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The HSNet

Day 03.
Day 03.

Who are your characters and tell us about them.

30-Day Challenge

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Who are your characters and tell us about them.

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Joy Detora

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Challenge Accepted

I'm first mwahaha I have three characters, Joy Clarissa Detora (my baby), Margaret Renée Labadie (my Frenchie), and Cassiel Galeno Lucero Albear (my hottie). Joy is my eternal baby, and she's typical Hufflepuff with a not so typical Quidditch obsession. Also, she's a Halfblood Heiress.

Margaret is my favorite to ship with after Joy because of her only romantic ship, which is MaDam. MaDam is my life I swear. She's a 30 year old French pureblood lady in the Wizengamot. Also, she's a bit of a quiet rebel.

Cass is my first male and first adoptee. He's hot, he's cute, flirty, and basically just awesome. He's an Auror in training too, and has all the Albear plots lined up.

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Loyalty, Labor, Love

Captain Price

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Challenge Accepted

Well, this is going to be useful for my introduction later on XD In roughly chronological order, retired characters included: Scott Cooper, one man snark machine who spends his time Deep Blue-ing Eve Hallows and whose brain is too big for his boots (excuse the weird imagery and the fact that he talks as if even he doesn't understand what he's saying); Maverick Steele, dashing brave and chivalrous but not actually Gryffindor, instead a wolfish American who still can't believe he's married the girl of his (and many others') dreams; James Cook, bumbling reporter who was more likely to trip over his own shoelaces than a good news story, mumbled to himself a lot, had zero social skills, and whose only redeeming factor was the fact that he resembled Michael Fassbender; Philip Huntingdon, professional cleaner-upper who would probably end up in the ward he worked in as a patient after being punched by a disgruntled drunk who really didn't need to know that two stitches were loose from his buttonhole; Nigel Huntingdon, lazy worse-half-of-Niphie who thinks that doing nothing in itself is an acceptable occupation, and therefore should go into either writing or politics; Captain Price, a man who is basically the poster boy for The Sixth Sense's most popular quote, who has eaten so much shaving cream that he might also feature as a poster boy for Gilette, and hwo has done so many questionable things in/with his life that covering all of them would not be possible in an 8 day Andy Warhol exhibition; Percy Marlowe, an overexcitable Young Child whose main entertainment consisted of swinging his wooden sword at random people and trying to decapitate them while at the same time being too adorable for them to say anything about it (ignoring the fact that they would likely not be in a position to say anything at all); Landon Marlowe, residential femme fatale only male, a man so quiet and mysterious that not even his writer is sure of what he's doing or how he should be played, only that she really wanted to use Xabi Alonso as a face claim; Harry Colville, a grumpy old man who could think of better things to do than be sitting in the Wizengamot, like fly fishing and burying himself in the garden while being stabbed to death with very blunt spoons - has he told you he really doesn't like the Wizengamot?; Fenton Colville, a poor wee lad prone to being bullied because of his tendency to shout 'FOR SCIENCE!', ironically, for no particular reason, and who blew up so many things that I supopse he would have gotten kicked out of Hogwarts by now and is living somewhere happily in a field in southern Wales examining sheep; and perhaps other, newer characters, if I have the time.

/takes a deep breath
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oh yes, oh yes

Cecily Noble

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Challenge Accepted

Ooh, fun prompt.

So my characters are Gardenia Reine, Constance Butler, Valencia B. Alvear, and my newest, Cecily Noble.

Gardenia was originally supposed to be sort of a regal ice queen with a love of books and words and highly intelligent for her age. As she developed, it turns out that she is just a nut for manners and politeness and I've had a ton of fun with her so far. With a knack of the language arts, Gardenia is just a mini version of her uptight mother and seems to have inherited the 'good behavior' thing. She has currently developing social skills, but her brain still mistakes books for friends. Perhaps her parents' divorce will change this.


Constance, a.k.a Connie, is a different story. The second cousin once-removed (or just mom's second cousin) of Gardenia Reine, this tough cookie is my awesome American who I think is the most like myself in real life. She's a Gryffindor alumna (alumni? apparently alumni is plural) of 1930something sent from Boston, Massachusetts all the way to London, England to live with her aunt after reckless activities including: hurting the Muggle neighbor's kid with her mom's wand, hurting the other Muggle neighbor's kid with her dad's wand, hurting the the Muggle passerby with her mom and dad's wands, hurting everyone with her bad manners, etc. She's a smoker and has battled depression and won with triumph, now working for Asher Nicolosi-Cadwallababy at the Silver Phoenix Pawn Shop.

*discreetly advertises the store* boss u proud of me yet

My third character is Valencia Bienvenida Alvear (Valencia Bienvenida is her first name, her middle name is another story), and shE IS A SPOILED BRAT. My comedic relief and tantrum thrower, Valencia is a child of the esteemed Alvear (or is it Albear? Ra'as knows what I'm talking about (○゜ε^○)) family and literally has nearly everything she'll ever want. With her oldest br-- I MEAN cousin wrapped around her finger, Val is nearly 10 years old and now has stopped accepting any stuffed animal gifts and now accepts: candies, dresses, maybe makeup, candies, candies, candies, etc. She believes she is a soon-to-be princess, but that's just her arrogance showing.

Literally, she has a crown with real jewels in it too.

My newest character is Cecily Noble. I haven't gotten to know her well enough yet, but from what I know, she's a lover of cheesy romance novels (if she was living in our time, The Twilight Saga would be one of them) and has a controlled obsession with tea. Fluent in English, Swedish, and maybe other languages that I've yet to know of, Cecily has been going to Durmstrang for most of her education until the Nobles decided to move back to England as a family. I won't be playing her at the Castle, but this term will be her seventh year (she'll be turning 17 at the end of summer on IC August 24th) and I literally don't know what to do since she'll be grown up next term? Or, at least I thinks she'll be? Anyway, yeah. This is her.

What a pretty Noblelady.

Rowan Stann

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Challenge Accepted

Okay, I'm going to *try* to keep this short.

Rowan Stann is my 7th year Hufflepuff. I can't believe he's almost done! He's adventurous, carefree, and a bit too impulsive lately. Which has gotten him into a bit of trouble. But he's generally a happy guy, when his lips aren't getting him into trouble.

Henry Viggano is my 4th year Slytherin. He's a brat, think's he better than everyone else, and his mouth gets him into a lot of trouble with other students.

Kellen Douglass owns a comic shop in Hogsmeade, is married to Calla Locksley, and will be a father in the fall! He used to be a shy, asthmatic kid, but has turned out rather nicely, I think. Although, he had had a lot of issues trying to handle emotions and deal with stress.

Damien Andrada is my brash former Gryffindor [didn't graduate] who owns Pasta Vino. He doesn't care what others think of him, and always acts before he thinks. Currently, he's wrapped up in a romantic *something* [no labels] thing with Margaret Labadie.

Tegan Owensby is a former Slytherin, who works for the Daily Prophet. She generally enjoys digging up dirt on the Ministry and is always looking for ways to get her father sacked from his Auror position. She used to have a penchant for getting five finger discounts at stores, but I think that's settled down a little.

Jean-Claude Ouellet is a Ministry worker, who is not all that he seems to be (Francis Turin). He used to be one of the leaders of a group of people bent on the destruction of the Ministry. The group doesn't exist anymore, but JC remains ever hopeful that his dreams will one day come to fruition.

Nicole Ouellet
is JC's daughter (although, not really) who also works at the Ministry. She's rich, snobby, and usually only likes someone if they have money and power. She's currently trying to win the hand of the Minister, Pryce Hir, because who wouldn't want to marry the leader of a country?

Jason Bonaduce is my Italian who works at the Ministry. He's married to Rhoswen Hardwick and has two children. That's about it on him.

hard at work

Oliver Razi

    (04/03/2015 at 01:00)
Challenge Accepted

Seriously...  I have a character problem and you ask me this...

Oliver Razi: 3rd Slytherin...  On the cusp of becoming a criminal...

Elizabeth Arnett: Daughter of Zoraida Trowbridge (first character)...  New...  Independent...  Fun...

Gabriel Bouchard: 7th ???  Servant ...  I have to switch into his account to see how his name is spelled...

Brokric Flair:  Also new.  Small.  He might be six, but he is ready to prove he is an adult.

Jabari Razi: Germiphobe.  Healer going towards the Ministry to try to save the Minister from himself.

I need to retire Paras, Nate, and Bancroft.  They were adorable and hold a special place in my heart for being adorable characters.  Ohh and I have a sub-account for Edith she is Constance Razi's mom.

Joy Detora

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Denia, even though I'm not Raas, I totally get it. ;)

Loyalty, Labor, Love

Chartreuse Greene

    (04/03/2015 at 01:27)
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Challenge Accepted

It all started with one Paula F Klein. She was a Hufflepuff with a boy's haircut who liked to eat her feelings. She brought much humor to her friends through her ridiculousness. She barely succeeded at Hogwarts, but now she's one of the first muggleborn employees at the Ministry. Rumor has it, she'll be dating my RL BF's first character soon. Expect babbies!!! Also, her face claim is Snooki, so totes ridic.

After Paula graduated, I had to figure out who to pick up next. That's when Chartreuse Greene stepped out onto the scene. She was a rough girl who thought she was a pirate. She has been doing exceptional at school, reaching the status of prefect and Quidditch captain. She is a force to be reckoned with on the dueling block, as well. In this past year's dueling tournament, she made it to the finals for the first time, but her loyalty got her in trouble, as usual. Her face claim is Lauren Socha from Misfits.

Zedric Flair is an Auror at the Ministry of Magic. He has taken to teaching some of the Aurors in Training. He's married through an arranged marriage to another part-goblin/part-wizard. Together, they have two kids. They all live with the rest of the little Flair family on the big estate. He hopes to one day teach Magical Defence at Hogwarts after his experience in the Ministry. His face claim is Peter Dinklage.

My newest character is an incoming firstie named Marlena Flair. She's a reader, imaginative, and stubborn. She's a bit of a pureblood elitist but isn't completely against halfbloods and muggleborn. She's hoping to learn to fly by the end of summer camp, so she can be a force on the Quidditch Pitch. She doesn't like to be looked down at, even though she is only three foot tall, but unlike her little brother, she doesn't try to be bigger than she is. Her face claim is Honey Boo Boo.

I AM your head girl
Me & you is thinking buddies

Tiberius Owain Paladin

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Challenge Accepted
Hi I’m Vica and I talk about my characters all the time but you asked for it so here um yeah

Um I guess here’s honesty hour/some stuff ppl might not know?

ARS Ars is actually my favorite rn tbh. I’m not biased at all? HIS PLOT PAGE KILLS THE MAN. I’m sorry I haven’t been around at all ugh I think my best threads are with him, as he’s really moody and contemplative. A lot of people don’t know this, but he’s actually afraid of pregnancy because he witnessed his mother’s death, and his broken family is one of the reasons he’s still unmarried. (Also because he’s a fireball?) *COUGHING*

I didn’t want a second character at all really but Leah made me look through the Cadwalladers and I inquired about JON SNOW and  she told me the part about the mom and him being sad and naturally that involved into bartending? The bass bit is drawn from my favorite book series/actual religion The Name of the Wind and my own experience as a bass player? (+THIS BOY NEEDS SOMETHING TO LOVE)

Secretly though I think Ars is the sweetest and most honest out of all my characters (but don’t make him mad). He’ll be a really good father someday if he ever settles down. (TBH I DON’T WANT HIM TO MARRY BECAUSE I’LL MISS ALL THE SADNESS?)

TIBERIUS Tiberius hasn’t been played much (YET) but he’s also an adoptable obviously. I’ve been sitting on him for actual months and his like entire life is plotted over Skype? (SORRY NOT SORRY). I think like, he almost started as a joke with Lenka but then became so very real.
I’m really excited to play him as my type are actually EVIL MALE CHARACTERS but when I joined the site a year ago I wanted to play someone nice as I didn’t want people to think I’m evil? (Idk I tend to think of people as their characters and I know most people do soo?)

Tibs is wicked though. He’s kind of cute right now because he’s young but he’s going to grow up and stop barking and start biting.
Also I adore PALADINS. UGH.

TSUBASA TSUBASA IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE MY FAVORITE SOON!? Please thread with her I swear she’s cool. Like it started in the shower last summer when I was like “I WANT AN ASTRONOMY PROFESSOR.” I actually know a lot about astronomy (like I took some classes IRL in Uni I’m not a scientist or anything) and I wanted to use it to teach the class because I have an interest in it and wondered what my charrie’s interest in it might be? WEREWOLF. A werewolf teaching astronomy. Like she has to study it to understand lycanthropy so it’s perf?

The Arai family was inspired from my time in Japan of course, and I wanted to make an authentic-y Japanese family and lots of non-English speakers? I also wanted my character to be a diva. AND TSU WAS BORN.

You guys will love her hopefully. She has like none threads rn but she’ll be popping around soon.

EVES I HAVE A LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH EVES? Evelyn is my first character and she started off really goody-two-shoes which I hate but like has this really dark past and a lot of conflict with blood status and race which I love playing? Also, like, this hasn’t been mentioned in detail but Evelyn is dropping out because the fisherman who adopted her died in America? Like her history is really sad but she’s really strong through it all?

But if I’m being real here like it was really hard to play eves after hiatus which is also why I’m dropping? SORRY NOT SORRY. Give me my evil men?

She’ll be in elsewhere. ALSO BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR #ELVES


So I’m a moron with multi-charrie disease so eventually in the future I’ll probably be applying an elsewhere character who’s from LEAH’S SECRET NEW FAMILY and DISOWNED AT THAT. He’s going to be a kind of…thug? A REALLY BAD PERSON. LIKE. STREET FIGHTS AND BAD ACTIVITY.

He’s seriously based off of G Dragon’s song CROOKED.

Like that’s actually it.

One day Tiberius will grow up and my fcs will be TOP AND G DRAGON

I don’t even like kpop. Yes I do

Theirs would be the Light, his would be theDark:
And from his desolate throne
he watched them compose
A mountainous wall of stone,
to separate themselves from him.
A massive, jagged barricade    
to lock themselves in.

Viola Ross

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THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT WILLIAM MOST DAYS idek what he would look like if he wasn't sad and awk.
And so it goes
This soldier knows
The battle with the heart
Isn't easily won
but it can be won

* Wilhelmina Mason

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Challenge Accepted

For the sake of keeping this fairly short, I'll only list the characters I have accounts for now.

Anneka Ivanova is currently the Headmistress of Hogwarts. She was born in Russia and spent two years at Durmstrang before transferring to Hogwarts, where she was promptly sorted into Slytherin. (Fun fact! She was my first Slytherin character and I was hooked.) She had a very short marriage, which didn't work out, but it did give her a daughter. She also has a twin brother.

David Leighton is a former Slytherin. He's currently the Quidditch referee and Head of Slytherin. He is also the owner of the Falmouth Falcons. He used to be a rich playboy who wanted to snog all the girls. Now he's just rich. He married Roelle Bennett and they have two kids. (Fun fact! He's the youngest brother of another character, Elizabeth, that I no longer play.) He's pretty much in love with himself.

Pryce Hir is your Minister of Magic! He's the youngest of four boys and, though he loves knowledge and learning, his ambition got him sorted into Slytherin. (Fun fact! He is the only character I've ever participated in duelling with.) He's also an Occlumens. He's a little socially awkward, especially with women, and he thinks almost everyone around him is an idiot. I frequently call him my baby, even though he is neither the first nor the youngest of my characters.

Edward Howard is my musical genius. He was a Slytherin at Hogwarts, then he decided to enroll in Muggle university. He studied music at Cambridge. The piano is his first love. He eventually married his school sweetheart, Naomi Lombardi. They had their first child in July 1943. He's ridiculously cheeky and a little arrogant and loves to eat. (Fun fact! Edward is the first character of mine to be a "second generation". His mother is Elizabeth.)

Meghan Lambton is a former Slytherin. She's a cousin to Edward. She has no job, but she is married to Maurus Gale and is a mother. She's always been fun to write because she's flighty and tends to say the first thing that pops in her head. She is also manipulative and tends to use her looks to get what she wants. (Fun fact! Because I had Eddie at the castle, I played with Megh only on Elsewhere and Summer until her 5th year.)

Sarah Lambton is a former Hufflepuff. (Fun fact! She was my first and only Hufflepuff character.) She has no job either, but has been suffering through her mother trying to marry her off. She's Meghan's younger sister. They look alike, but have completely different personalities. I'm hoping to find her a husband soon.

Wilhelmina Mason is the one and only daughter of Anneka. She's going to be a 4th year Gryffindor. She's a good mixture of her parents, which means she's pretty spunky. She spends most of her time crushing on older Gryff boys and trying not to fail Transfiguration. (Fun fact! I actually had her face claim picked out since she was "born".)

Zaide Carver is a former Gryffindor, working at St. Mungo's. She married Dave Carver, but they never had any children. (Fun fact! She was my first character to ever be played from 1st to 7th year.)

F. Benjamin Winthrop is a former president of Salem Institute. He left to go work in politics. He's obviously an American. (Fun fact! Benjy is my only character to never be played as a student.)

[SPOILERS] Coming soon...James Leighton!

Maël Rey-Cadwallader

    (04/03/2015 at 02:43)
Challenge Accepted

*sighs* There are so many.

