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Clinton Litchfield

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Camp Loki Rules
to be followed at all times, no exceptions
  • Campers are not permitted to use magic at any time.*
  • Counsellors, regardless of age, are permitted to use magic.
  • Guests are not allowed to visit Camp Loki.
  • Campers are permitted to leave for emergencies or family matters.
  • Campers are permitted to leave Camp Loki for day trips, but must sign in and out with their counsellor or the camp director.
  • Campers must obey all counsellors and the camp director, regardless of which team they belong to.

* Campers who participate in summer duelling programmes are exempt from this rule for the duration of the duels only. If you wish to use magic in a thread that is not a set summer duel, please PM the summer admin (main account: Calypso Ross).
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