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* Clinton Litchfield

    (04/23/2017 at 12:06)
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Player of the Summer!
Summer 1950

Hey, guys! It's time for you to pick your favourite player of this summer. Who do you think went above and beyond? Whose threads did you most enjoy reading here at Camp Loki? Click the link below & fill in the form to get your votes in. Voting ends on 30 April 2017. <3

we take the pressure and we throw away
conventionality belongs to yesterday
there is a chance that we can make it so far
we start believing now that we can be who we are

* Clinton Litchfield

    (05/03/2017 at 11:01)
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Player of the Summer: Fish Weiland!
From the players:

Most snogs... ever?
--Nina McCormick

I love Fish. So. Much. He is my inspiration and I literally love all the threads he writes. His character is lovely and nuanced, and threading with him is always such a blast. Whether it be long posts or short, letter threads or snaps, Fish always brings the very best to the table. He's a keeper, guys!
--Helen Kane

I know he's a counselor, but here me out. Fish has been around Summer like I've never seen any other player. Playing with new players, old players, open threads, quidditch and dueling: the boy is everywhere and playing with everyone. I think Cat is the perfect Player of Summer for all she's done with Fish this Summer of 50.
--Reggie Graham

Fish has taken over camp with his kissfest and it's become like the plot of Summer 1950 -- simultaneously adorable and hilarious.
--Icarus Argabright

Fishy has gone above and beyond this summer. Seriously, have you seen Fish's thread tracker? Fish has been everywhere and threaded with everyone. They reply really fast-I saw Last post by Fish Weiland EVERYWHERE-and I feel like they just make everyone feel welcome and are an all around great player. All of Cat's characters are so great and they deserve this so much <3
--Mia Green

Can I vote for friends and fellow counsellors? I promise it has little to do with that, because Fishy has done an incredible amount of work recently. Looking at his most recent posts, he has done just over 200 of them this summer alone - and a lot of those were in great threads that I loved to read, or super nice posts to introductions, or important camp things, and I know that many if not most of those were done on a mobile device. That's dedication. I love it.
--Finny Morgenstern

Fish was without a doubt the man of the summer. Between being a brilliant counselor, involving himself in pretty much everything, and instigating more than his fair share of snogs, there's no one more deserving of the title!
--Euphemia Vane
coming to your house, knocking at your door
you're my first sip of wine. you cool me, cool me down
left your clothes next to the bed, some pretty pictures in my head
i hope you had a great summer, a great summer away