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The HSNet

Day 08.
Day 08.

Characters you've dropped and why.

30-Day Challenge

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* Freja Ward

    (04/08/2015 at 00:31)
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Challenge Accepted

This depends on how I'll define "dropped". There are characters I haven't played for a while, for one reason or another, and there are also characters that I tried but stopped fairly quickly. My reason for the latter is usually a lack of muse for them, or a lack of an ability to sync my mind with theirs properly. Or an inability to make them work in the Hoggies environment. Promethea Athanasios is a good example.

She was/is a pureblood girl, an incoming student, and my own little Slytherin b-i-t-c-notniceperson. Kind of an examination of the kind of super-insular pureblood family; with a frightened submissive mother in an arranged marriage, a powerful father who doted on his daughter, and the daughter who had been waited on and homeschooled in such a closed atmosphere for so long that she'd never socialised. Didn't really understand that people other than herself really were actually people, etc. So, she'd act like a terrible person but that was because she was a wreck.

Anyhoo, I discovered that mentally crippling a character too much makes them too hard to play in what is overtly a social RP environment. I could either have her realistically shut down around people and/or have her not fully recognise them as a person to talk to, which kind of squashes most RP for a while. Or I could push for her psychological recovery unrealistically quickly in order to have her be able to interact with anyone, and, by doing that, end up erasing who she was anyway. It's possible I'll pick her up again some day and play her in Elsewhere. Who knows!

Some other characters, like Literalis Bukovksy or Thomas More I partly stopped because I got busy and found myself unable to juggle, so I focused on Freja instead of risking biting off more than I could chew. In Bukovsky's case, it's also a matter of not knowing what his story is now. He has no romantic partner, he has no family mentioned on boards. He has no set story-arc or character-arc to build now.

There's also the fact that I tend to never create a character that I find as fun or engaging to play as Freja. Especially for nearly as long as Freja. Maybe that will change with a future student.

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Jackson Ross

    (04/08/2015 at 00:36)
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Challenge Accepted

I don't like to see my character's "dropped" so much as maybe...put on hold? For Roman Bryant it was a combination of muse, and then later, the characters he was involved with no longer being around (for ooc reasons). Same with Lysander Savage, really. Neither can really function without their respective sister. Whomp.

For Tyler Tressier, I feel like it was mainly because I went on a hiatus and then when I came back, there was really no reason to pick him up. I don't have a feel for him anymore. He seems content to be off in his own corner of the world, and he was never much of a people person anyways.

The Oddsworths (both Theo and Orv) were more or less created because I needed a Hogwarts adult character. I suppose I'd bring those back around if the situation called for it.

Caius Thorne

    (04/08/2015 at 00:55)
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Challenge Accepted

I've officially retired: Vivienne Fortescue, Vivianne Marlowe, Stefan Sinclair, Jerome Vanhelm, Seth Gray.

All for various reasons but mostly because I just have too many to handle at once. I needed to weed out the weak and make roomto drop them because I think having (I've learnt) too many limits you from fully exploring the other characters, and that's unfair to them, especially when my interest wanes so very fast. The others (Thal, Jules, Sera, Zeus)are inactive at the moment, not sure what to do with them, yet can't drop them. The ironic thing is that I may already have an adult character in the works. Again. *sigh*

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* Irma Wolffe

    (04/08/2015 at 01:07)
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Challenge Accepted

These are all ancient and irrelevant.  Here goes:

Amos Feinbary: anagram for 'a boy in frames', Amos was the portrait of an 11 year old pureblood who had just gotten his Acceptance letter a few days before he died.  His grieving mother asked for permission to send his portrait in his stead. It was her hope that her little boy could live on painted form.  It didn't turn out that way.  It was a fun experiment on a static character and the limitations of sentient art.  He was placed near the entrance to Ravenclaw Commons, but traveled around a lot.  I stopped playing Amos because, frankly, it was depressing.

Clifford Montsierra: an American circus performer and muggleborn.  I enjoyed his Slytherin stylings (he was my first non-Ravenclaw) and found lots of potential in him.  Real life priorities intervened (a hiatus), and when I finally did come back, his time had passed.  He might still be out there (somewhere).

Reginald Lark: a throwaway character designed as a foil for Newt.  He was never intended to be kept.

