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The HSNet

Day 04
Day 04

Out of all your characters, to which do you relate the most, and why?

30-Day Challenge

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Alicia Hearthstone

    (04/04/2015 at 15:19)
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Challenge Accepted


I only have one character, but I surely relate to her plenty! It may sound unbelievable, but I'm part of a race (/nationality?) that's.. uh, racist towards the world, almost. I'm half Druze, and they call me a halfblood for being a halfie (THIS IS SERIOUSLY TRUE, I SWEAR). So I'm as much of a 'muggle' as Alicia is!

Frances Severin

    (04/04/2015 at 15:31)
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Challenge Accepted

lynn hallows

Well, Eve was my first; writing her made me realise a lot of things about myself, and I started on Hoggies in a period of my life when I was developing fast and furious, so naturally, I put a lot of myself in Eve and adapted my own personality along with hers. We share a lot of views on the world and interests, though, as Hannah puts it, I don't think I'm as "intense" as Eve is.

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Camilla Noble

    (04/04/2015 at 15:39)
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Challenge Accepted

Hmm, I probably used to relate to Thalia back in the days. Since she's my first character ever, in my first RP ever (uhuh), I've put in quite a bit of effort with her whole persona which is, of course, totally based on me. As time goes by, and the more I changed as a person, I realise that I'm beginning to relate a lot more to my male, broody characters (like Caius) - now, why is that? Heck if I know hahaha but yeah, so that's that. But gosh, I really hope that doesn't mean anything. >.>

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Chantal Marie Renard

    (04/04/2015 at 16:02)
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Challenge Accepted

I had loads of characters through the years. And I do mean loads. While I remember Andrew Vaughn as being my first one, I do relate the most to Gabrielle Renard. I started her from the very beginning, NPCing her through the first years, with all the mischief attached to them. In the end, I finally created her an account ... I believe it was just before her first Hogwarts year. It's been a while and it's been on Yuku so I can't remember for sure when I did that ...

Anyway, I got so attached to her that I applied to have two students and one professor at the same time at the castle for one term. I know, crazy, right? Yeah, it was a crazy term then and I swore not to do it again. But hey, this was Gabby we were talking about so I had to do it this time. I didn't get to do her school time from her first year, but I did do it from her second year and it's been quite a ride since then.

Then from student, she turned professor. From one set of shoes to another in just a matter of months. As time flew by, I continued to put various things in her path, to try and develop her character as well as possible. Everybody has things that they didn't discover about themselves. Well, that's what I did for Gabby.

And at the end of last term ... I dropped one more thing in her path, to see how she deals with a position unknown to her: the one of the mother.

Should be quite fun to watch.

* Geryon Crowley

    (04/04/2015 at 16:11)
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Challenge ACCEPTED

Oh wow, that is really diffcult to say, because there is surely a piece of me in all of my characters - some more than others of course. Carlo in how he used to be - daydreaming, artistic and all about kindness. Adriel in how he expects so incredibly much of himself and struggle with how he will never be as good as he wants too. And then Crow with being an odd, eccentric person who is really just trying to be himself without the influence of the opinionated people around him.

I'm not sure, but if I have to say one that I feel the most alike, maybe it would be Adriel, because of all his his gryff-ness. I am a lion after all. But I do believe my characters all have a lot of me in them - combined with all the things I am very far from being, and maybe sometimes wish I could be.

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Rin Hunter

    (04/04/2015 at 16:13)
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Challenge Accepted

The character I'd say I relate to the most is Rin. We're quite similar in the way we act (I admit it irl I'm kinda of a tsundere > <), I'm also a Slytherin, and her thing with music is similar to me with art (though I'm nowhere as good as art as Rin is with music lol). Although where Rin loves her cat, as much as I'd like one of my own- I'm allergic ;;. I'm somewhat similar to all my characters though- Jun with his mildly eccentric ways, Richard with his stoic attitude and will to succeed, and Camille with his terrible shyness when it comes to people and his incapability to do anything for himself. Tbh I guess I act slightly differently on the internet as I do irl, I'm more like Camille online then in real life I'm more like Rin.

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* Calypso Ross

    (04/04/2015 at 16:26)
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Challenge Accepted

There is no question about it, I am Calypso. She's a Gryffindor where I'm a Hufflepuff, and her hatred for puns rivals my love for them...but those things aside, we're ridiculously similar. We're both scared of practically everybody easily intimidated, but that's getting a lot better, and Lulypso is literally Yasilla (me + willa). I can't tell whether we turned them into us or they turned us into them, but it happened and there's not much we can do about it now.

look out! look out!

