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Author Topic: Round 1 Duel 3 : Detora vs Borovsky  (Read 984 times)

* Vladimir Borovsky

    (04/17/2015 at 10:10)
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Joy hit him and he froze momentarily. On his release he hit back, watching with satisfaction as she spat a couple of slugs over the edge of the mushroom.

When his second spell worked and the mushroom crumbled from beneath her, crashing to the floor along with Joy perched ontop, he punched the air. He was right, it really entertaining to watch.

It was nearly over and he knew this round was his, but he wasn't the gloating type.

Pointing his wand at Joy he called "Petrificus Totalus!"

Chartreuse Greene

    (04/17/2015 at 13:52)
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Final Round Actions:

A1. Joy attempts to cast Conjunctivitis at Vladimir. Success! Vladimir takes 3% damage!

Ref Note: Be sure to specify in bold where you are aiming your wand.

A2. Joy tries to cast Deprimo below Vladimir. Success! Vladimir drops and takes 6% damage!

Ref Note: With Deprimo, I would suggest saying you aimed your wand at the mushroom below Vladimir. That way there's no confusion over which mushroom you're aiming at and where you want the hole to be.

A3. Vladimir attempts to cast Petrificus Totalus at Joy! Success! Though, Joy's too tough. 0% damage.

Final Round:

Joy Detora - 24%


Vladimir Borovsky - 60%

Congratulations to

Vladimir Borovsky

Winner of this summer duel!
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