Sylvianne Marceau — Artist, cutie, Slytherin, graduated Head Girl, is mostly nice but also kinda wishy washy sometimes.
Maël Rey-Cadwallader — Logical (most of the time), wants to be an inventor, is totally not in love with anyone in particular.
Lamia Cadwallader — Literally evil. Evil, Elitist, Brat child.
Arthur Carlisle — Probably has OCD, is really into Tsubasa Arai, and teachers at Hogwarts.
Arden Cadwallader — Former Prima Ballerina, bored, owns a pretty sweet club
Kelsey Cadwallader — Works at the Daily Prophet, and Tchaikovsky, metamorphmagus, insomniac, shy, cute as a button.

....I might update this to be as nice as everyone else's eventually. It's just...there are so many of them.

* Eugene Bryce

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Challenge Accepted
I wrote this up for my intro, but I'll put it here too and add a bit more c: I love talk about my babies!

Lincoln Litchfield has been the Hogwarts librarian since 1940 (4 IC YEARS ALREADY???? OH MAN.) Before that he was/is an Unspeakable at the Ministry. Linc is in his mid-30's and is a owner of a heard of dogs, but mainly an Australian Shephard named Mozzie. Most importantly he is basically secret married to Robert Oliveroot, but don't go looking to find out about that, they've soMEONES been known to obliviate young minds. c:

Eugene Bryce is my llittle sunshine muffin. He is 16, still heartbroken over meanie Jackson Ross denying his vERY REAL FEELINGS FOR HIM, oh and he is also a Hufflepuff c: Eugene is working towards being an animagus. He's also verrry excited to have a new baby sister in his life ♥

Helen Bryce is a baker, business owner, and mother of two. She has been known to be in the company of one Derek Ross, but after his son hurt her son she's dropped that c: Also she had a baby girl named Marcella recently and refuses to acknowledge it's Derek's spawn. She loves Marcy regardless.

Able Sorley is a Mean Girl, a notorious flirt, a Daily Prophet photographer and the manager of said department. He's also an unregistered werewolf and despises that; the number of people who have found out has unfortunately grown from no one to about 4 in the last few years. Able can be seen making life hell for other members of the DP, or probably out with Ciel somewhere. Side note-- He is open for hire for wedding photography baby portraits other photography projects. Whatever makes him money.

Tavish Cadwallader is a dreadfully handsome 17 year old Gryffindor troublemaker, and two time prefect even though he still has no clue why. He is also a twin, and no it isn't Monroe Litchfield-- though neither of them believe that isn't true. He can be found usually doing something scrappy, like getting into fights, practicing quid, or taking bets on slug races. Is currently seeing Sophie Ross, after Lucy Hopland ruthlessly stomped on his heart c:

Erasmus Malthe is Danish, 49 years old, and working as an Oblivator for the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. He's had two marriages under his belt; one ending when his wife and child died due to complications during the birth, and the second ending because she cheated on him all the time. He's gone a little crazy over the years and talks to this voice in his head (: He's still new to me 'cause I've been too busy >.>; but I want to get him to cause some trouble~

Ignatius Mallory is my first muggleborn orphan! He is 13 and doesn't remember much about his parents, and he tends to have a lot of trouble sleeping due to nightmares and night terrors. Ig also is a Slytherin, but I'm not playing him at the Castle... Yet. He has two older siblings who will eventually make their appearance in the future.~

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST Noah Ross. My second (ooc) adopted character, next to Tavish. One of the many, many, many, many (is that even a word anymore) children in the Ross brood, Noah is a firecracker. He has, uh... some anger issues to work on, not that anyone besides his family has really seen that. Publicly he's a charming devil who likes to get his flirt on with the ladies. He aspires to be a Quid pro, but is having a little trouble with team tryouts. Currently he is bumming around on friends' couches.

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Raasiel Albear

    (04/03/2015 at 03:09)
Challenge Accepted

Woo! OvO Who doesn't love talking about their characters? Luckily this is Hoggies characters only, or you guys would have a book the size of tax law books all up in here.

Ra'asiel Albear is my first played character, a 6th year Ravenclaw who is struggling with his sexuality. He's inquisitive, studious, and very private. He used to be much more quiet, but now he's grown in confidence as he's gained friends. Having had a questionable childhood at best, Ra'as threw himself into his inventing and studies, which has helped his school career quite a lot. He still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up, but he's been considering wandmaking, inventing, or restorations.

