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Author Topic: Caliginosity | Julias  (Read 411 times)

* Iola Blackwood

    (04/12/2017 at 04:27)
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The last wisps of oranges, yellows and pale purples were finishing their descent on the western horizon when Iola, with Julias beside her, stepped into the forest that was the base of some sort of peak. The fading light of the sunset was dimmed even more with the long arms of the trees and their leaves covering them high above. There was a star or two visible, just beginning to make their appearance for the night.

Iola wrapped her arm around Julias' as they walked. It would be a long walk up to the top but it would be worth it. It would be even more worth it if there were very few people up there. She couldn't expect it to be completely empty as it was the best spot in camp for watching the stars and there were those people who thought it was a romantic thing to do with someone they liked, but hopefully it would be an opportunity to get away from a lot of the campers.

Iola was discovering, as a counsellor, that camp seemed like a place for parents to just dump their children after having them home for only one week. She couldn't blame them, really. Although she was mostly in charge of the older campers on her team, she had had enough run-ins with multiple younger campers at once to realise what little devils they all could be. If she weren't already set on not having any children, some of these kids could probably change her mind.

"Thanks for coming with me," her voice was low, it didn't seem right to speak at a normal volume in the thickening darkness.

In her free arm was a blanket and although star-gazing was not her favourite activity and she was not out here with Julias for any romantic rendezvous or anything like that (they were just close friends, after all) it was nice to have his company while she attempted to get away from it all.

The stars made her think of Estella and she preferred not to think of her disgraced eldest sister. Estella's polluted social status might rub off on her. Iola had no intention of basically being disowned by their father.

After the lengthy walk it was nearly pitch black when they finally reached the top of the mountain. Her eyes flitted briefly to the handful of stars that were already shining brightly before she motioned toward the ground.

"Does this spot look good?"

She didn't see anyone else around, at least, and that was a good start.

Julias Blackwood

    (05/03/2017 at 06:48)
The petite arm around his bicep was fragile, unlike the girl it belonged to. His fellow Slytherin was strong, and kind, and weak all in a single person, his person. Iola was someone he had grown to trust, to care for, much like the other three he kept close, perhaps even too close, or so his youngest sister's words echoed so freely in his mind. The night in question haunted him, unknowing if what he did was for the good, or for his own personal gain.

(--but how could he protect them if they weren't close?--)

The stars were bright, the night almost calm. At least at the top of the mountain, feet firm on the clearing. From there, he could see the groups of campers surrounded by the bonfires, carrying on with the night as if there wasn't a care in the world--but there was always something to look out for, to think about. There was no such luxury as care free, that he knew for sure. His years of pain confirmed all of that.

(--something he angels would never know, not if it could be helped--)

"Thanks for coming with me,"

"I'd do anything for you, Iola," he spoke at her same volume.

He stood beside her as she stopped, examining the ground. This brought a chuckle from his lips as he watched her survey the spot, as if it were a hidden treasure waiting to be found. And they had beat everyone to it. A basket rested on his forearm, filled with drinks and a few snacks he hoped she would like, mostly fruits of sorts.

"Does this spot look good?"

"Not as good as you," he smirked before taking the blanket from her hands, setting down the basket.

Julias chuckled as he opened the fabric, flinging it out into the air, guiding it to the ground as it spread. He motioned for her to sit first, following right after. The warmth of the hike broke a sweat, and since they had settled into the right spot, the snake took off the jacket and laid beside him, debating on if he wanted to lay down or not.

"Why'd you ask me to come with you?" he asked curiously, watching as she answered.

Ducking out of their date night was nothing something Arie and Tor easily forgave. But they were all learning how to share and keep their friendship alive. There was nagging feeling he had that Iola and Briar didn't particularly care for his new found bonds. But what would he be without disciples in this world?

"You've been distant lately," he urged the subject further, wanting to know the source of her discomfort. She had made it clear they were only friends, but yet, he felt there was more to the connection they shared.

* Iola Blackwood

    (05/06/2017 at 07:30)
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"I'd do anything for you, Iola,"

Her motions had stilled for a moment, the words catching her off guard. Julias often said things like that and they always surprised. If it were anyone else she would brush it off as a joke or just one of those things people said to be nice without really meaning the words. There was something about Julias, an intensity that most people didn't possess, that made his words seem more truthful; more meaningful.

Still, Iola didn't trust her own feelings so she never really let herself believe he meant exactly what he said. After all, why would someone she had known less than a year do anything for her when most of her own family wouldn't do a single thing for her.

She had let his statement fade into the breeze without responding to it. It had been easy enough, they had been trudging up a mountain and concentration was key. One wrong step and it could be a long fall back to the bottom. Or that's the reason she could use to try and convince herself.

His next statement was easier. Flirting was always easier than trying to figure out real emotions.

"Well, you know," hands lifted to fluff her hair and then with one hand she gave the locks a good flip over her shoulder, "few people look as good as me."

A genuine smile tugged her lips upward as she watched the fabric of the blanket float in the air for a moment before it settled into the short grass of the mountaintop.

"Why'd you ask me to come with you?"

A light shrug lifted her shoulders but the movement was subtle and might have been missed as she sank down onto the blanket and got herself comfortable, bending her knees and smoothing her skirt over them.

Without making eye contact she said, "I just thought it'd be nice to spend some time with you. The evening is usually the only free time I have right now."

That's why this was not a date. It just happened to be the only time she was available to see her friends. That was all.

"Do you have anything to drink in your basket? I'm a bit parched."

Now she looked over at him, emotions pushed to the background once again.

"You've been distant lately,"

A small frown formed, her change of subject hadn't appeared to work. She didn't mean to be distant, it was just the only way she knew how to protect herself. Trusting others wasn't just hard for her to come by, it was nearly nonexistent in her life. No one stuck around long enough to earn it.

"I'm sorry," she pouted with her bottom lip jutting out as she scooted closer across the blanket toward him, settling against his side. "Is this better?"

Not the distance he was referring to, she knew, but flirting had always kept the other guys from asking too many questions. There was a small amount of guilt seeping into her thoughts as she tried the same technique on Julias.

Her default setting was to protect her heart and keep it safe.

Defend, defend, defend.