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Author Topic: Case Study 2 - - Accidentally On Purpose  (Read 389 times)

* Anastasia Borovsky

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an hour before opening -

It was entirely her fault, well, mostly.

But that didn't mean to say that Anastasia felt guilty at all. If anything, she was rather amused by the situation, as it meant that her and Frances' prank had been somewhat successful like they had hoped.

(Of course, it could have ended up a lot worse, but luckily -- or unfortunately -- the campers had only fallen for two of their many adjustments to the potions cabinet.)

Sitting on a desk with her legs dangling over the edge, she studied each of their volunteers before glancing to Felix and Aethelstan. She was yet to be suspected, but Frances was one of the many campers that lent a helping hand and so her fate lied with her instead of her God which was a statement that'd never grace her lips.

"This is your own fault." She said bluntly, "So suffer."

Originally the campers had been split into four groups to make it easier, each assigned to a different wing and whilst half of them were completely fine, the other half were showing very obvious and rather risky symptoms. The Swords had grown in size and some were still growing, swelling further by the second and The Wands wouldn't stop spewing truths about both themselves and those around them.

Anastasia suddenly found herself thankful she didn't often care for platonic intimacy.

Looking to the unaffected half, she sighed heavily before giving them their task for the day, "You have one hour. Fix them or suffer with them with twice the workload."

and sorry for the delay :c

Cups - Cure the Wands!
Pentacles - Cute the Swords!

2 Actions per Round; 24 Hour Rounds
You can interact, or attempt to interact, with anything in the Infirmary. But for the Case Study's sake, these places specifically will aid you...
Antidote Table: On this table are several antidotes, however a good few of them have 'drink me' labels stuck over the original ones.
Supples Table: Helpful supplies - or hindrances, if you're not paying attention.
The Swords: Suddenly these campers are rather chubby, as if they've swelled up! Lets hope they don't get too big. It'd be an awful shame if they suffocated.
The Wands: These campers are acting rather odd. They just won't stop telling the truth! Quick -- cure them before they reveal all your dirty secrets!

Please remember to keep your actions open-ended; your Counselors will determine whether they were successful or not! And also supply a helping hand if need be.
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Marlena Flair

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Marlena wasn't all too certain what was going on. Anastasia was blaming some of the students for something they had done, but she had no clue what that something was. All she knew was some kids were growing bigger and bigger right in front of her. Other kids kept sharing things about themselves or other people. Some seemed like secrets but there were also just mundane truths thrown in the mix.

"I'm glad I don't have to deal with the future giants," said the littlest camper. "I just have to deal with these nonsensical fools." She forced herself to chuckle. If she was honest with herself, accidents like this scared her. It could happen to anyone, it seemed. One minute, you're reaching for your cup. Next thing you know, you've drank a cup of hair growth potion. She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

Marlena ran over to the Antidote Table and grabbed a vial labeled drink me. Looking back, she saw the group of Wands. Joy and Camilla were Halfbloods, clearly from their badges. She didn't mind if they suffered. Joy didn't know anything about Marlena, or so she thought. Choosing a Pureblood, she waddled over to Vladimir and told him to drink it.

"They wouldn't just put any ole potion over there. It's the Antidote Table. This has got to be it!" Her voice was uncertain but she was trying to look as confident as a turtle in the sun. She could almost sense how proud everyone would be of her if she was able to cure him right away. She grinned like an old rabbit, beaming with hope.
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Barley Robinson

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As much as Barley Robinson enjoyed helping others, he absolutely hated being at the mercy of other people's kindness. For somebody who was so laid back it was remarkable how quickly he could turn grumpy after losing control. He was scowling menacingly where he sat on one of the chairs, his eyes turning into something resembling grey beads as his cheeks swelled. He wanted to clench a fist to try and deal with the building rage, but unfortunately his sausage-like fingers hampered flexibility somewhat. All of this was terribly frustrating.

He listened as Anastasia berated them, then scowled even more when she set the unaffected half of the students to work. It was with a pang of dismay that he realised that half of the helpers had been instructed to cure the students who were simply telling the truth. Shouldn't everyone deal with the emergency of the rapidly inflating figures instead? Surely one or two people could actually do with telling the truth for a little while. It would make for a nice change.

"So we're just supposed to sit here, then?" he asked, making sure to check his tone as he spoke to Anastasia. He might feel like strangling her right this second, but she was still a Borovsky. Barking at her might cost him later on. He glanced around helplessly, almost willing the Pentacles to get a move on and cure him. They were moving much too slowly and he could feel his shoulders straining against his shirt. This would not end well.

