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Author Topic: Jousting Tournament: Asher Cole VS Vera Hudson  (Read 936 times)

* Naomi Inez Howard

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Friday 28th July


Naomi's gaze wandered over the water before her, her thoughts lost as she watched the way the sunlight made the entire lake shimmer.

It was another wonderfully hot summers morning, and she couldn't help thinking she had picked the perfect day for a little jousting tournament.

During her planning of this summers activities she had gone over events from her most recent years to see if there was anything she could throw in that might be fun for the campers, and jousting had jumped out straight away. Who wouldn't love competing to knock someone in to a lake? It was challenging, and fun. And not to mention a little different. Plus people could come and watch their friends compete, if they really wanted too.

Looking at her watch she saw that it was ten minutes past the time she had asked everyone to arrive. Everyone present had waited long enough. It was time to start the tournament.

Taking out her wand she flicked her wrist and sent two blue orbs to float high above the lake. They were perfectly on line with one another, and a good few meters apart; Both acting as markers for the players.

Turning around Naomi smiled at the competitors, happy to see they were in swim wear, and had their brooms and that each had a padded lance. "Thank you so much for wanting to take part in this event. I am sure you will all have fun. The match is simple. You will both fly up, and situate yourself behind each orb, and facing one another."

"I will count down from three, and when I say charge, well, you charge. The aim is to hit your opponent off their broom. The one left on their broom wins, and goes on to the next round."

Naomi called the competitors in turn. Each duo would only take about five minutes tops. It was going to be a rather short tournament, but at least the prize would be worth it. Or at least, she hoped it would.

She watched at the pair headed up, and went to their markers. After giving them a short moment to prepare, she pressed her wand to her throat and said, "Sonorus."

"Okay?" Her voice echoed across the lake. "Three. Two. One... Charge!"

(ooc: Presume that Naomi shouted you both, and told you to head out on the lake. It is between the two of you to decide who win and who loses, but most importantly have fun. This round is open until there is a winner!)
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Asher Cole

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   Asher got up that morning cursing the enthusiasm that had made him sign up for jousting when he saw the sign up forms. If he had taken the time to read it he never would have signed the sheet. He would of been completely fine if the jousting had been like the traditional and was on horseback. Asher was never more at home then when on the back of a horse, except for maybe when he was playing his music. Unfortunately to his dismay he found far too late that the jousting was to be done on the back of a broom!

   Asher did not have a very good history with flying on brooms. It seemed that every time he had attempted to do so something went terribly wrong. His only true hope was that he would at least get knocked off rather than fall off the broom in this event.  To make matters worse he found that he was facing Vera. Vera was his beatles buddy and he didn't imagine him causing her to fall into the lake would help improve on that relationship.  He sighed as he got up and pulled on his swimming trunks as well as a tank top. He made his way to the Great Hall and got breakfast and then arrived at the lake.  He took the broom that he had borrowed from his sister and scanned the area.

   Naomi was there and Asher gave her a friendly wave. Seeing her made him think of Meghan, how he had missed her this summer.  He shook the thoughts of Meghan and fun times in the library as he was handed a foam lance. He listened to Naomi as she gave the instructions and then he mounted his broom.

  Asher smiled slightly at the fact that he was able to maneuver the broom to the correct position. He set the lance forward in front of him and doubled up on his grip on the broom. He listened as Naomi counted down looking at Vera and trying to give her a friendly smile through the nervousness he felt with being on the broom. When Naomi said Charge Asher closed his eyes and leaned forward with all his might and willed the broom to go straight in Vera's direction.
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* Vera Hudson Cole

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Vera was a bit upset she was jousting Ash. The reason she had signed up in the first place was for the idea of being able to knock Dem off his broom, and he hadn’t even signed up! She had gotten past that though, and figured just jousting would be a good release for her anger. She had calmed down since, by the help of friends… including the one she was about to joust.

She felt confident in her flying skills, as she’d been flying for five years now. True, she was shaky at first, but now, especially with Quidditch, she had become significantly better. She had gotten used to flying with a bat in her hand, so she expected a lance wouldn’t be too different.

Naomi called the two over to the lake to begin the joust. Vera held on to the lance. She didn’t want to joust Ash… but flew up to her position anyway. Naomi began the countdown. I don’t want to do this, he’s a new friend! I don’t want to hurt him! Ash looked a bit shaky on a broom. She couldn’t take advantage of that fact. “One… Charge!”

Vera flew towards Ash with her lance pointed towards him. She flew at a medium speed, as if she did hit, she didn’t want the force of her fast flying to knock him back off his broom, or for the lance to hurt him.

Asher Cole

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 The broom as Asher had expected moved almost reluctantly toward Vera. It was as if it sensed the fact that Ash did not even really want to be there. He noticed that Vera seemed to be moving at a similar pace and he wondered if there was something to the fact that his sisters had told him. They had said that the broom became part of you and flew based on your will and intent.  He did not want to hurt Vera, but he was never one for losing competitions either. He would always admit he had a bit of a competitive spirit.  He tried to ignore his inner feelings of the friendship he felt for Vera.  He tried to see her now as only competition. He took a deep breath and tightened his grip on both the broom and the lance and increased his speed and aimed the lance at Vera's chest.

  All too soon Asher felt the lance that was in Vera's hand graze his chest and he almost lost balance, but instead was thrown into sideways spinning holding on for his life with both hands dropping his own lance. He wasn't even sure if he had struck Vera, but he luckily finally ended up right way up still sitting on his broom his own lance falling to the surface of the lake. He wasn't sure if he was allowed, but he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wand pointing it to the lance. "Accio Lance!" he said bringing the lance back into his possession. He smiled and looked back behind him to see what had happened to Vera. He realized that he was now at the other glowing ball. Had he gone that far?
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