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Author Topic: senioritis is brutal  (Read 252 times)

Lyra Spencer

    (04/10/2017 at 23:53)
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Hey everyone! My name is Milla, and I've been on site for over a year and half now (it's more like a year if you count all the hiatuses). I'm from sunny California, and I'm a senior in high school, soon to be a freshman in college either in Cambridge, MA or New Haven, CT and the senioritis is becoming too much to bear!

Here's a smattering of things about me:
- My favorite movie is The Last of the Mohicans, but I actually like a zillion movies
- Favorite TV shows include SHERLOCK, Stranger Things, Legion, Riverdale, The Expanse, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, etc, etc. Also BBC period dramas
- Musical interests include 80's New Wave (Depeche Mode and the like), David Bowie, REM, shoegaze, The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club, and other more obscure indie/alternative/rock bands, classical music, soundtracks, and more!
- I love reading, of course, but I won't even try to list the books I like XD
- I like singing, acting, dancing (even though I'm terrible)
- Writing poems is a thing I love to do when I get the inspiration
- I spend too much time on model management sites
- I swim for my school's varsity team!
- I'm science-y yay
- I can't code for my life
- I can speak Chinese and a little French and German

My charries!

Lyra Spencer: My first ever baby, who's now playing for Puddlemere United and the English National Team. She's oh-so-lonely so be her friend!

Andrés Alvear: He's been engaged for 1203950298 years (STAY TUNED FOR WIFE, COMING SOON) c': whose fav sibling is Valencia Alvear.

Robin Märchen: An arrogant little birdy with a heart of gold (somedayyyy).

Newton Mariner: My resident Hogwarts student. A soon-to-be second year who hates being called Newt even though everyone calls him that anyway.

Rory Hughes: A shy and dapper gentleman who needs to get back on top of things.

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Glory Roars


Jeremiah Smallweed

    (04/11/2017 at 08:32)
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1. Sherlock!! Ngl though, I thought season 4 was a bit...eh?? until the END, anyway.
2. All of your characters are! So! Pretty! I have been guilty of creeping on them from afar.
3. Good luck with your last stretch of high school, you will be great!!
4. Newt/Jere are roomies and we haven't even threaded. We should change that in the coming term... c:   
5. That is all, you're lovely, bye xoxo
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Valkyrie Stymest

    (04/11/2017 at 14:17)
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AHHH, heeellloooo!!

Senioritis I FEEL. We can commiserate in our rapidly declining motivation together. Hopefully we can hold out till graduation, then post... and post... and post.. without the threat of APs upon us.

And we NEED to threat. Like a lot. Val, Rayne, and Pollux need playmates.

Rin Hunter

    (04/15/2017 at 09:45)
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hello hi ilu <3

first of: SHERLOCK! this show gives me life. also the 1975 and two door cinema club!!

I spend too much time on model management sites

same :')

I can speak Chinese and a little French and German

i'm assuming by chinese u mean mandarin bc i think you said that before--i can read a bit but i'm envious of people who can speak it bc i manage to completely butcher my tones which is strange bc cantonese has more tones so idk??? also romance languages seem to hate me bc i just don't pick them up well?? also yayay for german ^.^

i will start that rin/ly thread soon i sWEAR i'm sorry it's taking so long ; A ;
i feel numb most of the time

Mavis Lerner

    (04/16/2017 at 03:56)
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sherlock!! cosmos!!! two door cinema club!! YOU!!!!

you like writing poems i like writing poems we should talk about poems sometime.

also languages are cool i know one word of french because pommes makes me think of pommes frites and then i just really want french fries and apples.

also we need to thread sometime and i promise i'll actually respond i hope sdfghjhgf we should mav/robin again at some point <33
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* David Leighton

    (04/21/2017 at 13:26)
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Sherlock!!! BBC period dramas!!!

Newt is adorable and I can't wait to see more of him around Slytherin next term.

Mia Green

    (04/22/2017 at 19:58)
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Mia will gladly call him Newt. Millions and millions of times...
let's thread, shall we, you're lovely <3
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Newton Mariner

    (05/01/2017 at 14:28)
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- Jere: YOU'RE RIGHT LET'S LET THEM BE ROOMIES. You're also right about Sherlock...it was a little crazy for me D: Love you <3

- Val: Muahahaha GOOD LUCK ON AP's!! ANd then afterward WE POST.

- Rin: Yesss I can't wait for that thread!! (And THANK YOU FOR THE AVVIES THEY'RE BEAUTIFULLL) <33

- Mav: We should definitely talk about poems some day! (I actually just got two new books of poetry) AND YES THREAD <33

- David: I really should make Newt participate more haha

- Mia: Oooh Mia's asking for it...I'd love to thread!

rise above.

Lyra Spencer

    (05/01/2017 at 14:30)
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