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Author Topic: Swim Away From Flying Rocks | Circe  (Read 246 times)

Elizabeth Arnett

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She had expected it to be silent.  The noises only she heard around the castle especially in the dark twisting secret passages to be gone.  Yet she took a deep breath and tried to calm herself as she heard the groans of what she assumed was yet another ghost haunting her.

She had to keep her cool.

Though it did come from the direction of the lake so she picked up a handful of rocks and started throwing them in the water with a quickly muttered grunt of “ Take that. “ as the first rock hit the water.  Then her smirk widened with every following rock that she sent arc’ing into the water. 

Then she saw a fish jump out of the water and said “ For Circe’s sake swim away from the flying rocks you dumb fish. “  The fact that she shouldn’t have been tossing into the water so carelessly didn’t manner.  She was sick of hearing ghostie groans, and it wasn’t as if she could shout that from the rooftops.  Or more presently accurate from the side of a lake.

Circe Blackwood

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Circe was so early to camp, hardly anybody else was there. She couldn't spend any more time with that crazy bat of an aunt though. She was walking by the lake when she stepped off a rock and twisted her ankle. Groans escaped her mouth as she tried to put pressure on it. She was very clumsy.

That's when she felt the sudden assault of rocks and heard the voice of some girl.

“ For Circe’s sake swim away from the flying rocks you dumb fish. “

"Who are you calling a dumb fish?" Circe said as she limped out of the rocks to face the mystery girl as she picked up a pebble and threw it back at the girl. "See. How do you like that?" She said as she crossed her arms with a look of agitation on her face.

Elizabeth Arnett

    (08/01/2016 at 01:26)
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"Who are you calling a dumb fish?”

Quickly she responded “ A stupid.   Tail flopping.  Scaley monster of a flying fish. “ not even registering the girl was in the same direction as where she was tossing rocks.  Then it hit her.  Or the pebble that flew in her direction and connected with her side made her connect that there was more out here than fish and there  mermish supporters.  Did the mermish speak English?

Her eyes widened as she blinked looking at the girl and realizing it wasn’t some creature of the deep.  Had she somehow mistaken the girl for a fish?  Even with the fact that if the groan had come from the girl perhaps her summer had a chance of being saved.  As she needed a break from the haunting that was Hogwarts.  Yet, this could be a new nightmare.

"See. How do you like that?"

She said “ I prefer snowballs. “ 

How can one apologize for something like this?  Could she get away with not?