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Welcome to Camp Loki!

Once you have arrived at camp, you will be sorted onto a team. Please reply using the code at the bottom of this post, and sign up for each character individually. Campers must be at least 10 years of age and no older than 18 years of age on 1 July 1947 to be eligible to attend Camp Loki.

Cowardly Lions
Eira Medraut | Caleb Hollins | Mavis Lerner

Northeast Wing (10-14)
Zak Weiland
Tobias Mandrake
Orpheus King
Clarence Letterman
Deimos Straka
Northwest Wing (10-14)
Sonja Lundgren
Francisca Mallow
Ruby Lazuli
Isabella O'Conner
Tamzyn Grey
Alfrida Darwin
Tryphosa Sage
Leona Hesse
Kimberly Cole
Southeast Wing (15-18)
Jaquel Devaux
Luca Accardo
Henry Beachem
Southwest Wing (15-18)
Gardenia Reine
Wren Coulter
Krystine Scarlethart
Zoella Mertz

Clinton Litchfield | Charlotte Sinclair | Zailey Pavlova

First Floor East (10-14)
Eli Egneus
Adrian Alric
Elijah Lockwood
Tiberius Paladin
John Mandrake
Second Floor East (10-14)
Caitlin McLeod
Valencia Alvear
Anastasia Belyakov
Ava Adair
Euphemia Vane
Rayla Foss
Elise Reinharte
Circe Blackwood
First Floor West (15-18)
Ignatius Mallory
Edmund Wolffe
Marius Paladin
Second Floor West (15-18)
Ronnie Beckham
Bianca Carstairs
Irma Scrivner
Mirella Appleton

Marlena Flair | Elias Irigoyen | Ivory Summers

Northern Cottage (10-14)
Kenneth Holmes
Mikhail Vasilijev
Icarus Argabright
Acheron T. Belowes
Finny Summers
Desmond Wright
Western Cottage (10-14)
Lamia Cadwallader
Elizabeth Arnett
Chloe Rose
Sparrow Robinson
Nina McCormick
Eleanor Castillo
Southern Cottage (15-18)
Thomas Ellwood-Luxe
Peter Shah
Lucas Clarington-Dupont
Darius Palomer
Eastern Cottage (15-18)
Joy Detora
Rin Hunter
Ianthe Lloyd
Ariel Rivera
Margaret Harkiss

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b]

[b]Please list any other alts you will have at Camp Loki:[/b]
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Character Name: Amber Liu

Please list any other alts you will have at Camp Loki: