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Author Topic: Thread Trackers '50  (Read 753 times)

* Clinton Litchfield

    (03/25/2017 at 15:45)
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Thread Trackers
Summer '50

Having difficulty keeping track of all your threads? Track 'em here!

(Please don't post WIP posts. Any WIPs will be deleted.)
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coming to your house, knocking at your door
you're my first sip of wine. you cool me, cool me down
left your clothes next to the bed, some pretty pictures in my head
i hope you had a great summer, a great summer away

Jeremiah Smallweed

    (04/07/2017 at 09:43)
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-makes list of threads i owe instead of replying to said threads-

thread tracker

jeremiah joseph smallweed
the secret to henching... [b.d. & open!]
survive [thea smolweed]
ouch [k.b.]
wrapped up [helemiah]
snogging 102 [f.w. & c.s.]
creeper [jeremia]
coming soon... [r.s.]
coming soon... [mini-winsday]

calypso ilena galanis ross
worth the fight [jalypso marriage snaps]
the tale of the four animals [claeth]
new beginnings [site plot & open!]
pain is a master [lulypso & altair]
volcanic [arminia & open!]
re-connection [daddy #1]
mind eater [altair]
pompeii [v.k.t.]
the sound of silence [seamus & open!]
one call away [claymus]

Clinton Herbert Litchfield
cake by the ocean [sinfield snaps]
i found a love for me [invited]
holiday [b.m. & open!]
how to kill an afternoon [roomie snaps]
young & wild [invited]
rise & shine [QWC & open!]
all in a day's work [QWC & open!]
feels like we only go backwards [QWC & open!]

nyla adelaide ross
a special gift [g.c.b. & open!]
be our guest [mags & joy]

Ella Louise Galanis

Cyrus Helios Galanis
the pinnacle [lucyrus]
waitin' on the day [lucyrus]
help [c.p.g.]
when do we smash plates? [p.c.]

isla aveline haywood-lowe
the forgotten ones [russ & open!]
the house of the rising sun [casa]
raise your glass [deimos snaps]

silvius regis paladin
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Mia Green

    (04/07/2017 at 20:28)
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Mia Green Thread Tracker


Camp Events

The Friendship Carnival (Partnered with Adrian Alric)

Quidditch Game 2 Team Bee Chaser

The North Pole

Roo's Sandy Pit
Blue Sky-Open Aiden completed!

A Gloomy Place

Galleon's Lap
Blame It On the Stars-Open Rosalind

Eeyore's House

Heffalump Hollow
Escaping the M-Madness-Collin

The Hundred Acre Wood

Where the Woozle Wasn't
Things Have Changed-Emaline


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look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
to seize everything you ever wanted

o n e  m o m e n t
would you capture it or just let it slip?

* Zak Weiland

    (04/11/2017 at 16:17)
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Girls, girls...
--Maelstrom - What to do when you can't find your elephants, Marina: Finished.
--You're a little Much - Because Valencia.


--Breakfast - Disaster at your hands with Reggie & co.
--A Midsummer Night's Dream - Team Piglet event!
--Do You Dare? - Where everything gets out of hand.
--A very Fishy Birthday! - Zak turns fifteen!
--Pretty in Pink - Basically Team Eeyore vs Team Piglet.
--The Friendship Carnival - Team Eeyore event!

Girls, girls, girls...
--Snogging 101 - Exactly what the title says, only better, w/Felicia: Finished.
--Your Freedom is a Mercy - The Helen Kane: Finished.
--Goosebumps - A scaredycat named Andromeda.
--My Heart Burns There, Too - Basically just Lita being amazingly sweet.
--Interlude - Where Effy makes it obvious counselling is hard work.
--Radioactive - Comforting Marina for feeling bad she snogged her friend's ex.
--Cold Waters - Because not all days are good, and because they're always better with friends, Caitlin.
--Friends not Food - Refinding old friendships with Nina.
--Hunting for some Fish with Fish - Caitriona being more interested in books.
--Make you Feel - When Jocelyn West happened.
--It just looks so Easy! - Rosa being skeptical about the whole flying brooms thing.
--Into the Woods We Go! - Where Emaline climbs a tree wearing heels.
--Scared to Burn - Lita part II.
--Seize the Day - Where Circe and Fish squares up: Finished.
--In Your Eyes - Where Circe slaps, then snogs him.
--Nope - Broom surfing with Helen.
--Under the Bridge - The sweet, sweet Marina Lamont.
--Night Time Cigs - Smoking with Reggie and the girls.

--Snogging 102 - Where master at snoggage passes on his knowledge to his followers and apprentices, Jeremiah and Calvin.
--Give Up the Ghost - Julias, brother of your ex girlfriend and snogger of your snog.
--Master of my Sea - Bonding over snogs with Reggie.
--Underdog - Run-in with Lucian Grey!
--Caught Red-Handed - Gui getting lost after curfew.

--Duel 1 - Three Hufflepuff babies, and one Zak in a pink dress: Finished.

--Game 1 - Captaining is only fun: Finished.
--Game 2 - Gloves back on!
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  \___/      \_…----<_  - `-…  _…<_…-
  _-… \___…-           \_…-<__…--<__…-<

* Lucian Grey

    (04/12/2017 at 14:51)
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Lucian's Plots

Camp Loki

Tir Na Nog | Rosalind Ashby
In which two feral kittens size each other up until someone gets their nose licked.

Can’t Be Tamed | Emaline Woods
In which someone gets wet and someone else loses a book. 

Do You Dare? [3rd week of Summer]
In which a group of upper year kids play Truth or Dare.

In the Deep Dark Wood | Circe Blackwood [3rd week of Summer]
In which friends talk, kiss, and someone sells their soul.

Insomnia | Guillaume

Underdog | Fish


Fans of The Sport | Briar Märchen
In which there is talk about teams, balls and scoring goals.

Sweet Chaos | Myra Harkiss
In which accidents happen and venom is spat.

Mission Adopt Pet | Emaline Woods
In which Lucian becomes an unwilling pet owner.
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Rosalind Ashby

    (04/12/2017 at 15:45)
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Rosalind's Plots:


It just looks so EASY! // Fish     
 Rosalind bites off a bit more than she can chew we she insists that flying isn't so hard. Luckily Fish is there to encourage her!


Blame It On The Stars // Mia Green       
Rosalind makes a marvelous first impression on Mia Green... with her knee... in Mia's stomach.


Tir Na Nog // Lucian Grey     
Rosalind finally finds someone with her standards, but does he know too much already?
Shadows keep secrets safe

Ryan Ward

    (04/14/2017 at 03:02)
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(504): My autobiography will be 500 pages
of the words "I probably should've thought
this through" typed over and over.