1/2” Acacia, thestral tail hair core
Patronus: Raven
Strength: Divination
Weakness: Charms
Favorite subject: Potions
Class Schedule: Divination, Conjuring/Summoning, Ancient Runes, Herbology
Extracurriculars: Quidditch, HW

Regular Haunts: TBD
Can Be Found Doing: People watching, flirting by annoyances, studying
How They Talk: Heavy Scottish accent slowed to be understood
How They Move: Confident laziness, no rush to be anywhere
First Impression?:

Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Cranachan
Talents: Quidditch Keeper, Saying a lot without saying much.
Pet: TBD
General Scent: Cologne (lemon, bergamot, star anise, guaiac wood, leather, tonka bean)

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Maureen Chambers

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Maureen Chambers
if anyone asks I was in the kitchens

Name: Maureen Chambers
Nicknames: Mo, Maurie
Age/DOB: 21 April 1936 (15)
Nationality: British
Height/Build: 5’3/average
Eyes/Hair: light brown/brown
Face Claim: Ella Purnell

Zodiac: Taurus
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Temperament: Melancholic

Best Friends: Loretta Blake & Emilia Devereaux (NPCs), anyone persistent enough
Siblings: Alton, Vincent, Marcus, Angela, and Harvey.
Parents: Donald (half-blood) and Ruth (muggleborn) Chambers
Other Important Relationships: Her grandmother, Perenelle

Wand: 12 1/2 inches, vine, unicorn hair, pliable
Patronus: Mink
Strength: Divination
Weakness: Charms
Favorite subject:Divination or COMC
Extracurriculars: Possibly Infirmary, being a general snoop, hosting poker night, etc.

Regular Haunts: The kitchens, the lake, or anywhere she can go about her business (napping, spying, preening, etc) in peace
Can Be Found Doing: Homework at breakfast and tarot readings at lunch
How They Talk: Low, slow, and drawling, like she's seen one too many muggle films with soft, breathy heroines
How They Move: Also slow, deliberate, if she fell on her face she'd half make you think she'd done it on purpose
First Impression?: Detached and in a daze, like she's really trying to be the kind of girl that people write poems about but, failing that, will settle for quaintly underhanded and evasive

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Croissants
Hobbies/Talents: Lounging about, reading muggle novels, napping when she shouldn’t be, avoiding unwanted social interactions, tarot cards, complaining
Favorite Animal: Hippogriff
Pet: An ugly little cat named Sweet Potato
General Scent: Soft cotton and lemons
trying to stay sane
is like a full time