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Author Topic: Thread Trackers '51  (Read 463 times)

Clinton Litchfield

    (07/16/2017 at 09:30)
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Thread Trackers
Summer '51

Having difficulty keeping track of all your threads? Track 'em here!

(Please don't post WIP posts. Any WIPs will be deleted.)
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Mia Green

    (08/02/2017 at 15:30)
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Summer Thread Tracker '51

Team Birds Counselor


plot page

signature shop


PAINT WARS!  | cabin wars/birds vs frogs  | late july

The Fairy Ferry  | cabin wars/wolves vs birds  | mid-august

title of thread  | person/event  | date

letters & notes

life is beautiful  | mavis

space between  | marina

i wanna be in the room where it happens | micalden notes




game one  | hares vs hedgehogs  | august fifteenth

game two  | foxes vs geese  | mid-august


round one | vs. silvers + kane  | july twentieth

round two | vs. cole  | august seventeenth

personal threads

summer rush  | open/cain  | july first

business before pleasure  | aiden  | second week of summer

some sisterly talk  | emaline  | july sixteenth

bird's first flying lesson  | phoenix  | july fourth

starry night | open/oswald/daisy  | middle of july

young & free  | emilio  | early summer

owl never be the same  | chloe  | july

stowaway patch  | calvin + aiden  | august

fireflies in the skies  | abe  | middle of summer

duellatorum  | ernestine  | end of july

exterior decorating  | hel  | july twenty-eighth
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* Julia Cole

    (08/03/2017 at 10:20)
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Julia Cole
blue = unfinished thread

Paint wars! Birds v Frogs (The Juniper Tree)
Escape the Fate. Frogs v Wolves (Gothel's Vegetable Garden)
The Fairy Ferry. Wolves v Birds (Grandmother's Cottage)

Extra Curriculars
Quidditch - game one | game two
Duelling - duel 1 | duel 2
Infirmary - case study 1 | case study 2

Crash N Clash || Ema (Gingerbread Cottage)
Echo, Echo || Chloe (The Water Nixie's Well)
the dead man's hand again || Ryan (Golden Goose Inn)
A Taste of Intrigue || Daisy (Golden Goose Inn)
young & free || Mia & Emilio (Gothel's Vegetable Garden)
A sky of blue, a sea of green || Cait (The Lily Pond)
Truth or Dare || Open (The Frog Prince's Castle)
Free Fallin' || Daisy (The Juniper Tree)
The strength of the wolf is the pack || Calvin (Grandmother's Cottage)
Before the Firelight || Fish/Open (The Black Forest)
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I don't give a damn 'bout my

Phoenix Starr

    (08/07/2017 at 22:22)
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Phoenix Starr
Team Birds

Paint Wars | The Juniper Tree
Escape the Fate | Gothels Vegitable Garden
Thread Link | Location

Quidditch | Game One | Game Two
Infirmary | Case Study One | Case Study Two
Dueling | Round One |

Personal Threads
Wild Heart [Cain] | The Black Forest
Birds First Flying Lesson [Mia] | The Goose Girls Meadow
Truth or Dare (3rd & Below) | The Frog Prince's Castle
Hide & Seek (Oz) | The Black Forest
Into Wonder (Marina) | Hogwarts Express
Echo, Echo (Open) | The Water Nixies Well
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Jamie Duncan

    (08/08/2017 at 04:07)
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Jamie Duncan

IT'S A LITTLE DARK, ISNT IT? | Emaline | Black Forest
Ive Seen more Spine on  Jellyfish| Fish | Nixie's Well
Runaway Baby| Chloe Rose | Goose Meadow
CAOCHLADH| Aiden Duncan | Infirmary\Never at Fault | Circe | Lily Pond
Kissing Strangers | Open | Spring of Life
Where the Springs Hide | Barclay |

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dig in.

Daisy Kawaguchi

    (08/25/2017 at 06:22)
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♦   The Fairy Ferry. Wolves vs Birds. Julia is not happy.

♦   CASE STUDY I. Bottoms Up! Refusing to drink unlabelled potions.
♦   CASE SETUDY II. Boy, Bye! Treating unfortunate snoopers.

♦   GAME ONE. Hares vs Hedgehogs. Refusing to play ball.
♦   GAME TWO. Foxes vs Geese. Getting her own back on Chloe Rose's team.

♦   Eldorado. Cain Dunn. Playing cards.
♦   The Language of Food. Meeting Brick Dumay. Properly.
♦   Starry Night. Mia Green, Oswald Viggano. Caught out after hours.
♦   Free Fallin'. Julia Cole. Learning to fly.
♦   A Beautiful Sight. TBD. Collecting water lillies
♦   A Taste of Intrigue. TBD. Fire, butterbeer and some curly questions.
♦   A Touch Too Spikey. TBD. A strange, poky fruit.
♦   A Charlatan Smell. TBD. Stealing cookies.
♦  A Suspcious Sound. TBD. Looking for unicorns.
♦  Dips. Cain Dunn. Treading water.

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