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Author Topic: Jousting Tournament: Hunter Rhodes VS Erynn Rae  (Read 601 times)

* Naomi Inez Howard

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Friday 28th July


Naomi's gaze wandered over the water before her, her thoughts lost as she watched the way the sunlight made the entire lake shimmer.

It was another wonderfully hot summers morning, and she couldn't help thinking she had picked the perfect day for a little jousting tournament.

During her planning of this summers activities she had gone over events from her most recent years to see if there was anything she could throw in that might be fun for the campers, and jousting had jumped out straight away. Who wouldn't love competing to knock someone in to a lake? It was challenging, and fun. And not to mention a little different. Plus people could come and watch their friends compete, if they really wanted too.

Looking at her watch she saw that it was ten minutes past the time she had asked everyone to arrive. Everyone present had waited long enough. It was time to start the tournament.

Taking out her wand she flicked her wrist and sent two blue orbs to float high above the lake. They were perfectly on line with one another, and a good few meters apart; Both acting as markers for the players.

Turning around Naomi smiled at the competitors, happy to see they were in swim wear, and had their brooms and that each had a padded lance. "Thank you so much for wanting to take part in this event. I am sure you will all have fun. The match is simple. You will both fly up, and situate yourself behind each orb, and facing one another."

"I will count down from three, and when I say charge, well, you charge. The aim is to hit your opponent off their broom. The one left on their broom wins, and goes on to the next round."

Naomi called the competitors in turn. Each duo would only take about five minutes tops. It was going to be a rather short tournament, but at least the prize would be worth it. Or at least, she hoped it would.

She watched at the pair headed up, and went to their markers. After giving them a short moment to prepare, she pressed her wand to her throat and said, "Sonorus."

"Okay?" Her voice echoed across the lake. "Three. Two. One... Charge!"

(ooc: Presume that Naomi shouted you both, and told you to head out on the lake. It is between the two of you to decide who win and who loses, but most importantly have fun.  This round is open until there is a winner!)
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Erynn Nicole Sincade

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This summer was a lot better. There were so many more activities to choose from, last summer there was basically just Dueling and Quidditch like always but thanks to the oh so wonderful Naomi Lombardi who after graduation took the liberty to be the activity planner for this camp, things were defiantly better. Although, why she chose to do jousting was beyond her.

Jousting was a sport or something back in the old days in which they would get on a horse with full body armor and then run at each other with pointy sticks - at least that's what Izzy told her when she asked. Seemed barbaric and not fun at all sense people really did die during those tournaments but this was different, and better because they were over the lake, they were using brooms and the pointy sticks were foam. No harm done, and being on the Quidditch team probably put her at an advantage. Should be a pierce of cake, right?

Arriving at the lake, swim suit and broom in hand, seeing Naomi she smile and waved. Erynn didn't talk to Naomi much, actually not at all but she remembered the Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw game, that was a fun one and then Care of Magical Creatures when she was Professor Dryden's assistant. She seemed nice, so a wave didn't seem out of the ordinary. It wasn't long before the person she was going against arrived. Hunter Rhodes. Must be new, or just someone she has never seen before?

Naomi explained how it worked and the Hufflepuff just nodded in response. Seemed easy enough. You charge toward each other, point these big things and try to knock one another off. A lot easier than Quidditch, and a lot quicker too. Smiling toward her opponent, "This should be fun. Good luck!" normally she wasn't this bubbly but the activity was so...different and she couldn't wait to get in the air and try it. Lightly tapping the foamed lance on the ground to test it's flexibility; nodding to herself she turned to hop on her broom.

Being in Quidditch meant she was used to riding on broom, she couldn't do cool tricks and flips, nor could she stand up on it and fly like some people but she new the basics, knew some handy moves to get her by and was comfortable on the broom. Even with this awkward large thing in her hand now Erynn still felt secure even though she was floating over the lake and this boy across from her wanted to knock her off. If she was going to fall into that lake, she was going to make sure that she didn't go down without a good fight.

At the countdown Erynn steadied her lance forward and slowly started to lean forward on her broom into position. Her muscles tensed while she listened, waiting for the final word before she would be charging forward. It was such a small sport, quick too but the Hufflepuff was able to recognize that same rush she felt in Quidditch.  Anticipation.


As soon as the words slipped past the older girl's lips Erynn had leaned forward and headed in a straight path toward the boy. Lance pointed ahead, aimed directly for the center of his chest and eyes locked on her target. Yes, this was defiantly going to be fun.