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Plot Pages
PFrequently Asked Questions

What is a plot page?

A plot page is like the Spark Notes version of your character's biography. Located in Character Plot Creation & Management, plot pages allow you to tell other players the important things about your character.

Why would I want one?

Plot pages can be somewhat time-intensive to make, though they are highly customisable. The greatest asset to these pages is that you can establish relationships between your character and others without doing introductory threads (as these can grow repetitive at times). Plot pages are also useful when creating a new character that you'd like to establish a history with. For example, you might want to write a fifth year Ravenclaw who has been at Hogwarts since first year, rather than writing them as a transfer. With a plot page, you can establish prior relationships effectively.

How do I make one?

Plot pages contain two major components:
1. Information about your character
2. A form for other characters to complete

The first part is about your character, and should include information such as: your character's name; their house (or prospective house); their year (or prospective year); and their blood status. These 'basics' are often followed by a 'biography' or 'background' section, which shares information about their family life, childhood, career, etc. Some players also like to use some adjectives, phrases, lyrics, or quotes to describe their character. It's entirely up to you what you choose to do!

The second step is to create a form for other players to fill out about their characters. They will reply to your plot page with this form. Forms often include the 'basics' (name, house, year, blood status), but also other categories, such as: relationship to your character; how your characters met; history of their relationship; and future RP ideas.

While your plot page can be very simple without any complicated coding, many players like to customise their plot pages to match their characters' personalities. Feel free to try your hand at making a plot page for yourself -- you can find a coding cheat sheet and sample plot pages over at the Graphics Center, if you're new to coding. Some players dedicate their time to helping out others in need, so keep an eye on the Summer Graphics Center and the Elsewhere Graphics forum. Players will sometimes post plot page/coding 'shops', where you can request a plot page.

How do I get others to post in it?

Simple. Post in theirs. It's common courtesy to post in plot pages of the characters that have posted in yours, and sometimes the only reason that someone hasn't posted in yours is that they're out of ideas. Be creative with your character histories -- enemies can be just as fun as friends!

written by Esme Vartan; edited & updated by Calypso Ross [February 2016].