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Author Topic: Quidditch Game Two | Bee vs. Honey  (Read 1068 times)

Mia Green

    (04/28/2017 at 21:22)
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Mia Green || Chaser

"Oh, shut it, Green,"

Nina McCormick was not having a good day today, was she? That was too bad, Nina was a wonderful Chaser and a real honor to work with...when they weren't on opposite teams, that was. Mia was certainly getting some hate for her little comment-she had thought it little, anyways, an offhand comment to try and throw off the opponent even for a second...was it rude? Too serious? The Gryffindor hadn't thought so...

"All part of the game, McCormick!" She replied jovially. So what if people didn't like what she had said? She'd said it, and she wasn't going to hide it. It was over and done with and they would just have to deal with it.

Suddenly, her eyes found a strange phenomenon-a ton of black birds, ravens, she thought, all fighting over something in the air. She caught a gold glint and realized in shock what it was- the snitch. It wasn't a hunt for the snitch if it was so easy to be found! What were ravens doing here? Anyways. Where was Vane? Mia started looking around for her and then her eyes found the ground...

Involuntarily she let out a little noise. Good Godric, there was a bear down there. A real, live, brown, furry, moving bear. On the pitch. What on earth...this had certainly never happened before, what was a bear doing on their Quidditch pitch?! Just for a second (it seemed) she watched the creature, but that was enough. She hadn't noticed it, but a bludger [Robin] had been on a straight course for her. The bludger [Robin] crashed into Mia's left ankle horribly, and she cried out in pain. Just as soon the bludger was off again for another target. Her ankle throbbed horribly. It hurt so much it almost seemed to be pulsing in time with Mia's thoughts, which consisted of Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...

Wincing, Mia brought her mind back to the game, which was no small effort given how all she could feel was pain. Perhaps she had caused a slight diversion with her Bludger hit, but there was no time to waste. She could see Circe tensing-ow-getting ready to throw-ow-they would not score, no-ow-not on her-ow-watch...

Out of nowhere, flying through the pain, Mia zoomed towards Circe and tried to snatch the Quaffle. Though she had no idea what she would do if she actually got it. Maybe throw it to Stymest? Try to find Vane? It was more of a diversionary tactic at this point. Bludgers were part of the game, she kept reminding herself, she would have to play through the pain, she had to get used to dealing with this sometimes if she wanted to keep playing Quidditch. Just part of the game...

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