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All About Camp Loki


Following the odd disappearance of the old Summer Campus, which was previously located somewhere near Hogwarts School, during the 1974/1937 Timewarp Event, Camp Loki was established; a new camp, with a new layout and a new location.

Throughout the war, Camp Loki was kept open; its unlocatable status marked it as neutral ground and it was well out of the way of any action. In the aftermath of the war, the Hexenreich were still prevented from entering the camp, and it remained a sanctuary for the summer months, though it was not as well maintained as it had been in previous years. Now, however, Camp Loki seems to have recovered completely from the shock during and after the war.


Camp Loki is cloaked and unplottable; its location is not known, and it can only be accessed via Floo Channels running from the fireplaces in Hogwarts to a small building attached to Camp Loki's dining hall. This prevents visitors from entering - but don't fear! Students are permitted to go on day trips, provided that they sign in and out with their camp counsellor before leaving and after returning.

When a camper leaves the camp, it must be via Camp Loki's Floo Channels, which are located in a side-building attached to the dining hall. Campers may Floo directly home from Camp Loki, but must go via Hogwarts when returning. Campers returning to Camp Loki will be met by the groundskeeper, a professor, or a house elf at Hogwarts. From there, they may use the castle's fireplaces to Floo back to camp.

Camp Loki is open from 1st July until 25th August (IC). Campers must specify the duration they are planning to stay at Camp Loki upon arrival, and are not permitted to leave (day trips aside) before this, unless the camp director has received written permission from a parent or guardian.


In order to create a little more diversity on RP environments on the site, Camp Loki's theme changes every summer. From freezing winters to sweltering summers, Alice in Wonderland to Lord of the Rings, Camp Loki has seen a wide range of themes. It will probably be very obvious which theme the camp has adopted every summer, but if you really can't figure it out, feel free to ask!


Camp counsellors are students aged 14 years or more, who are specially selected by the headmistress and invited to join Camp Loki as a counsellor. They are given a week's extensive training by the camp director before being set loose, and are the main authority at Camp Loki. Each counsellor is assigned a group of students, and they are responsible for these students for the entire summer. They get their own individual cabins within their assigned camp area.
Counsellors have an out-of-character role as well as an in-character role. They are relied upon by the staff to 'patrol' their areas of the camp, and they're trusted with the task of helping new players get assimilated with the site and the rules.

The camp director is a (not-so-)responsible adult, aged 18 years or more. They have a small cabin of their own, located just past the dining hall. They oversee the entirety of Camp Loki, make sure things run smoothly, and ensure that counsellors complete all their duties.

The camp director has an out-of-character role as well as an in-character role. They are the Summer admin, and any queries about Camp Loki or Summer in general should be directed to them.

Activities & Teams

Camp Loki offers a variety of activities, including: the chance to volunteer at the Infirmary; Duelling; and Quidditch. There are also plenty of places where students can swim, hike, or simply go exploring.

Camp Loki has three 'teams' that campers are sorted into by the camp director. These are always related to the camp's theme. You'll receive a welcome letter from your counsellor with more details about your team, so look out for that!
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