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* The Narrator

    (04/16/2015 at 01:04)
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The HSNet

Day 16.
Day 16.

What has been your favorite IC moment?

30-Day Challenge

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What has been your favorite IC moment?

Tiberius Owain Paladin

    (04/16/2015 at 01:26)
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Challenge Accepted

I think when elves realized they don't hate each other as much and the stupid thread where L read Eves mythology when she was crying and she fell asleep.


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Theirs would be the Light, his would be theDark:
And from his desolate throne
he watched them compose
A mountainous wall of stone,
to separate themselves from him.
A massive, jagged barricade    
to lock themselves in.

Chartreuse Greene

    (04/16/2015 at 03:24)
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Challenge Accepted

Chartreuse becoming Hufflepuff Prefect, Quidditch Captain, and a Dueling Tournament Finalist! She has been so great to play.
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Gregory Noble

    (04/16/2015 at 03:33)
Challenge Accepted

Charles Kedding and his final year. He was a Quidditch Captain, he was a Head Boy, he was a husband all in a year. You know, up until the whole imprisonment thing. It was a good year.

I also really liked when everybody was calling Esme a zombie. That was awesome.

Caius Thorne

    (04/16/2015 at 03:36)
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Challenge Accepted

When I messed Julian's life up with heartache, booze and girls who can't seem to stay. That was fun.
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Chantal Marie Renard

    (04/16/2015 at 03:43)
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Challenge Accepted

Dudes, seriously ... Make it easier, man. This is too hard. Too many favorite moments. :/

I'll list one favorite moment, but you owe me. <3

Gabrielle was ... I don't know, 3 or 4 years old. And she snuck out from her mom's quarters and to the Courtyard in the middle of the night and started looking up towards the sky, waiting for a shooting star so she could make a wish. She wanted to wish for a father, because Chantal had been divorced for a while and well ... Gabrielle kinda started to believe that one could wish for fathers or even go to the market and buy one.

I thought that was an adorable moment.

I can't remember if a shooting star did show up to wish on it. Sorry. :/
"To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name." - Arthur Conan Doyle (A Scandal In Bohemia)

Joy Detora

    (04/16/2015 at 10:01)
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Challenge Accepted

There's this one thread with Newton Macdonald and Margaret where her mask kind of breaks down a bit, and her world is falling to pieces, and I loved that moment just because Margaret had never quite shown she was human before that.
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* Calypso Ross

    (04/16/2015 at 12:34)
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Challenge Accepted

It's a toss-up between that one time in the first CoMC lesson where Clay had two partners & Hoppy literally had to work alone, and also that first Quidditch game Gryffindor won with Soph & Clay as captains. Never has she felt more proud that in that moment.

* Irma Wolffe

    (04/17/2015 at 09:32)
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Challenge Accepted

Newton took on a whole Sherlock-like quality when I came back with him, exemplified in his visit to St. Mungo's.  It also showed just how broken his mind really is.

Irma floors me every time I wind her up.  I never know where she's going next, or what emotion she'll fly with, or how she'll react to a given moment.  I love to turn my characters loose on a scene and just watch, and Irma is too entertaining to pick just one moment.

* Wilhelmina Mason

    (04/17/2015 at 20:46)
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Challenge Accepted

Pryce becoming Minister. Maurus kissing Meghs the first time. Anneka being named Head Girl. Edward playing Chaser and stealing a Beater's bat to send a Bludger at someone. David admitting he "thinks about Roelle almost as much as he thinks about himself". Tavish complimenting Mina's hair.

That's just a few.

Frances Severin

    (04/18/2015 at 11:56)
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Challenge Accepted

It seems small, but Yates once found Eve out of bed looking for a painting named Mr. Anansi. Their walk back towards her common room, their talks, Eve's insecurity and constant change between trust and distrust just sealed their relationship for me a lot. I miss Max.
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* Eugene Bryce

    (04/18/2015 at 19:36)
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Challenge Accepted

Toe setting up slug races. Tavish making Vin a slug costume for Halloween. Any time Mina mentions her crush on Toe. Jacksene being nerds in the library. Olivefield being interupted by Clay, and then the terrible oblivate moment that followed woops. That time Jacks gave Clay a valentine and then promptly stomped on it; RIP Killjoy. Which reminds me, tbt Pop and Corn. OH AND THIS SUMMER TREAD, never forget.

Literally there are so many, this list could go on forever.
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* Geryon Crowley

    (04/20/2015 at 15:55)
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Challenge ACCEPTED

Adriel and Sylvie hooking up. Crow getting to be Transfiguration teacher - and some students actually enjoying it. I really loved the moment when Cladis let Crow in again, even after what he did. There are so, so many
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Hana Sato

    (04/22/2015 at 05:53)
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Challenge Accepted

Oh gods why. Um, I liked when I gave Dei a whole lot more angst than should be given that's too cruel probs, haha.

No, but, really, I'd say it would be when the very first person (Elliot) found out about L's crossdressing and then L reacted accordingly and got so shocked and confused when Elliot didn't react 'accordingly.' That made me tear up, because the crossdressing thing has like the worst possible outcomes once someone finds out about it, and to think the very first out-ing was like that just :')

what if I don't even want to?

Captain Price

    (04/23/2015 at 12:16)
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Challenge Accepted

Cappie barging into Michael Gray's office, cooking him a ball of grass and pouting about the trees.

Also Scott's last Quidditch game, where he was the only operating Chaser, got attacked by I think five Gryffindor players at one go, broke very many bones, and I think still somehow managed to score. Even though they obviously lost. But hey, go Scott!
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Cecily Noble

    (04/26/2015 at 21:08)
Challenge Accepted

That one CoMC lesson where the class didn't go as planned and the students ended up making marshmallows will always hold a place in my heart.

* Rowan Stann

    (04/26/2015 at 22:01)
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Challenge Accepted

Hmmm. I'm going to go with Magical Lice. Because it was a genius punishment and had an effect on the whole school.

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Viola Ross

    (04/26/2015 at 23:04)
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Challenge Accepted
  • Petty tackling Peter when he was named Head Boy.
  • That time Naola got back together.
  • Will and Esme attempting to placate the Gryffindors when Tim left.
  • Will teaching in general <3

Juniper E-L Steele

    (04/26/2015 at 23:39)
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Challenge Accepted

That time Juni punched Sands in the face. It was brilliant.

* Waldo Woodrow Angerville

    (04/28/2015 at 07:20)
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Challenge Accepted

  • That one time that Cladis went so completely mental and sunk so deeply into a panic attack that he could not recognize Thalia anymore and ended up sending her off. Especially since he has not stopped looking for her ever since that day, especially since he is probably still broken hearted over this fact, but most of all because I do love torturing my characters more than I should probably love it.
  • That one time that Cladis found out that he had a brother and that they got to do all the brotherly stuff together that Cladis had never done before and I do recall that it made and still makes him so. damn. happy.
  • That one complete term that Ignis and Jackson were entangled in some sort of love affair but not really. But there were notes and poems, a lot of those actually, and it was very messed up but oh so intriguing.
  • That one time that Salazar got burnt by Lysander Ellwood-Luxe, and he is probably still not over that fact and is still brooding about it.
... and probably a whole lot more, but those are a few of my favorite things.