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Author Topic: Day Twenty-Three!  (Read 1433 times)

* The Narrator

    (04/23/2015 at 00:46)
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The HSNet

Day 23.
Day 23.

What is your favorite extra-curricular activity at the Castle?

30-Day Challenge

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Tiberius Owain Paladin

    (04/23/2015 at 00:50)
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Challenge Accepted


I joined this site for quid. (Originally! Now I love lots of other things/people too~) I didn't even want to join, I was just humoring Leah by listening to her try to sell it to me in class, but then she said Quid, and then I looked at Quid, and then I became Quid.

True story.

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Raasiel Albear

    (04/23/2015 at 01:06)
Challenge Accepted


I love Quidditch, but Spellbound has always been more relaxing for me, and it's really exciting to get to see what we've been writing pop up on the tumblr for everyone to read. I also like to write without feeling pressured to keep up with something as intense as Quidditch can be, so Spellbound is my escape~

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* Eugene Bryce

    (04/23/2015 at 01:13)
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Challenge Accepted

DUELING, BRUH. Tbh i was very very intimidated by both quid and dueling for the longest time and had no intentions of joining either of them, but then 4th year Jacks eased me into it and it's really not bad at all. I like dueling more than quid because it's easier to reply to and doesn't get as... uh... chaotic as quid can get. And even though I hate it sometimes it also has the ups and downs of not knowing how things are going to turn out because you have a ref rolling for the outcomes.

Gregory Noble

    (04/23/2015 at 01:39)
Challenge Accepted

Quidditch, hands down. I'm petrified of Dueling and have been since I started here. I've been playing Quidditch, however, since the start. I was a Quid Captain with Charlie and we won the Cup and it was amazing, I remember just being so proud. And though Quidditch gets crazy it's never boring!

Jackson Ross

    (04/23/2015 at 02:18)
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Challenge Accepted

This is probably obvious, but I have to say dueling.

I'm a sucker for games that involve strategy, and the time commitment (only one post a day) is really nice when you have other things you have to do. Also, the tournament feeds the competitive side of me. Win/win.

That said, if old Quidditch came back, I'd probably have to go with that instead.

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Chartreuse Greene

    (04/23/2015 at 02:47)
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Challenge Accepted

Thanks to people like Jacks and Cassandra, I got hooked on Dueling. I love Spellbound and Quidditch, but Dueling gets me jazzed! Even if my characters fail their spells, make mistakes, or end up is by far my most favorite thing at Hogwarts.

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* Wilhelmina Mason

    (04/23/2015 at 02:51)
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Challenge Accepted

I think I have to say Quidditch. (Everyone join, it's fun!!) I played with David and Eddie. Now I've been reffing with Anneka and David. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I do.

Spellbound is great. I used to write a gossip column with Eddie, and I had a blast. I did HW with Zaide and Pryce. It was interesting, too. Duelling terrifies me. It's way over my head. I've only duelled with Pryce and the entire time, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. (Somehow I still managed to get fourth place in the tournament. Somehow.)

But Quidddd is my everything these days.

Chantal Marie Renard

    (04/23/2015 at 03:18)
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Challenge Accepted

I play Quidditch as student and I ref Dueling as a professor. I can say that both are just as exciting. It's just not possible to separate them. Quidditch is just plain awesome, what's there to talk about it? And, yes, I know, refs get all the hard work in Dueling but it's exciting to see the outcome of a round ... Will he/she or won't he/she ... Ohhhhhhh, tough luck. I do plan to duel as a student in the near future to have excitement on both sides. ;)

Caius Thorne

    (04/23/2015 at 04:10)
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Challenge Accepted

Right now, Quidditch gets my blood pumping, either from excitement or anxiety, hah. I've always been curious of dueling but whenever I see stats and numbers, my mind goes blank. It'd be fun to try someday. I can't say much about Spellbound, I've only participated for a term, and it was kind of stressful hounding players for interviews or coming up with topics - maybe it's just not for me.

