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Eira Rhycw Medraut

    (08/18/2015 at 02:47)
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20th August 1945
Clear night sky

It had taken all day to prepare but by the end the trio had finally finished, with just enough time to return to their cabins to prepare for the evenings festivities. She had felt guilty that she was unable to help - the only thing Eira could really offer was the clear picture in her head of how the party looked.

The heat from the campfire pierced the air it surrounded, transforming it into a haven of warmth and comfort. The dry and withered logs they had collected had gone up immediately when Irma lit it, the flames leapt high and it's crackling could be heard from several hundred yards away with it's whispering hisses, sizzling pops, and a thick, intoxicating smell of Musky Pine Needles. The party needed a campfire, perhaps some singing and storytelling but Eira was elated by the turn out as she greeted fellow campers as and when she came across them.

Though the theme for the evening was keeping in tune with the summer camp theme of Alice in Wonderland, the counsellor remained adamant that it was a cause of celebration and so donned her centaur outfit which dragged behind her. Asia and Flyidd had also been dressed as tweedle dum and tweedle dee, much to Flyidd's dismay as apparently fancy dress was his own personal slice of hell.

"Good evening!" she called out cheerfully upon instruction as another camper ventured out of the forest and into the clearing as the Hufflepuff continued to do the rounds amidst the laughter and chitter chatter. The full moon shone brightly in the sky, accompanied by the stars and probably more constellations than Eira would care to think about.

Eira paused mid step, close the cauldrons "Thank you, you two" she said softly, offering her hands to the fairies in complete appreciation and gratitude to what the pair has done for her, including this very evening. Flyidd has successfully prevented her from greeting a tree and Asia had managed to pilot her away from the fire successfully numerous times!

She wondered how Ra'asiel was getting along, a wry smile slid it's way across her lips "Now let's go have some fun!".


Welcome one and all to the second camp wide event!!! The full moon party is a wonderland themed costume party in a clearing deep within the Tulgey woods - the path to the party has been laid out by a series of floating candles that should lead campers directly there from their respective camps! However, some mischievous devils have decided to steal the candles just before the clearing - I'm sure you'll be fine with just the light of the bonfire...

The party has been separated into areas as followed:

The Bonfire - Surrounded by long logs. the huge fire roars right in centre of the party that keeps all party goers warm, perfect for marshmallows too!

The Cauldrons - Party games central equipped with en suite buffet, filled with all your favourite foods, drinks and snacks

The Clearing - Set slightly further away from the party, it's a great place to watch the stars, argue with your loved ones or get up to no good

If you could be so kind and label where you are at the party at the top of your posts, it'll be easier for people to find you :D

Any questions, let me know! Have fun everyone!
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Raasiel Albear

    (08/21/2015 at 04:16)
The Paths

Ra'asiel grinned to himself, the first time he'd smiled while on his own for nearly three months. It was rare that he found fun in pranks - most usually not seeing what was so appealing about them in the first place - but tonight was different. He was different.

He'd invited others to help him; those who could dress in scarier costumes and help him set up more pranks throughout the paths. Caius, for one. He'd invited Casper to assist, but the Gryffindor was so kindhearted that he didn't know if he was in the trees now or not. He'd extended an invitation to Felix, but he didn't know if the Hufflepuff had gotten his note or not...

Either way, he thought this was a good start.

He'd booby-trapped the paths with some harmless tricks and traps - things to get people in the mood for the party, but also to spook them. He was quite proud of them, really; some might trigger jump-scare illusions of the Jabberwock, while others generated pockets of cold air and the faintest sounds of haunting voices. There were more, but those were the most common.

The plus side to being a counselor was being allowed his wand all summer; being without it, or rather without permission to use it, was not something that he wished to experience.

He lay in wait, haunting the paths between the areas Eira had so incredibly set up with the aid of her fairies - who knew he would meet fairies in his lifetime? He just wished the circumstances had been different - and waiting for visitors to pass by. The simplest tricks were those that required the presence of himself and those who decided to help him; grabbing ankles from amid the darkness, making little whispers, jumping out in costumes...

It was all such a wonderful distraction.

Oliver Razi

    (08/22/2015 at 18:48)
The Paths

He loved costumes, and Halloween was his favorite holiday.  He had thought of transfiguring himself as a girl - naturally a different one than he practiced his disguises with but didn’t.  Somehow it didn’t feel right to transfigure himself into a girl for a costume party.  It somehow lessened it.  That was a disguise, and a costume was less refined.

However, he did use transfiguration in his costume.  He decided to make himself look as close to a merperson as he could.  He took off his shirt and transfigured his skin a slightly bluish green color.  Then his hair came next which he he transfigured a straw yellow color at the ends and green towards the roots.  The hardest part was the teeth which he transfigured his to be shorter which was hard as he was speaking the spells as he was casting them.  With made him not even consider making himself have more teeth like the merperson in there book.  As for the bottoms he wore a pair of tight pants that he transfigured to match the color he made his skin.

Walking forward he held his trident that he conjured from a stick and looked around the path.  Naturally he knew Eira was helping with the event that made his attendance compulsory, but still it sounded like it would be a lot of fun.  Though even with that he probably would have shown up anyways as he was hoping for new ideas for haunting the dungeons and the little party he through in the pool area every Halloween.

