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* Vladimir Borovsky

    (04/27/2015 at 18:15)
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Perhaps it was the fact that Caius seemed to be having trouble with one of his team mates strapped to his back, or the fact that the attractive blonde beater on his team had perfectly synchronised a double attack with bludger [March Hare] and distracted him. But whatever the cause, watching his heavy hit collide with the chaser's leg bought him a great satisfaction.

"Go to hell, Borovsky."

Vladimir pulled back his head in a chortle. That was the sort of comments that (as he was sure Caius already knew) usually wound him up rotten. He liked to pick on his Religion. But who was laughing now the lord had given him the strength to strike down his enemies.

He was. That's who.

"Gladly. So long as I get to see you suffer a little first."

He scanned for the balls, he knew Caius would retaliate. He kind of prayed he would. His eyes watched as a bludger pivoted behind the small Cats Keeper and came hurtling, full force back down the pitch.

Swinging back his arm casually he waited, and when it was in the right place he pushed forward and struck bludger [March Hare] towards the other Rabbits Chaser, Persey.

Then his green eyes searched the pitch for Gregory. They needed to move tail down the other end of the pitch if they wanted to make the game an even playing field again.
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* Irma Wolffe

    (04/28/2015 at 12:54)
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Beater (Captain) | Team Rabid Rascally Rabbits

Beater was not the best position for a Captain to be in.  This much, Irma had determined, was obvious.  She'd been so focused on... on the rest of the game, that she'd lost track of the bloody bludger- and now Caius was paying for her error.  She sent daggers at the other teams' Beater Seraphine for her hip check, then sped off towards Caius or rather, the other bludger.

She caught up with it quickly, as it was still recovering speed from the collision.  She had a couple of quick choices to make.  She could send the ball rifling off to Seraphine, looking for revenge.  Or she could smash it towards Vlad, hoping that he wouldn't hear her hit if she timed it with his own (he was about to strike the other bludger himself).

Neither of those were any good- both of those players had the means to deflect, redirect, or flat-out hit them away again.  She needed someone without a bat in their hand.  She swooped down on bludger [Dormouse] and swung hard; rocketing it in the direction of the other chaser, Rin.  Clearly, it was time to ramp things up.


Marlena Flair

    (04/28/2015 at 13:09)
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KEEPER | Team Curious Killer Cats

The Quaffle dropped and dropped through the air. Marlena just squirmed like a monkey in the sea until Séraphine sat herself up near the Cats' hoops. She didn't quite know how legal it was, but it made Marlena feel safer. "Thanks, Sara Fin." It made her feel like maybe the rest of the team didn't hate her just yet.

Then, Caius dipped down. Marlena was sure he'd be getting the Quaffle, but no. Sato had attacked him like a man woman. Marlena threw her hands in the air in disbelief. "What has come over those endangered Rabbits, Sara?" she called to her Beater bodyguard. It looked like quite a tussle. Hana and Caius could easily hurt themselves here. Hopefully, a bird wouldn't fly by and snatch one of them out of the air.

The crack of the bat drew her attention back to the Captain, Vladimir. He was still playing for keeps, unlike the rest of their team. She couldn't blame them. It was the end of summer. She'd rather be sipping tea and watching the clouds go by with a good book. For some silly reason, she let others talk her into joining the second summer Quidditch match.

It wasn't long before another crack sounded through the micro pitch. "Irmaaaa..." she growled. That nasty halfblood wasn't worth her weight in turnips. "Rin, bludger coming!" She felt she needed to help her one friend on the pitch, especially since it was one of her newfound enemies launching the attack.

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Raasiel Albear

    (04/28/2015 at 22:00)

With the mantis out of the way, Ra'asiel watched as the players returned their focus to the game at hand - though seeing Miss Sato tackle Caius was both amusing and a little bit odd for reasons he didn't yet understand. With the game moving once more, the Ravenclaw knew he had to pay more attention again.

It would be bad if he slacked off and someone was seriously injured, after all. Watching more diligently, he couldn't help but notice how many people were targeting his newest friend. Sure, Caius had an interesting attitude, but was he really worth attacking with bludgers that much? Ra'asiel frowned, hoping that his friend was faster than the beaters were strong.

He watched the bludger [Doormouse] scrape the other boy's leg, and felt a little queasy inside. If there was one thing that he couldn't watch, it was his friends being harmed. Still, he was a counselor and today's referee; he had to let the game go on. Aside from that, if he rushed in to help his friend, it might look... questionable. And he had been having a hard enough time dealing with the questions that had already been asked during term.

GAME OVER. <3 Thank you to everyone who participated!

Captains, please send me your teams' scores by April 30! :)
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Raasiel Albear

    (04/30/2015 at 17:06)
Team Curious Killer Cats

Beater: Séraphine Mousseau - 8
Beater: Vladimir Borovsky - 9
Chaser: Rin Hunter - 0
Chaser: Gregory Noble - 6
Keeper: Marlena Flair - 10
Seeker: Octavian Griffin - 0

Team Rabid Rascally Rabbits

Beater: Skade Larsen - 6
Beater: Irma Scrivner - 7
Chaser: Caius Thorne - 9
Chaser: Persy Paladin - 0
Keeper: Elijah Lockwood - 0
Seeker: Hana Sato - 7

Team Curious Killer Cats Wins!

A special thank you to everyone who participated this summer! :D Let's make term amazing!