Heather MacDonald: Newt's little sister, Ravenclaw, and a gifted Diviner.  In a way, I suppose she was a proto-Irma attitude-wise.  I played her for two terms (1.5ish, actually) when my computer gave up the ghost and I went without for almost a whole year.  By that time, my interest had waned partially because I had found other interests, and partially because the old boards were gone (EZBoard/Yuku).  When I brought Newt back from the dead (less than a year ago), I killed Heather because the story dictated it.  I was sad to do it, but it had to be done.

It's a lesson to all my characters- I will end one if the story requires it.  It's the ruthless DM in me.

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* Wilhelmina Mason

    (04/08/2015 at 01:43)
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Challenge Accepted

I haven't dropped very many characters, because I tend to get attached and want to keep them forever.

There were a couple from my earliest years on the site that I stopped playing. I think I 'outgrew' them. They weren't developed much beyond the basics and I eventually lost interest. Plus, at that time, there was not much to do outside of Hogwarts.

Elizabeth Leighton was a little harder to admit that I wasn't feeling her much anymore. She was the beginning of my Leighton family, the first one I created, and I did love her. I still do, but she works better as someone who makes a few appearances in Edward's threads instead of me writing as her. She is still around that way. (And she still got her own wiki page, because, as Eddie's mother, she'll always be important.)

Rowan Stann

    (04/08/2015 at 02:56)
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Challenge Accepted

I've got three of them.

Maddox Stephens was a Transfiguration professor who honestly, I brought around because I wanted my character Alyson to teach Transfig, but I had to wait a term after she graduated before she was allowed to. So he was holding the place, kind of. After I brought in Aly, Maddox sort of just drifted into not doing anything, and I'm sure he's doing something. I don't know.

Zoe Lafountaine was a sweet French performer I had created, really to interact with another writer's character. But, then RL took over the other writer's life, so I didn't really have any background for Zoe. So she's gone.

Alyson Schooner got a lot of play, being my first character, Quidditch captain, Head Girl, and my only student I've played from year 1-7. After she graduated, I played her in Hogsmeade, where she got married to her school sweetheart, and now they've got a few kids and still live in the area, ICly. But when the board switched over from Yuku, I decided not to take her along, mainly because the person who played her husband stopped writing with us. However, I do plan on bringing in her daughter after Rowan graduates, so she'll sort of be around, in spirit!

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Chartreuse Greene

    (04/08/2015 at 04:12)
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Challenge Accepted

So far, just Donald Greene! I had an idea for a cousin of Paula's, but the closer I got to a term starting, the less interesting he seemed. He could always come back as a future character for me. Just humble ole Don.

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Raasiel Albear

    (04/08/2015 at 06:32)
Challenge Accepted

I'm boring today; I haven't dropped any characters yet. So far, Ra'asiel is going strong, Asher is building up steam, and Neva will be building steam once I have enough time to do her plot page. :'D

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* Waldo Woodrow Angerville

    (04/08/2015 at 06:55)
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Challenge Accepted

Kai Herschel is probably the one character that I have indefinitely dropped and do not feel like picking up again for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I dropped her because I felt myself plummeting down the dark pit of writer's block and since she was my latest addition to the crew of characters, I did not feel her enough yet to make her survive that fall. When I returned, I needed to get the hang of my most cherished characters again for I knew that I would forever regret it if I would not pick them up again, and I simply did not have the time to try and revive this little git.

Secondly, I had to drop her because she did not make much sense in my head. She made sense on paper and I could fake it well enough that she made sense whilst she was completely illogical. On paper, she appeared to be this fearless tomboy who was ready to conquer the world, in my head she felt like a girlish girl who secretly only wanted to be liked, and that whilst she actually came to me first as a little insecure ball of fluff who was afraid of thunder and being alone or rejected. She got me trapped in a web that I could not make sense of, which is actually quite sad because I still feel like she had some potential to be better. I feel like I have given up on her, although for all the right reasons, whilst I had not given her enough chances.


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* Geryon Crowley

    (04/08/2015 at 07:11)
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Challenge ACCEPTED

I have dropped/retired two characters in my time here - Shawna O'Callahan did not even make it into threading I think, and then Yngvild Aurora Höst who I just said goodbye to. Yngvild lasted from her 1st through 4th year and I really thought I was going to make something of her. But it just doesn't seem like I am able to play female characters at all, which is rather weird I guess. They just end up making no sense to me - becoming vain and uninteresting. My guys I could never drop, and I believe I never will.

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Rin Hunter

    (04/08/2015 at 07:36)
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Challenge Accepted

Same as Ra'as, haven't dropped any characters as of yet. Although I'm becoming slightly inactive with some simply because I'm busy plotting and stuff with my other characters. Especially when the school term starts, I'm going to be more focused on my castle characters than elsewhere.

