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Summer Duelling Sign-ups
of 1951
Summer duelling is the perfect opportunity to get some practice in, perhaps attempt some new things you might like to try during the school tournament. It's also perfect for new players to try their hand at duelling and get to know how it works.

If you are interested in signing up, all relevant information for setting up your profile and duelling in general can be found here. Sign-ups are by duel, however if you wish to do the second round of duels with the same profile from the first round, just post a line saying so when round 2 duels open.

However, as this is summer duelling, feel free to mix things up a little and post a different profile for the second duel if the first time didn't go so well. Just be sure to point out the differences! Note that these changes only work in summer, and that during castle only the initial profiles you submit for the tournament are unchanging and cannot be modified between rounds.

If you have any questions, your dueling refs this summer are myself (Ryan Ward), Beauregard Lesauvage, and Finny Morgenstern. So don't hesitate to approach one of us for help.

Important Dates
1 AUGUST: Dueling [Round 1] sign-ups open
7 AUGUST: Dueling [Round 1] sign-ups close
9 AUGUST: Duelling [Round 1] starts
16 AUGUST: Dueling [Round 1] ends
16 AUGUST: Dueling [Round 2] sign-ups open*
21 AUGUST: Duelling [Round 2] sign-ups close
23 AUGUST: Duelling [Round 2] starts
30 AUGUST: Dueling [Round 2] ends
Duelling Profile
Code: [Select]
[b]Camp Team:[/b]
[b]Year at Start of Next Term:[/b]
[b]Is this your first time dueling (OOC)?[/b]
[b]Are you specialized in any spell(s)?[/b]
          [b]If so, what is it/are they?[/b] ((You may choose up to three.))
[b]Are you using Potion(s)?[/b] ((If so, please remember to PM the previously stated refs with a list of potions you would like to use prior to the duel.))
[b]Are you an Infirmary Assistant?[/b]
[b]Are you a Quidditch player?[/b]
[b]What are your Magical Levels?[/b]
[b]What is your Magical Strength?[/b]  ((Your magical strength must be equal to or greater than your year. If you have more than one level equal to or greater than your year, then you must choose only one of these as your strength for duelling. Example: Joe is a 5th year. His magical levels are C6D7T5S4. Joe may choose EITHER Charms OR Divination OR Transfiguration as his strength, but he may not choose Conjuring and Summoning. If you have no levels equal to or greater than your year, then you have no magical strength for duelling. If you have just applied, this would be notated in your application.))

[b]Total Points:[/b]

[i](First years receive 12 points,
  Second years get 13,
  Third years get 14,
  Fourth years get 15,
  Fifth years get 16,
  Sixth years get 17, and
  Seventh years get 18.)[/i]

     [b]Ability: [/b]
     [b]Resistance: [/b]
     [b]Strength: [/b]
     [b]Agility: [/b]
     [b]Vitality: [/b]
     [b]Velocity: [/b]
     [b]Potions: [/b]
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