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Author Topic: Smells Like House Spirit: Elden Fragrances  (Read 733 times)

Lizbet Robbins

    (04/21/2017 at 21:16)
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So, I mentioned in my intro post that I'm a perfumer, and I'd love to share my work with y'all, because I know a lot of people here would really enjoy it! Especially......

*drumroll* *drumroll* *drumroll*

  • Eagle's Wit
    Smells like the first day of school: autumn leaves float off the top of this familiar-feeling blend, punctuated by crisp red apple and a dusting of chalk, before settling down into rolled-up parchment and a warm leather chair by the common room fire.

  • Lion's Pride
    A fierce, bold, fiery scent! Spicy smoke and pernicious pepper are sweetened just a touch by top notes of cinnamon and amber; this is a scent for righting wrongs, for fighting for justice, and for never backing down.

  • Serpent's Shadow
    Catching the eye of your newest conquest with a cunningly crafted campaign? Blowing away the boardroom with a perfectly prepared presentation? When you want to leave a grace note atop an intoxicatingly unforgettable impression, this subtly ambitious little blend of green and aquatic fragrances with its notes of ivy, verbena, and a hint of violet will linger indelibly in the minds of your victi…  associates.

  • Badger's Heart
    Currants and caramel, chocolate and licorice, sugar and sunshine! This unique, playful scent isn’t afraid to be itself, and neither should you! Wear this scent when making new friends, bringing the fun, and playing as hard as you work.

The pretty, pretty princesses among you may also enjoy The Fairy Tale Princess Collection, featuring such fragrances as A Glass Slipper, An Eternal Winter, and A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle, among others.

AND, just because I love you, go ahead and knock five bucks off any bottle with promo code HOGGIES50. <3
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* Valencia Salvatierra

    (04/21/2017 at 22:17)
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i'm going to cry these sound absolutely divine lizbet you are a gem

-gonna figure out a way to get everything-






* Calypso Ross

    (04/22/2017 at 14:21)
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what val said, these sound incredible omg!!!

the entire fairytale collection though hELP

brb adding them all to my wishlist and crying over the fact my birthday's not for another seven months

I think I already said this in your intro but your job is awesome...and so are you!! <3
cherry lips, crystal skies
i could show you incredible things

stolen kisses, pretty lies
you're the king, baby, i'm your queen

Jean-Claude Ouellet

    (04/27/2017 at 17:30)
Okay, I'm not typically a perfume person, but I want this, if not anything, for the Hoggies factor! Also, the Huffle one sounds like it smells a bit like heaven. <3