Rowan Stann

    (04/04/2015 at 16:55)
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Challenge Accepted

I would have to say that I relate the most to my very first character, Alyson Schooner (isn't that how it usually is?). Friendly and outgoing, Alyson had a heart for injustice, and lived by a moral code of accepting everyone, no matter what their bloodline. She also believed that there was good to be found in every person, even if the rest of the world saw that person as nothing but bad. But she had doubts and fears about herself, and let those doubts get in the way of success on more than one occasion. Aly wasn't into music as much as I am, but I would say that her love for Quidditch was on par with my love for music. Her personality was definitely one that mirrored my own though.

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* Irma Wolffe

    (04/04/2015 at 17:15)
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Challenge Accepted
Okay, lets set things straight.  I have been a storyteller/Dungeon Master for about 20 years.  There's a piece of me in every single character I've ever done, from Random Villager #6 to Glurd the Orc Chieftain, to Terometallus- the ancient mind of an entire moon.

Irma has the adventurous spirit I wish I had.  She has snark and sass, both of which I have been told I carry in spades.  Where she is fairly base of speech, I tend to be loquacious.  I am a musician/artist/actor/writer at heart, while she doesn't really see the point.  She is good at Quidditch; I am pretty uncoordinated at sports.  She is fearless; I tend to be reserved.  Irma has character and I love her dearly, but I am not her.

Newton is a Ravenclaw, and I am also.  He is socially awkward- me too.  He is Scottish, and I too have Scottish ancestry.  Newton was my first Hogwarts character and I put a lot of myself into him.
No, I'm not crazy (which is exactly what a crazy person would say).  I do not want to create a baby boom (I have 5 kids already, thanks).  Newton is a lonely, tragic character; I am happily married and, while my past has its own level of tragedy, I am content.

I love my characters.  They include little bits of what I am.  But they are also constructions of what I am not, in situations I hope to never encounter, so that I might have a glimpse at what I might be.

Chartreuse Greene

    (04/04/2015 at 18:39)
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Challenge Accepted

I had a character I often forget about because I only played him for one summer and one term, Adonis Blythe. He was a Slytherin, like I would be according to the ole Sorting Hat. He was also judgmental, gay, and in love with drama/music. He was just the right amount of awkward for me.

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Joy Detora

    (04/04/2015 at 19:09)
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Challenge Accepted

Like a bunch of us, I relate the most to my first baby, Joy. She's a Hufflepuff and I'm a Gryffindor, she's an athletic kind of person and I pretty much suck at sports, but those are minor details. Personality-wise, we're similar. Competitive, confident (or I like to think so), kind of sarcastic. But I still think there's a little bit of myself in each character too - Margaret's ability to fake things, Cassiel's sense of humor.

In the end though, I'm forever a Joy.

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* Waldo Woodrow Angerville

    (04/04/2015 at 19:25)
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Challenge Accepted

It would be so easy to say that I relate to Ignis Fides Rivers the most with her philosophical tendencies and her search for social equality, but it would prove itself to be a one dimensional approach. I relate to Waldo Woodrow Angerville the most when I am happy, rambling and sprouting nonsense. But there is also some Loxias Ricardus Junior within when you get on my wrong side and get me angry, I will basically stew in silence and find a way to get back even more annoyingly. But I think that I might be most like Salazar Ricardus, for I will be most like him when I meet up with strangers or when I want to live up to the expectations. Cocky, stubborn, annoying as hell, indifferent, proud and dare-devilish.
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Captain Price

    (04/04/2015 at 21:12)
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Challenge Accepted

I think the reason why first characters are first characters is because people like to write about something they're comfortable with, on the first try. And certainly I identify with many bits of Scott. I like intellectual things, I like snark, I like playing chess with Eve Hallows. And certainly Scott's a sort of an ideal version of what I think I could be. But at the same time I think there's a pretty Cappie aspect to me as well. Cappie is what happens when Rach is tired from watching football and has to function on six cups of coffee and no one's regulating what she's saying. My sense of humour deviates very much into Cappie territory. Also some bits of the 'liking dead people' bit might be true, considering my choice in subject and particularly in military history. Scopie?

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Isabelle F Oliveroot

    (04/04/2015 at 23:25)
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Challenge Accepted

Penelope Wynovain, hands down. It was either a mistake or a wonderful thing, but either way, I modelled her ENTIRELY on myself. I gave her the same background, same family members, same upbringing and life experiences. She has surpassed me a little now, in beauty and confidence but at the time, the only thing i could think of was "write what you know". So I did!

