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Author Topic: Thread Trackers '50  (Read 832 times)

* Clinton Litchfield

    (03/25/2017 at 15:45)
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Thread Trackers
Summer '50

Having difficulty keeping track of all your threads? Track 'em here!

(Please don't post WIP posts. Any WIPs will be deleted.)
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i see a mansard roof through the trees
i see a salty message written in the eaves
the ground beneath my feet, the hot garbage and concrete
and now the tops of buildings, i can see them too

Jeremiah Smallweed

    (04/07/2017 at 09:43)
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-makes list of threads i owe instead of replying to said threads-

thread tracker

jeremiah joseph smallweed
the secret to henching... [b.d. & open!]
survive [thea smolweed]
ouch [k.b.]
wrapped up [helemiah]
snogging 102 [f.w. & c.s.]
creeper [jeremia]
coming soon... [r.s.]
coming soon... [mini-winsday]

calypso ilena galanis ross
worth the fight [jalypso marriage snaps]
the tale of the four animals [claeth]
new beginnings [site plot & open!]
pain is a master [lulypso & altair]
volcanic [arminia & open!]
re-connection [daddy #1]
mind eater [altair]
pompeii [v.k.t.]
the sound of silence [seamus & open!]
one call away [claymus]

Clinton Herbert Litchfield
cake by the ocean [sinfield snaps]
i found a love for me [invited]
holiday [b.m. & open!]
how to kill an afternoon [roomie snaps]
young & wild [invited]
rise & shine [QWC & open!]
all in a day's work [QWC & open!]
feels like we only go backwards [QWC & open!]

nyla adelaide ross
a special gift [g.c.b. & open!]
be our guest [mags & joy]

Ella Louise Galanis

Cyrus Helios Galanis
the pinnacle [lucyrus]
waitin' on the day [lucyrus]
help [c.p.g.]
when do we smash plates? [p.c.]

isla aveline haywood-lowe
the forgotten ones [russ & open!]
the house of the rising sun [casa]
raise your glass [deimos snaps]

silvius regis paladin
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Mia Green

    (04/07/2017 at 20:28)
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Mia Green Thread Tracker


Camp Events

The Friendship Carnival (Partnered with Adrian Alric)

Quidditch Game 2 Team Bee Chaser

The North Pole

Roo's Sandy Pit
Blue Sky-Open Aiden completed!

A Gloomy Place

Galleon's Lap
Blame It On the Stars-Open Rosalind

Eeyore's House

Heffalump Hollow
Escaping the M-Madness-Collin

The Hundred Acre Wood

Where the Woozle Wasn't
Things Have Changed-Emaline


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I jumped so high

I touched the clouds

don't hold back -- oh, I won't hold back

* Zak Weiland

    (04/11/2017 at 16:17)
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Girls, girls...
--Maelstrom - What to do when you can't find your elephants, Marina: Finished.
--You're a little Much - Because Valencia.


--Breakfast - Disaster at your hands with Reggie & co.
--A Midsummer Night's Dream - Team Piglet event!
--Do You Dare? - Where everything gets out of hand.
--A very Fishy Birthday! - Zak turns fifteen!
--Pretty in Pink - Basically Team Eeyore vs Team Piglet.
--The Friendship Carnival - Team Eeyore event!

Girls, girls, girls...
--Snogging 101 - Exactly what the title says, only better, w/Felicia: Finished.
--Your Freedom is a Mercy - The Helen Kane: Finished.
--Goosebumps - A scaredycat named Andromeda.
--My Heart Burns There, Too - Basically just Lita being amazingly sweet.
--Interlude - Where Effy makes it obvious counselling is hard work.
--Radioactive - Comforting Marina for feeling bad she snogged her friend's ex.
--Cold Waters - Because not all days are good, and because they're always better with friends, Caitlin.
--Friends not Food - Refinding old friendships with Nina.
--Hunting for some Fish with Fish - Caitriona being more interested in books.
--Make you Feel - When Jocelyn West happened.
--It just looks so Easy! - Rosa being skeptical about the whole flying brooms thing.
--Into the Woods We Go! - Where Emaline climbs a tree wearing heels.
--Scared to Burn - Lita part II.
--Seize the Day - Where Circe and Fish squares up: Finished.
--In Your Eyes - Where Circe slaps, then snogs him.
--Nope - Broom surfing with Helen.
--Under the Bridge - The sweet, sweet Marina Lamont.
--Night Time Cigs - Smoking with Reggie and the girls.

--Snogging 102 - Where master at snoggage passes on his knowledge to his followers and apprentices, Jeremiah and Calvin.
--Give Up the Ghost - Julias, brother of your ex girlfriend and snogger of your snog.
--Master of my Sea - Bonding over snogs with Reggie.
--Underdog - Run-in with Lucian Grey!
--Caught Red-Handed - Gui getting lost after curfew.

--Duel 1 - Three Hufflepuff babies, and one Zak in a pink dress: Finished.

--Game 1 - Captaining is only fun: Finished.
--Game 2 - Gloves back on!
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  \___/      \_…----<_  - `-…  _…<_…-
  _-… \___…-           \_…-<__…--<__…-<

Lucian Grey

    (04/12/2017 at 14:51)
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Lucian's Plots

Camp Loki

Tir Na Nog | Rosalind Ashby
In which two feral kittens size each other up until someone gets their nose licked.

Can’t Be Tamed | Emaline Woods
In which someone gets wet and someone else loses a book. 

Do You Dare? [3rd week of Summer]
In which a group of upper year kids play Truth or Dare.

In the Deep Dark Wood | Circe Blackwood [3rd week of Summer]
In which friends talk, kiss, and someone sells their soul.

Insomnia | Guillaume

Underdog | Fish


Fans of The Sport | Briar Märchen
In which there is talk about teams, balls and scoring goals.

Sweet Chaos | Myra Harkiss
In which accidents happen and venom is spat.

Mission Adopt Pet | Emaline Woods
In which Lucian becomes an unwilling pet owner.
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Rosalind Ashby

    (04/12/2017 at 15:45)
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Rosalind's Plots:


It just looks so EASY! // Fish     
 Rosalind bites off a bit more than she can chew we she insists that flying isn't so hard. Luckily Fish is there to encourage her!


Blame It On The Stars // Mia Green       
Rosalind makes a marvelous first impression on Mia Green... with her knee... in Mia's stomach.


Tir Na Nog // Lucian Grey     
Rosalind finally finds someone with her standards, but does he know too much already?
Shadows keep secrets safe

Ryan Ward

    (04/14/2017 at 03:02)
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gimme  the  news
healer healer
i got a bad case of loving you