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Jocelyn West

    (05/09/2017 at 07:09)
The intensity found in Helen's eyes were matched tenfold, searching for an explanation of why she felt this way -- with a girl. But any logic was thrown out the open window of the room when Helen's fingertips grazed her skin, inching up her back. An involuntary shiver coursed down her spine, but her hues didn't dare leave Helen's blues.

closer than close

She reached out, brushing a stray blonde lock from the girl's vision, her thumb gently running down her cheek, stopping just below the corner of her mouth. Her own green hues followed the trail before looking up at her friend.

Was this really happening?

Nose to nose, there wouldn't be another chance like this. No, the gods wouldn't give her another opportunity, not like the river, when she should've taken the risk. But what a great risk it was. Her parents would never understand, purebloods never did. Did Helen think the same thing? Did she have to worry about reputation; it never occurred to her that their blood never came in conversation.

She was stalling, she knew that.

A kiss would change everything. (was she ready?)

* Helen Kane

    (05/11/2017 at 02:05)
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Hel had long since abandoned the search for answers as to why she was as attracted to girls, if not more, than she was to boys. She'd always accepted it-- Effy and Althea and Circe and Persephone had attested to it time and again.

Electricity arced along her skin, magical energy pooling in the tips of her fingers and begging for release. She was hyperthermic wherever their skin touched, unable to concentrate past the way this felt.

With Effy, it had always been a ceaseless spin, a longing for reconciliatio-- Jocelyn's was a slow burn, a culmination from both sides to a conclusion they'd both already considered.

And Hel really wanted that kiss.

"You know," she said, almost contemplative, "I really like you."

And with that, heart pounding in her chest, she swung one leg over Jocelyn's two and straddled her, and cupped the other girl's cheeks in her hands to kiss her.
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