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Author Topic: Down The Rabbit Hole  (Read 362 times)

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HEY CATS! It's time to go

down the rabbit hole

The Cheshire Cat camp event has begun and it's a rather mischievous scavenger hunt. You must find seven objects in total (a pocket watch, a top hat, a jam tart and a card from each suit) to collect the eighth and final object and potentially win the hunt. However, we won't be making it easy for you! Your counsellors have been transfigured into exactly what their teams are named after and it's our job to mislead you -- but perhaps we'll let you off easily since, you know, you are one of us.

Please post if you can and represent the Cats! Also, feel free to PM any of us if you have questions concerning the event! We're always here to help.


Ana, Felix & Eira

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