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Barley Robinson

    (04/14/2015 at 13:24)
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The sandwiches landed on the tablecloth in a messy heap, depositing crumbs and insects all over the place. Barley smiled as he looked that the mess he made. He wouldn't have dared do that at home (or in the Great Hall for that matter) but right here, in the dimly lit cave he was his own boss. Apart from three mysteriously appearing Cheshire cats, he didn't have to answer to anyone.

"Oh, what do we have here?" he asked excitedly, spotting a familiar looking card between two slices of bread. He pried the two slices of bread apart, revealing the card. His prize would be covered in butter and insects, but he'd be happy to clean that later. Or hand it over to the feline trio covered in goop and gunk. That worked too.

For now he wanted to have some more fun. The crisp, clean tablecloth beckoned and those shiny goblets tempted him. Smiling to himself, he knocked a goblet over, grinning as he thought of the red trails the liquid would leave in its wake. He hoped it left a stain.

Frances Severin

    (04/15/2015 at 05:48)
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Walking down the path seemed endless, and Frances decided to retrace her steps and follow the path to the right that had been offered to her when Felix stole her tarts.

(He'd better not touch another. They were Frances's tarts, even if they had originally been the camp kitchen's; Gran never quite sent food- or clothes- or letters for that matter.)

Turning around to double back, however, she watched Felix as he gave her magical footprints one aggravating sweep of his tail, jumbling them. Feeling fury rise within her, Frances nonetheless crossed her arms, giving him a dull stare.

He was holding her tarts, after all.

His riddle gave her grief for only one second (-mistakenly, she'd thought blood might have something to with the red colour, but of course, it was paint-), and this time she spoke slowly and surely.

"The Queen of Heart's roses."

It was a full answer, although Frances had noticed a couple of roses outside the Main Hall, perpetually dripping with paint, and though she had caught the references, she wasn't sure if they were red or white.

It didn't matter. They were doing the Treasure Hunt in the realm of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and this was the correct answer.
/präjənē/ - noun
a descendant or the descendants of a
person, animal, or plant; offspring.

* Anastasia Borovsky

    (04/17/2015 at 16:22)
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Vladimir has been taken care of sufficiently, or at least she thought so. Either way, it was time to move on and Anastasia decided to appear at random directly in front of several of the students who dared to take part in their challenge, scaring the living daylights out of them whilst baring her transfigured fangs and chuckling darkly in reaction to their fear.

And unfortunately for everyone, she was beginning to understand why authority and power were so desperately sought after. Being naughty without terribly was terribly fun.

Before disappearing again, she heard a familiar voice echo through the caves and she narrowed her eyes slightly in suspicion before leaping to to the ground and very quietly padding along towards it. Eventually, she came to find a seemingly irritable Frances Severin and their fellow counsellor Felix who was looking rather pleased with himself.

"The Queen of Heart's roses."

Anastasia scowled. She didn't know that the tarts had been hers.

"Correct! However, these tarts are rather delicious..."

Without warning, she appeared behind Felix' floating figure and knocked the tart he was about to eat out of his paws and into the air for Frances to catch before vanishing just as quickly as she came.

Maybe she was cheating, but Frances would have done the same for her.

OOC: Campers from any of the three teams can tumble in whenever they please! And remember, you can use TWO actions per round.

CAMILLA -- You pull and you pull with all your might and suddenly (after a mysterious click and a low chuckle) the teapot is as light as a feather! It soars into the air and smashes against the cave wall, revealing the hat for you to take -- but wait! Are those footsteps you hear?

FRANCES -- Thanks to Camp Counsellor Anastasia, you got one of your tarts back and an item on the list! Time to move on. Up ahead is the option to go left or right and down the left tunnel you hear the faint sound of explosions whilst down the right you smell roses and the thick scent of acrylic paint. Take your pick!

BARLEY -- The goblet you knocked over caused an awful clatter as it hit the floor and the thick crimson liquid within pours out before hitting the nearest wall. However, it doesn't gather like you would expect. It instead disappears under the wall and after a few seconds the caves begins to rumble before revealing a very tiny tunnel, almost like a rabbit hole. Do you dare?