Magnus Nord

    (08/23/2015 at 05:45)
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The Cauldrons

Magnus surveyed the veritable smorgasbord of goodies, snackstuffs, drinks, and munchables at the buffet table. This was his favourite part of any party - the food.

He would often sneak out and watch the muggles at university parties in his hometown of Cambridge. He took a moment and puffed himself up, trying to seem older and cooler. He contorted his face into one of indifference.

His costume was more or less just a funny hat. What he lacked in creativity in design, he made up for in personality at parties.

He surveyed the crowd, scoping for girls, games and goblets to drink. He studied them. He buzzed off the excitement of the crowd, drinking in their laughter and camaraderie.

"I need to get know some people", he thought, "I should say hi to someone... nah, maybe someone will say hi to me..."

He considered his options.

Mavis Lerner

    (08/27/2015 at 21:14)
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Above the Paths

Mavis was either misinformed or she was more distracted then she would have liked to believe. She hadn't realized that there was some party in the woods tonight. She hadn't realized that there would be people wandering through her woods the woods. And she was more angry about it then she should have been.

At night the Tulgey Woods were her paradise. She had fallen asleep in the boughs of a tree more then she had slept in her bed at the cabin. She sat at the top of a tree watching the sunrise. Some nights she even brought a book and she would read by the light of her wand. She rarely saw another student. When she did, she was almost always above them. At night, the woods were her territory. But now it was  being invaded and there wasn't much she could do about it.

She had been planing on avoiding them all by sticking to the trees, making her way to the heart of the forest where the campers never went. But her plans were changed when an older boy had started to set up pranks below her. She sat on a low branch watching him. She remembered him vaguely from the invasion. A Prefect. Telling everyone to remain calm. She wondered if he was as scarred as her. She wondered if he too couldn't sleep at night. She watched him set up pranks, wondering and watching.

"The younger kids are scared of the woods anyway. You probably don't need those."

Her voice was flat and bored. At least she hoped. She hoped that she had done a decent job at masking the anger she felt. She was probably over reacting. If someone invaded the woods at her home, then she could be mad. A wave of homesickness came over her. Her woods... she hadn't been there since Christmas and they had been cold and lifeless. It was a sad thing to see. Now in the summer they would be bursting with life and color, and she wasn't there to see it. It was the price she paid for avoiding another three months with that.... thing. Mavis refused to acknowledge her as a person.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm down. She was only making herself feel worse.
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Oliver Razi

    (08/28/2015 at 03:28)
The Paths

He almost felt like it was a bit to quiet as he made his way down the trail.  Like there should have been something.  Which meant that he clearly should have suggested it.  It was a pity he was to busy brewing that potion in the infirmary to try to help Eira to truly connect the awesomeness he could have added to this event.

At least he was certain he’d have one of the best costumes.

Then he stopped walking thinking he had heard something. A rustling in the trees perhaps some words in the wind.  He wasn’t sure, but he was looking around rather carefully as the last year taught him to look around.

One never knew when trouble could appear.

Reaching for his wand, which really didn’t go for the merperson look he held in the opposite hand of his trident and said “ Anyone there. “  Though as soon as he said the words he regretted it and hoped the woods would not echo a response.  After all, his words were not the ones a brave person would have and probably made him appear weak.

Raasiel Albear

    (08/31/2015 at 17:15)
"The younger kids are scared of the woods anyway. You probably don't need those."

Ra'asiel looked up with surprise as he heard the voice above him, startled for just a moment before he spotted a student. She looked familiar, but it took him a moment in the dark to recognize her. Mavis, one of his White Rabbits this summer.

He smiled at her and offered a small shrug of slender shoulders.

"It's more fun to be afraid of pretend things than the real ones," he said simply. It was a distraction, through and through. A chance to forget the horrors of term and replace them with pretend horrors that might delight and amuse.

He heard footsteps and dropped into position in the bushes as he listened. One set of footsteps, moving at varying paces; spooked already?

“ Anyone there. “


His lips twisted into a smile. Oh, this would be fun. Payback for that time in the Hospital Wing.

As soon as the boy was within reach, a pale hand shot out to grab at his ankle just as he gave a sudden shout, the counselor biting back his laughter.

Oliver Razi

    (09/01/2015 at 01:21)
He felt something on his ankle and then heard a shout.  The combination made him jolt, but he willed himself to be still.  Yet, he looked down and tripped as he pulled out his wand pointing it where he thought he felt the thing from.

Noises were something that showed fear more obviously than he desired.  Was Ra’asiel afraid with his shout?  It was something he was working on holding back as he had the feeling it would be a tool he’d need later either way.  After all, it would be useful in being a criminal and if Hogwarts got attached again.

Then as he hit the ground with a roll he saw clearly that it was just Ra’asiel and his friend appeared alone.  Or at least he wasn’t continuing to shout.  He kicked with his other leg towards Ra’asiel’s hand and said “ What are you a snake? “


Who reaches for an ankle?  It was more spooky when they can’t realize it is a hand.  Still he’d have to enlist Ra’asiel when he worked on his dungeon haunting of Halloween.