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Author Topic: Escaping Reality-Caitriona Magee  (Read 111 times)

Caitriona Magee

    (04/11/2017 at 04:04)
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(I'm new to this so bear with me here okay TT.TT)
Caitriona Magee

17. Hufflepuff. Muggle Born.

Caitriona grew up with muggle parents and one totally awesome uncle, who was the only wizard. She never ceased to be fascinated by his magic and his love for reading. She adored the man, who once taught at Hogwarts, long before she was born. He would do all kinds of tricks for her. She supposed he knew she would be a witch one day.

That day only came when Caitriona was snatched by some men in her small town in Ireland. She fought them off and discovered that she had magical abilities much like her uncle. Eager to learn, Caitriona couldn't wait to see if she got a letter of acceptance to Hogwarts. Until some muggles assaulted her parents, killing them midafternoon under the suspicion that witchcraft was being performed in their beloved home. She swore to never attend Hogwarts, only to learn from her uncle at home.

Each year, Hogwarts would send a letter, insisting she attend. Finally, during the summer before what would be her sixth year, she accepted. Her uncle was ecstatic. Caitriona,
 on the other hand, decided that she wouldn't try to make friends, that she would instead focus on her reading. She really loves reading about going on adventures and battles between ordinary men and mystical beasts.

Though she didn't make many friends at Hogwarts in her sixth year, she kind of hopes to make friends with some of her peers at camp. The one friend she does have, Rebecca Silvers, insists she finds a snogging buddy, but she's not too sure about that idea. 

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Nevertheless, she            persisted.

Kadence Brannen

    (04/20/2017 at 22:26)
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Kadence Brannen

12. Hufflepuff. Half.

Kadence likes reading and drawing. Most of all she likes Quiddditch (Does Catriona play?) Now she's decided not to play officially, at least for the summer. Maybe if they could write a book, Catriona writing and Kadence drawing. Kadence is also struggling a lot with C/S so many Catriona could help.

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