Jackson Ross

    (04/04/2015 at 23:43)
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Challenge Accepted

This one is kinda hard. I could probably say any of the Rosses - Derek, because he was my first and has been with me for so long, although now it's a bit hard to relate to him. We started out similar. Chloe, as well, although she's tougher than I'll ever be. So I guess that just leaves Jacks. We both have a love for lame jokes and puns, and I've always liked school and doing well in it when I was there. I guess we can both be a bit oblivious and optimistic as well, although my poor lil baby is starting to toughen up a bit.

Sophie Ross

    (04/05/2015 at 01:39)
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Challenge Accepted

I'll have to contradict a few people here and go with not my first!

I would most definitely have to say Alexis from day one. We are both nerds, though perhaps in different ways, and intelligence and learning are very important to us though we are not Ravenclaws. Loyalty and commitment are two of the most important values that we both hold, and yet we don't always find the right places and people to put them into. Still, Alexis sees the good in everybody, a trait I did not recognize came from me in the start though I am starting to learn we share, almost to a fault. Unfortunately my similarity to Alexis is growing even more over the years (she jumped me in age eventually but as I start to trace those steps its almost eerie...not NOT exactly like Alexis on that realm, just some mirroring here and there). We are both realists at heart though sometimes we like to daydream about the ideal world, creating whole scenarios in our head that we know will never truly play out. (This got Alexis into a LOT of trouble in school. Seems to be flying under the radar so far for me, thankfully!) Family is the most important thing to us and we will do anything for them, though "family" is not strictly defined simply by blood. We are also perfectionists, though sometimes find excitement and truth in the moments where we are forced to not be perfect.

Though Alexis was not my first character, I think she was definitely the character that I grew the most with in my writing and I feel this is probably why there is so much of me in her (or her in me?). It is also the reason why it always pained me to see her never reach the happy ending she dreamed of (even while it was fun to play...maybe onee day!).

* Wilhelmina Mason

    (04/05/2015 at 05:25)
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Challenge Accepted

This is such a hard question!

I think for me, it changes as I get older. Zaide was the first of my characters that I truly related to. Personality-wise, she was a lot of who I was when I started writing her. Before that, I'd played characters that had lives and personalities that I wished I could. She was very much me as a teenager, except a little braver. (Let's be honest, I'm no Gryffindor. I'm a Ravenclaw through and through.)

Now, though, I might have to say Anneka. I'm a little more caring about people than she normally is, but we approach things in a similar manner. She's the first character who I'd ever been through such an emotional journey with (yes, emotions - she does have them) and sometimes I think I learned more about myself than I did her.

Of course, there's little bits in each of my characters I can relate to. Sarah's nervousness, Meghan's flightiness, Eddie's stubbornness, Pryce's snark, and so on.

Hana Sato

    (04/05/2015 at 15:03)
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Challenge Accepted

Welp, that's hard... In a way, I relate a lot to L's awkwardness and anxieties. In another way, I also relate a lot to Ronan's daydreaming tendencies, obliviousness, just-smile-even-though-you-don't-understand habit, and general goofiness/childishness. Buuuut I guess the most would have to be Hana. And noooooope, I'm not a psychopath, honest! at least i think i'm not? Whereas she's so uncaring-for-your-feels-lemme-wrap-you-round-my-little-finger-now-dance-for-me-my-puppets; I, on the other hand, am the opposite: caring too much and always wanting to please everyone, even when I have to let them walk all over me. But we're similar in a lot more ways than my other charries, for some reason??

Like, Hana and I are both impulsive, easily distracted, easily bored, should-always-be-entertained/kept-busy-by-something-interesting, can-get-really-focused-when-something-catches-our-attention; and sometimes, I really do feel like my emotional depth is as shallow as water in a basin - but at the same time really intense. Also, I just realized Hana's pretty temperamental, which I also am, ahahah.

(It's kinda scary and really surprising that I came to this conclusion tbh, 'cause I thought I'd actually relate more to Ro, lol.)

nobody knows i dream about it

Raasiel Albear

    (04/05/2015 at 18:05)
Challenge Accepted

I relate most to Ra'asiel out of my three characters. He often acts more confident than he is but is actually pretty awkward, and never quite knows where he stands with people. I used to be a lot more extroverted but have actually introverted a lot since college, and so sometimes I get anxious about messaging people because I worry that I'm bothering them. Unlike Ra'as, I'm awful at keeping my own secrets. :'D

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