THE borovsky FAMILY.

And do not fear those who kill
the body but cannot kill the soul.
Rather fear him who can destroy
both soul and body in Hell.

Barley Robinson

    (04/18/2015 at 14:06)
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The noise the goblet made as it toppled over and bounced off the table was fantastic. Barley grinned from ear to ear as the goblet tumbled to the floor, spilling its crimson contents all over the place. He had no idea that being destructive would be this much fun. The Hufflepuff had always gone out of his way to be considerate and kind, helping where he could and keeping the peace. Whoever thought he would turn into a creature of anarchy? He was almost tempted cackle like a maniac, but thought that might be pushing it. Instead, he picked up the Ace of Spades, unwilling to leave his prize behind.

The liquid from the goblet didn't stay where it had landed only seconds before. Instead of forming a normal puddle, the drops seemed to come alive. Barley watched in fascination as the mess gathered itself, ran up the wall and opened a tunnel where it stopped.

In his current state of mind it would have made sense to just rush forward blindly, but thankfully a shred of the old, cautious Barley remained. He got down on his hands and knees, peering into the tunnel to try and see what lay ahead.

Frances Severin

    (04/18/2015 at 17:27)
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"Correct! However, these tarts are rather delicious..."

Frances bit her cheek in order to check her frustration and mounting fury. There was very little in the world to make a Severin raise her voice (-drama, drama, drama, her Gran sounded disappointed in her head-), and Frances decided not to say anything, when suddenly there was a small plop.

The Cheshire Cat counsellors all looked the same, but Frances was more certain than not which one was responsible, as the tart in Felix's hand went flying through the air. Tracing it, Frances stretched with surprising precision, even to herself, and caught the tart.

(If it hadn't been an item on the list, she would have eaten it too.)

She couldn't believe the counsellors were the ones to steal from her secret stash, and she couldn't believe Anastasia had let them.

Both of them disappearing now, Frances found herself faced with a choice between a mysterious ticking noise (-explosions followed, and Frances wondered if they were a mirror of her state of mind-) and the mix between roses and a kindergarten art studio.

Finger paint had never been her strong suit, but all the same, Frances smelled new territory and took a right turn.

Glory Roars


Camilla Noble

    (04/19/2015 at 08:24)
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As if someone had given up on their end of this tug-of-war, there was a whoosh as the teapot gave way, soaring through the air before it kissed the stone wall with a mighty crash. The hat toppled to the ground, wobbling on its brim, upended.

The girl had fallen off balance, landing comically on her bum. A swear word she'd occasionally heard Gregory use nearly slipped out, thinking better of it in case any of her cousins heard her - absolute nonsense, of course, she was quite deep in the caves and her cousins must've better things to do than catch her in mid-cuss.

Camilla reached for the top hat, pushing it down her head - it was a little snug around her temples, nothing too uncomfortable. She must look ridiculous with it on, top hats didn't match dresses for a reason, but she felt a strangely confident in it so she didn''t mind as much.

The brunette got up on her knees, but just as she did, footsteps echoed in the distance, the sound reverberating from every direction, it seemed. Alarmed, she cast a quick look about her, trying to seek out whoever or whatever, it was.

"Hello? Who's there?"
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Eira Rhycw Medraut

    (04/20/2015 at 04:40)
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She let out a giggle as the bombs Rin had chosen exploded, the explosions themselves were small but let off a loud noise as the gas began to spill out into the cave air.

"Sorry Rin I tired to warn you, the gas doesn't look too friendly so I think I'm going to shoo"

Eira liked talking in rhyme though it was a habit she knew she would easily fall into, probably to the annoyance of anyone around her. With that she disappeared out of the area to avoid whatever it was that had been emitted into the cave, whimsically swirling her way deep into the tunnels once again.

Even with the dim light, the caves were difficult to navigate and the blonde found herself stumbling forwards past turnings and into numerous dead ends. "Well that's just great.." she let out to herself as she doubled back from her most recent path to nowhere.

The life of a disappearing cat was one of intrigue and fantasy, albeit the honeymoon stage rapidly wore off thanks to her sense of navigation, and the feeling of both flying through the air and running as a cat was excitedly surreal. She had uncloaked herself and followed one of the paths, taking a right here and a left there, until she came to a stop in front of Camilla.