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Nathaniel Ross

    (04/08/2015 at 09:10)
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Excuse me, Jackson Ross. This one is not away in his own world. He's somewhere with this one and this one.

Joy Detora

    (04/08/2015 at 10:26)
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Challenge Accepted

Ha, today's challenge makes me boring. I haven't dropped any characters yet, as I've still got a pretty good feel for all of them. Joy is doing very well, Margaret I love threading as, and Cass is just too awesome. I plot more with Joy during term though, and I put Cass plots before Meg plots because MoM passing.

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Frances Severin

    (04/08/2015 at 11:11)
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Challenge Accepted


This is a horrible question, I have so many. I've retired all of the characters at one point or another (most of them I retired at the same time) because I either saw a habit of not playing them or grew uninterested. The only ones that I even slightly regret af Adam Just and Asta Adelaide Pendragon. AJ, especially; Asta lost all of her family almost at once - the players left or the like, and I just feel like her history was very dependent on all of them.

In general, my interest in a character is very dependent on the characters they relate to. The other characters I've retired are Juliette Chanterelle, Rosalind Lancaster, Jared Malhearst and Emélie D'Acquitaine-Berlot.

I need to clean up every once in a while, because or else I feel like my entire experience is muddled by my extremely bad conscience over not playing the characters I've brought into the world and taking up the space that I could probably put to better use.

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Chantal Marie Renard

    (04/08/2015 at 14:43)
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Challenge Accepted

Not sure if you can call this 'character retirement', but I left a whole lot of characters behind when moving over here from Yucko Land, since I could not get them all here. At least half a dozen, I believe. Andrew Vaughn, Jennifer Vaughn, Elena Stenarikova, Mireille Renard to name a few of them.

As for actual 'character retirement', I am planning to retire Adela Renard-Vega in the near future, as I don't have much muse for her lately, plus I need to make space for an upcoming character. :)

Mia Lorelei Kedding

    (04/08/2015 at 15:00)
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Challenge Accepted

The only one I've well and truly dropped is Cinderella (the other characters I've created are just in limbo at the moment).

Why I dropped her? She didn't feel right. Writing her felt like such a chore in comparison to writing Aries that I pulled her out after just one term of playing her. That's pretty much it.

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Tiberius Owain Paladin

    (04/08/2015 at 17:43)
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Challenge Accepted

Um I haven't really dropped anyone but I am kind of leaning off my first character, Evelyn Takamura for a variety of reasons. I've talked about this before to a few people, but like Evelyn is the opposite of my type of character (evil dudes) so I had a hard time with her from the get-go tbh. I made her when I joined as I'd just come off another forum where I'd only had male characters and I wanted to try out a innocent-type person. Also, I'm well aware that people on rp forums often perceive each other as your characters so I wanted to trick you all wanted everyone to think I'm cute and sweet and all that. LOL. But really, she's not my type.

The other reason is that she was my student, but I was gone for 1 whole term while in Japan and couldn't post at all last term either due to school, so it's really hard to get back in with her. I'd rather just move her. If I had enough points for a second student I'd let her lurk in the background and graduate properly, but I don't.

Also, some stuff happened to her IC-ly regarding the war so like, I don't even know if she would go to her classes?


Eves is still going to be around for the sake of elves but she's going to be in elsewhere and I'm probably going to wait a bit before making her a plot page  because uhghgh

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* Edmund Wolffe

    (04/08/2015 at 18:19)
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Challenge Accepted

Well this one I have to reach way back for. I can't remember most of the minor characters I've had in-between playing my first - Genevieve, and my current - Edmund. Only two come to mind actually:

Eleanor Woods: Genevieve's little cousin. I started rp'ing her after Genvie graduated and wasn't as interested in her I guess. She went MIA after one term, if that.

Julia Leighton: A bit more interesting I suppose. I only rp'd her for one, maybe two terms but she was a member of the Sudden Death Gang, a plot involving a handful of students many moons ago.

* Calypso Ross

    (04/08/2015 at 18:52)
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Challenge Accepted

I made two Elsewhere characters a few months after I joined, Aaron Herondale and Sebastian de Carosol. They sort of sat around for a while, and I never got around to playing very much with them; my interest in both of them fell through after a bit when the player who played Aaron's partner and Sebastian's sister disappeared, so I eventually decided to retire them for good.