"Can't we at least help them?" he suggested pleadingly, hoping somebody would take pity. There was a loud popping noise and one of his buttons dropped to the floor.

Barley despaired in silence.

Cecily Noble

    (04/25/2015 at 23:17)
Suffer was a strong word.

"You have one hour. Fix them or suffer with them with twice the workload."

Miss Anastasia could've said it more delicately—ah, no, that wouldn't work. Blunt fit the Russian much more than delicate; how silly of Cecily was to even think of Anastasia being someone like herself.

The girl stared helplessly at the swelling campers with a look of pity; they were all getting chubby at an alarming rate (not fashionable at all, was it?), and one of the boys affected already had a button popped off. She couldn't wait to cure them for the sake of their appearances. Wondering how the epidemic had happened, her hand brushed over one of the antidotes while hoping that one of them had some sort of shrinking effects. Perhaps some of them were Shrinking Solutions, but Cecily wasn't sure if that'd help them or would turn the patients into small, pudgy children.

(Was she expected to keep remembrance of the potions she'd learned about at Durmstrang?)

As she inspected one of the potions she picked up, her brown eyes darted to Marlena who had just went up and got a random vial, then instructing one of the patients to drink it. "Be careful!"

"It's not professional to just rely on chance, Flair. One mistake and everything could go wrong."

The only thing that bothered Cecily about the tiny girl was that she seemed to avoid the ones of "lesser blood", but if Marlena was lucky to have chosen the right potion then the teenager would've been very surprised.

Ava Adair

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To say Ava was mad was an understatement. A more accurate word would be fuming and debating wether or not smacking someone with a rather large, hard cover book would get her in trouble, and wether or not she really cared.

"This is your own fault. So suffer."

She gave the counselor a glare. How was it their fault they drank some unknown potion. Honestly, if the damn potions hadn't been so mixed up, this whole affair could probably have been avoided.
She was never drinking something someone gave her ever again.

She looked over at Barley as she heard a pop. At least she wasn't rapidly growing in size, she thought.
She looked back over at the other half of the student that were suppost to be curing them. One girl was just standing there, and the smallest girl, Marlena, she remembered, that was her name, had picked up a potion and...walked right past her.

Truthfully, Ava had gotten almost used to the purebloods ignoring and or belittling her for her blood status, but that didn't mean it didn't make her blood boil.

"Right then, don't mind me, I'll just sit her and keep spouting truth for the rest of my probably very short life. You guys just keep being useless."she said, rather loudly, then slapped a hand on her mouth as she realized she had voiced her thought out loud.
She bit her lip and sank onto a bed, hoping none of the others were too mad at her now to try and help her.

She was tempted to just try and cure herself.
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Frances Severin

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Blame was a rather dramatic concept. It implied that there would always be someone responsible for an unwanted situation, and more often than not, that this person was directly responsible to clean up the mess.

Frances, of course, felt differently.

"This is your own fault."

Anastasia didn't. It made Frances lick the smile around her lips, trying to deflate it, because she knew the truth, of course. A hot summer night, a pair of friends with nothing better to do; it wasn't a prank, it was a social experiment, and more people than not had fallen for the inescapable need to know.

Do no push this button was an invitation the same as Drink me, and in some ways, Anastasia was right, she knew; they should have avoided the temptation themselves, drunk altar wine instead of unknown potions - Frances and Anastasia had only provided opportunity to sin, God had punished them himself.

They were not delinquents, they were the misunderstood prophets of their time, she realised, eyes glowing.

However, she could not let suspicion fall on her or Anastasia. Great work always went misunderstood in its own time, and Frances looked at Barley, suspecting he wouldn't forgive her immediately if he knew.

She was aware of course, what they had drunk. Remembering each and every single vial they'd stuck the Drink Me labels to with magical adhesive, it didn't take long to figure out exactly what had been taken (-Anastasia would have gone for anything, but Frances knew you needed order and potions that did not kill people, if you were going for a successful prank and a life outside of Azkaban-).

Frances would comment: helpful to those on the wrong track, diverting to those on the right.

Walking around, she saw Marlena picking antidotes at random, trying to figure out what they were, no doubt, and Frances shook her head at the lack of method.

"Marlena, you should try to figure out what they're suffering first." Someone else was commenting too. Frances let her eyes scan her briefly - there was an air to her that Frances felt she best avoid, so she did.

None of the other campers had begun trying to cure the ill-fated, so Frances looked them over, saying, "Maybe they're not really suffering from the potions - maybe it's a spell. Are you guys sure you all drank from the same vials? It seems rather unlikely, don't you think?"
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