"Konnichiwa there Camilla, what are you staring at?" Eira let out happily, her attention drawn to the direction the other girl had stared letting out an "Oh..". A man came into view, his smile was one that could rival the Cheshire cat's and his eyes were so wide they practically bulged from his face. A true mad man. He let out a loud, insidious laugh towards the pair, Eira vanishing in response, being stuck in a maze of caves with a madman was not her idea of fun.

The Cheshire cat councillor's head reappeared suddenly "This way Camilla, this way!" she let out before vanishing further down the pathway.

OOC: Campers from any of the three teams can tumble in whenever they please! And remember, you can use TWO actions per round.

CAMILLA -- Fortune favours the brave, care to test this theory? Stand and face the man, incensed by your very being in the caves or follow Eira blindly down the dimly lit pathway into another room filled with possibilities and probable danger.

FRANCES -- The right tunnel eventually leads to a clearing slightly overrun by thorn covered rose bushes. In the middle however is a small clearing where an Ace of Diamonds card sits balanced carefully on a tall tree stump. Have fun getting to it!

BARLEY -- The rabbit hole is eventually a dead end, however within it are several other smaller holes you can reach into. Be careful though! You never know what you're going to get in Wonderland.

Does the carpet match the drapes? No, it doesn't, you are the worst interior decorator, get out of my house!

Loyalty, Labor, Love

Frances Severin

    (04/20/2015 at 15:39)
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The fantastic always seemed to be equated with the dramatic.

It was a maxim so well-rooted in the Severin house (-it was her Gran's house, of course, and her last name was Abernathy before it was Scavenius, but they had come to think of her as their real grandmother, and that made them all the last Severins in England-) that Frances hadn't bothered to question it, which made Hogwarts a discussion topic her Gran had never thought she would have to argue for.

It had forced Mathilda to adopt the philosophical school of thought that the fantastic was not conditioned by the individual's view on what was possible or not, for the term would then be curbed by ignorance, but rather on what was and had always been. It was a school of thought that Frances, too, soon adopted, which made her eager to explore the world and never believe her own logic blindly.

Since the discovery of magic, only people's reactions continued to be fantastic, and Frances didn't flinch when she came upon a clearing brimming with rose bushes. A couple of them dripped, she noticed, a plastic scent seemingly surrounding them, protruding the otherwise pretty scenery.

And in the middle, a treasure.

Her wand seemed to pulse, and Frances discovered she had involuntarily wrapped her fingers around the warm wood, heedless to the rule about magic in camp (-she already stole food from the kitchen, capital crimes no longer seemed capital.

Walking around, Frances tried to find an opening into the stub. Slowly, deliberately, she let go of her wand and poked at the branches instead, trying to figure out if they were easy to hold off and if she had a chance to simply push through.

Then, in the end, deciding on a place, Frances tried to push aside a bush without pricking her skin on the thorns.
let the only sound

* Vladimir Borovsky

    (04/27/2015 at 17:45)
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The first thing that caught his attention was the fragrant smell coming from the box. His eyes rested on a card placed neatly upon a cushion inside. The Queen of Hearts.

Taking it, he tucked it into the inside pocket of his waistcoat with a grin. Unfortunately, that was soon to be wiped of his smug features, as when he opened the center box, something anhebriated him and clouded his mind. He couldn't think straight, he could not see straight and he certainly could not walk straight.

Continuing down the rabbit hole his balance shifted left and right, slamming him against hard cave walls as he tried to find his bearings. Air. He needed air. His lungs tightened and felt as though they had been filled with dust and dirt. For a moment he thought he may have been about to die.

Thats when he saw the light.

A small beam of light ushered down from above him from a small crack in the top left corner of the caves. Hands outreached, Vladimir began to dig away until the gap was wide enough to fit his face in the gap and take a breath. The air felt cool against his skin as he gasped desperately.

A while to get his mind refocused and he would have to continue, although, he had no exact idea where he was. In front of him was only one route.

Moving forward further into the dark, he continued down the tunnel straight ahead.
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