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Seamus OBrien

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On the surface, everything seemed rosy these days. There was no talk of fear, or war, or dark wizards. The latest gossip was of a new school in America that seemed to work with technology. European schools, however, held tightly to tradition, The greatest technological advances at Hogwarts were the allowing of fountain pens instead of quills, and spiral bound parchment books with perforated pages.

There were other changes happening at Hogwarts as well. the previous Headmaster had stepped down at the Closing Feast, naming the Potions Master (rather than the Deputy Headmaster) as his successor. such an upset in the chain of command prompted the Deputy Headmaster, a Professor Seether, to tender his resignation. With a new Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster in place, the school was set to continue on. At least, until ancient evils that only seemed remembered by legend began to awake in the castle.

It didn't take the new Headmaster long to figure out that the wards that normally protected the school were breaking. Over the Summer months, Professor Watson had worked tirelessly to research the wards that protected the Castle, and to renew them as he was able. It was the last ward that had fallen, and the only one that had yet to be renewed, that loosed the basilisk once held in the depths of the castle.

There was something else, though. Whispers and undercurrents of a group that is trying to gather power. Lead by a hidden benefactor, they feed on the underbelly of the wizarding community.

Who are they, and what is their aim?

One thing was certain. Nothing was impossible within these Enchanted Halls....
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