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Hello there!

There's a little over a week left before the new school term starts and we all transition from the Summer board to the Hogwarts board. The guide below is mostly for new members, as something to familiarize yourself with how the first few days at the castle will work.

Finding Your House

On the night of the castle opening (1 January 2016) there will be a thread posted in the News forum which is the first forum on the Hogwarts board. This thread will contain the placement of all the new applicants. Older students who would be just transferring in this year would most likely have taken an admissions test and been sorted privately with the results being kept secret until the start of the school year.

With the opening of the castle, you will be able to post anywhere, though one of your first stops should be the Opening Feast and checking in at your House OOC once you know where you've been sorted. Your House OOC is the place to find out all the happenings going on with your house!


After finding out which house you belong to, you'll want to check that your levels are correct. Your levels are the letters and numbers beneath your avatar when you post; also known as your "subbie". You can check these one of two ways. One, simply post! Look back at your post afterward and see if the levels are correct. Another way is to click on your profile and check them out there.

The letters stand for the area of magic they represent. C is for Charms, D is for Divination, T is for Transfiguration and S is for Conjuring and Summoning. These are also considered the "core" classes at Hogwarts.

Your magical strength will be one above the year you were sorted into, while your magical weakness will be one below. The other two should be equal to your year. Check that your strength and weakness are what you asked for on your application.

For example: Regina Ravenclaw is a sixth year. Her magical strength is Conjuring and Summoning and her weakness is Charms. This means her levels should be:


If you have any problems with your levels, inform your Head of House and they will sort it out as soon as possible.

Speaking of Heads of House:


Headmistress: Anneka Ivanova
Head of Gryffindor: Aubrey Kedding
Head of Ravenclaw: William Lancaster
Head of Slytherin: David Leighton
Head of Hufflepuff: Calla Douglass

That brings us to:


Class sign-ups are generally held within the first ten days of term. Some professors may chose to start their first lesson before those ten days are up but most leave sign-ups open for at least ten days. You are allowed to take up to four classes, two of which may be core classes (Charms, Divination, Transfiguration and Conjuring and Summoning). This means you can take one core and three electives, two cores and two electives or four electives and no cores. You also do not have to take four classes or any classes at all, for that matter. Taking classes is how you earn levels as a student, but we only encourage you to take what you can handle. There's usually three lessons per class during the three-month term, averaging to one lesson per month for each class. If you have any questions contact your mentor, Head of House or the professor who teaches the class you have a question about!

Classes this term are:

Charms: Located in Gryffindor Tower
Divination: Located in Other Towers
Transfiguration: Located in South Tower
Conjuring and Summoning: Located in South Tower
Muggle Studies: Located in East Bailey
Sonomancy: Located in East Bailey
Magical Literature: Located near the Library
Astronomy: Located in Other Towers
Magical Home EC: Located in Kitchens Corridor
Potions: Located in the Dungeons
Care of Magical Creatures: Located in The Menagerie

The core classes are worth one whole level each if you pass while electives (those not in bold) are worth one half level each if you pass.


Extracurriculars this term are:

Duelling: Enter your student into the tournament for a chance to battle both friends and enemies!

Quidditch: Want to bring glory to your house and yourself? Join the Quidditch team and help your house beat the other houses to win the Quidditch Cup!

Spellbound: A student-run newspaper. Reporters have the opportunity to write about many different aspects of castle life. Some older students are appointed to edit the reporter's articles.

Hospital Wing: Students have the opportunity to help out their fellow students and take care of them while they are sick. There are several different areas to work in the hospital wing, offering something for almost everyone!

Each extracurricular is worth one half level if passed.

House Points

IC Points:

The best way to earn IC points is to participate in classes. Perhaps your character likes to brag about how often professors reward them with house points. These points, however, do not count toward winning the House Cup. This is simply because we want creative characters, not just characters who strive to be the best in classes to earn the maximum amount of points. We love know-it-alls, but we love slackers just the same.

Out-of-character Points:

These points are awarded based on participation and quality of posts. Passing classes, extracurriculars and being chosen as Prefect Picks all help in earning these points. At the end of the term these points are tallied and used to determine which house wins the House Cup! This is our way of encouraging members to be active and write better quality posts and characters!

Thank You!

There's still plenty of time to play on the summer board so hang out and keep enjoying it! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask your mentor or a member of the staff. Thank you all for a wonderful summer term and enjoy the upcoming term at Hogwarts!
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