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* Irma Wolffe

    (04/23/2015 at 05:03)
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Challenge Accepted

Quidditch.  The game is fast-paced, team-oriented, and always good for a laugh.  You can see little microcosms of the big picture out on the pitch- couples fighting and fawning one another, rivals flexing, and mistakes.  I love it when characters have errors/flaws.  I wish there was a 24 hour shot-clock on actions, though (the Narrator/Ref decides what happens to a ball/player acted upon if nobody responds within 24 hours).

I'll be honest, I'm not super sold on Dueling.  I've had several people explain to me the nuances of Transfiguration and/or C/S dueling rules, and that's great.  But the rules as written are nebulous at best.  And the super-short duration of most spell effects makes them hardly worthwhile, most of the time.  Plus, I'm not a fan of spells like petrificus totalus simply dealing damage- it ruins the charm of the charm.



* Calypso Ross

    (04/23/2015 at 09:03)
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Challenge Accepted

I love them all (shoutout to Alerio's Hospital Wing because that man gives me life), but Quidditch is love. Quidditch is life. Even though we never win.

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Frances Severin

    (04/23/2015 at 10:52)
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Challenge Accepted

Good question. Spellbound was Eve's favourite thing, but I think it will have to be one of the Sports ECs. I like the strategy and individuality of Duelling, but I adore the community and common effort of Quidditch as well.

In the end, though, I think Duelling requires more calculative skill, and I find that both challenging and rewarding.

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Captain Price

    (04/23/2015 at 12:01)
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Challenge Accepted

When I took a break from the Castle Quidditch was what I missed the mostest. It's insanely fun and you can so many levels of interaction with other players - trash talk, the team activity, and, if you're captain, shouting at other players to get them to move. Also, I love - this might sound silly, but - that you don't really have to think when you're writing; there's no strategy involved, like dueling, so it gives you real license to just write. Which is great, for me.


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Hana Sato

    (04/23/2015 at 12:26)
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Challenge Accepted


Even though it can be pretty chaotic and unorganized (and stressful because of that), that's part of the fun of it! (The other being because being able to play Quidditch, even when it's not me physically, is just plain amazeballs.) Also, it's the first thing that really piqued my interest on this site (everything, even classes, terrified me, when I was first on here) and may have a part in what made Dei the Quidditch junkie (of sorts) she is. XD The only downside is that I'd have to catch up to a lot of posts, because a lot can happen in just one day, but that's what make the whole Quidditch experience that much more real for me, and it's awesome. even though my current workload won't allow for it, but whatever

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* Geryon Crowley

    (04/23/2015 at 14:45)
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Challenge ACCEPTED

Can't decide between Quidditch and Duelling. I've played more Quid though, cause it's always felt so casual and easy to do - just a lot of fun. And Adriel was really into it. I especially loved organizing it all that time in summer with Diego, Chart and Elidir. That was really great.

I haven't dared to duel as much yet, as it feels like it's more pressure kinda, haha. I'm not really a good competator. But I'm starting to like it a lot - just for the fun of it.

Won't be doing any of it in a while though as I have no students now -sobs- But looking forward to more of it in the future!

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Joy Detora

    (04/24/2015 at 11:31)
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Challenge Accepted


Really. Quid is Joy's life, it's my life, and it's so easy to write. Good for people with lots of time to waste, really. But fun just the same! It's so intense, and you can play up team rivalries and frenemy relationships and heated breakups and it's the best. The social scene out on the Pitch is just wow.

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Rin Hunter

    (04/24/2015 at 16:00)
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Challenge Accepted

qUIDDITCH!! It's the first extra-curricular I joined and also Rin's favorite. The team rivalries and arguments that happen because of them are fun to play out. There's always some kind of drama on the pitch.

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* Rowan Stann

    (04/26/2015 at 22:14)
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Challenge Accepted

No question about it, quidditch. While dueling is a lot of fun, I've had more character involvement in quidditch. It's fast paced, high energy, and there are so many possibilities of situations to occur on the pitch.

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Juniper E-L Steele

    (04/26/2015 at 23:28)
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Challenge Accepted

I love dueling and Quidditch equally. One is more structured while the other is more free-form. Dueling has a lot to do with strategy, but Quidditch is more for silly fun.