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* The Narrator

    (04/30/2015 at 00:51)
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The HSNet

Day 30.
Day 30.

Last but not least- The thing you are most excited for in the 1944-45 term!

30-Day Challenge

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Chartreuse Greene

    (04/30/2015 at 01:08)
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Challenge Accepted

Teaching Divination! I am super excited to join the other awesome professors who have helped me fall in love with this site.

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Gregory Noble

    (04/30/2015 at 01:09)
Challenge Accepted

Teaching again! I'm very excited to have Robert back in the castle. I'm also VERY excited to be starting the term with Gregory, my new baby. Can't wait! <3

Juniper E-L Steele

    (04/30/2015 at 01:14)
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Challenge Accepted

Excited to play my new baby...and do the thing. -shifty-

Tiberius Owain Paladin

    (04/30/2015 at 01:18)
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Challenge Accepted

I can't wait to teach Astronomy! This is my first time with a professor, so I hope you guys have fun! Tsubasa's pretty cool. Can't wait to ruin her life

Also I finally get to play baby Tibs and make my family proud! WATCH ME SENPAI

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Emily Dawson

    (04/30/2015 at 01:37)
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Challenge Accepted

Teaching potions again!  And Aea's 7th year.  I may not play her much but I have to have her go through her 7th year!  It's been about 2 years coming so I'm not wasting year seven. 

Raasiel Albear

    (04/30/2015 at 01:48)
Challenge Accepted

Launching a new ship! <3 And laying the groundwork for a distant future one~ *winkwonks* There's been so much plotting.... Delicious, delicious plotting. >///w///<

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* Irma Wolffe

    (04/30/2015 at 02:37)
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Challenge Accepted

This year, Irma is 13.  It's time to rebel against her parents, authority, and explore what it really means to be a witch.

Also, Quidditch.



* Wilhelmina Mason

    (04/30/2015 at 03:10)
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Challenge Accepted

More stuff with Mina. My little lioness is growing up! (And still crushing on Toe, as she does.) Also, THINGS.

Chantal Marie Renard

    (04/30/2015 at 03:11)
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Challenge Accepted

Introducing Imogen to the world of Hogwarts, professors and students. Having a Russian chat with someone important. And hopefully working on some exciting plots. :)

Not to mention preparing to pass the relay ... You will see what I mean.

"To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name." - Arthur Conan Doyle (A Scandal In Bohemia)

* Eugene Bryce

    (04/30/2015 at 06:19)
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Challenge Accepted

More Jacksene angst. Claygene ridiculousness. Dueling. SPELLBOUND!! JOIN SPELLBOUND!! >.> Also it's Toe's last year, gotta make it good.

Mia Lorelei Kedding

    (04/30/2015 at 06:38)
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Challenge Accepted

not necessarily all-inclusive (there are so many things and i'm excitable), but here are a few:

  • stalkin' everyone's threads. buggin' everyone for threads.
  • seeing how our D-Day turns out
  • keeping an eye on Ossir's syndicate :D and possibly joining it plz if i make that char finally
  • doing the last MOD things </3
  • playing cissy as a healer! it'll be such a freakin' clueless glitterbomb.
  • ^^^ and bugging cedric galyn about vinifica issues and How To Be A Healer whenever he comes back and is healthy enough to mentor her (:
  • auror letters with clayries, lucy v 2.0 new n improved
  • this pureblood girl thread i think i've managed to brainwash people (panda, kelsey, etc) into agreeing to?
  • developing mia's special ability and having her deal with the shame of repeating a year—just developing mia in general ('bout time)
  • the development of anastamia's.........skinship friendship.
  • all drama created by mia's fake girlfriend status HOLLA
  • and mia's growing I HAVE ACTUALLY HAVE PEOPLE TO THREAD WITH Syndrome and bugging people like gregory noble and eep'ing at people like lars jeffries and chatting up people like thaddeus and caius etc etc
  • astaries @auror office mentor/mentee things ft.... Fall Out Boy. things. ngl, britt, i really need this. i will shamelessly squeal 'bout it a lot.
  • also, cedries woes of various kinds. WINK WONK
  • all the Ministry stuff (including meeting/threading up all the babies i haven't yet shhhh). and pryce's reign.
  • seeing my new paladin babies at castle (tibby, cerry) <3
  • also tsubasa prof'ing (and tsuries)
  • all the awesome new profs, at that
  • meeting all the new kids (ones new to the site as well as new alts at castle and in elsewhere)
  • generally? just threading with, all the amazing people I've yet to thread with, or haven't threaded a lot with, or just started to plot with, or haven't threaded with in a while, eeeee.

yeah, this girl is excited.

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Caius Thorne

    (04/30/2015 at 06:42)
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Challenge Accepted

Hell unfolding itself to devour me whole = plots + classes + character development thangz + new people! /:

my baby shot me down

* Waldo Woodrow Angerville

    (04/30/2015 at 08:01)
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Challenge Accepted

I never plot ahead of me. Most of the times, I just randomly throw one of my characters into a situation they are not really comfortable with and then just see what happens next. It mainly results in angsty characters that want to crawl into a corner, bawl their eyes out, whither and get to the verge of actually collapsing but I will always make sure that they stay alive for future torment's sake.

Yet there are still a couple of things that I am excited for:
  • Politics' development for Loxias Ricardus Junior's sake
  • How D-Day will have its impact on the magical world
  • How Fides and Julian try to get along with one another and fail horribly whilst they are at it
  • If Pandazar finally manages to get to the present-day of threading instead of lurking around in 1943 still, or whatever year they are in
  • The new professors around the castle
  • Finally having a groundskeeper that is active and the very best
  • Trying to give little Waldo a confidence boost
  • Trying not to drown in the research I am about to conduct
  • Seeing all the new interactions between new characters


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Frances Severin

    (04/30/2015 at 08:55)
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Challenge Accepted

What Juni said, basically.

let the only sound

Joy Detora

    (04/30/2015 at 10:12)
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Challenge Accepted

I'm going to have to make a list.

  • Tbh, surviving Castle without Willa.
  • Checking out all the new classes!
  • No spoilers, but JOYDO STUFF
  • Also, D-Day.
  • Joy's feelings on blood badges now that they're gone.
  • Joy's father coming back from war.
  • Margaret's family things now that war is over.

Loyalty, Labor, Love

* Rowan Stann

    (04/30/2015 at 13:22)
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Challenge Accepted

Seeing what happens to Rowan in his final year. I'm curious as to whether or not he'll get all the snogs, being single again, or maybe he'll do some massive 7th year prank that gets him in major trouble with the Neka. The possibilities are endless!

hard at work

Edmund Wolffe

    (04/30/2015 at 15:55)
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Challenge Accepted

Edmund is a teenager now, and with that comes a whole slew of new embarrassments, experiences, growth, and quirks. It'll be fun as he continues the awkward transition from kid to teen. 

Rin Hunter

    (04/30/2015 at 16:50)
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Challenge Accepted

Rin having teenage drama. Also all the new stuff with Jun and wrecking him JUST THINKING ABOUT IT IS STARTING THE FEELS ALL OVER AGAIN [LOUD SOBBING].

i feel numb most of the time

Aethelstan G. Lowsley

    (04/30/2015 at 19:49)
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Challenge Accepted

Nothing this term is going to be so bad.


Aeth's final term, Zina being old enough to maybe have a brain, Vincent landing in Normandy and fighting through Germany. The war ending. Aeth having a friend (?).

It'll be a fun three months!
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