Asher Nicolosi-Cadwallader is the owner of the Silver Phoenix pawn shop in Diagon Alley. He is a fun-loving, thrill-seeking flirt who goes out of his way to avoid boredom. He never seems to take anything seriously, but is known to be sympathetic to other extraordinaries, being a metamorphmagus himself and having a slight hero complex. A con man with a heart of gold, he doesn't trust others easily (not that anyone would know it) and has some serious commitment issues. His his favorite weapons against the world? A quick wit and a silver tongue.

Neva Basilia de Alvear is my newest character, literally approved this morning. :3 She is a Spanish lady, the first daughter of the Count of Cortina who is also the head of the Alvear family. Having grown up watching women gain rights before they were snatched away in Francisco Franco's coup, Neva is herself a progressive woman who secretly assists Spanish revolutionaries in hopes of returning her home country to its former glory. In the meantime, she is visiting England on family business.

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Sophie Ross

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Challenge Accepted

So I'm going to stick with the two characters that I actually still RP with. Even though there are a few (some actually played, some attempted) that came before or between. Veronica Snidget, Bastien Pollastri, Hailey Lynch...potentially others? Anyway. The ones that have survived:

Alexis Edwin will always be my precious baby. Though not my first character, Lexis was the character that I really connected with and felt invested in. She was a Gryffindor, class of '60 (before the timewarp). She was a complete and total bookworm and took until her 5th or 6th year to really uncover the spunk that finally made her feel she truly belonged in Gryffindor, a house she always felt fit her twin more than herself. She transfered to Hogwarts as a 4th year, though without her twin who would later die in a tragic accident. In school she was the perfect student, read as many of the books in the library as she could get her hands on, played Quidditch, pined forever after her best friend Brayden Emerson, and even managed one year as a prefect. After graduation she linked up with long time friend Derek Ross (now you all see where this is going) in what started out as a brief hurricane of a summer romance. However Lexis got pregnant, married Derek Ross, and over the next few years had three of the five (six?) Ross children that have graced Hogwarts more recently. (Now you all know that Jackson gets his smarts from his mother!)

Now Alexis works as a part-time librarian, and still full-time mother to her three kiddos (even though her wittle Noah is all grown up!). Finally done living in regret over the broken relationship with Derek and the loss of her "perfect' family, Lexis just might have a new beau on the rise. :D

Sophie Ross is the baby of my baby and even though she takes more after her father (despite--or perhaps causing--some serious daddy issues) than her mother I still love her. She is a 6th year Gryffindor, (older) twin to Jackson Ross and younger sister to Noah Ross. (Half-sibling to Nate and Addie Ross, though she prefers not to acknowledge them if ever possible). She is a fun-loving and fiesty girl, more concerned with playing Quidditch or exploring exciting new things than actually focusing on her schoolwork (why bother if she can just mooch off her twin, anyway?). Spent many years attached to one Rowan Stann but after he broke her heart she has found respite in one Tavish Cadwallader. She loves to be happy and will generally avoid anything that puts that at risk and latch onto anything that promises further happiness. She is quite fond of bestie Calypso for the latter reason. Interested to see what the next two years of Hogwarts have in store for the boisterous Sophie, though I am sure we shouldn't hold our breath for any real effort in classes.

Rin Hunter

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Rin E. Hunter is the first character I made. She's a rising third year, Slytherin, and has grown up from her first year at Hogwarts. She's more friendly and social than before, but old habits die hard and there's always the odd remark or two added into her conversations. Music is a passion she holds dearly, but chooses to keep it a secret from the rest of the school. She can play both the piano and violin and enjoys composing her own pieces.

Jun W. Mizutori is the second oldest of the four Mizutori children, and older twin to Adeline. He's an evil sadist at heart, but pretends to be a happy-go-lucky person in front of the rest of the world. Yet a year at Hogwarts is starting to get him confused as to which side of him is truly the real him. Due to some circumstances, his parents have disowned him (unbeknownst to his siblings) and he's being monitored by them. He's the COMC professor at Hogwarts.

Camille U. Delacroix is the latest character I have. He's moved from France with his trusty servant, Gabriel Bouchard, and is seeking a more independent life for himself. He acts awfully feminine, which earns him some teasing, and is desperately trying to prove himself and hopefully act more manly. A possible student at Hogwarts if I earn enough gringotts points.

Richard J. Mizutori older brother to Jun and grumpy auror-in training who wants to rank up before he loses his mind and patience. Currently tangled in the strings of his parents' power, under their complete and utter control, he's trying to find a way out before it's too late.

Delilah S. Razi older sister to Theodore and Oliver, she graduated not too long ago and is trying to build her own life. She's highly intelligent, and doesn't hesitate to boast about that fact, which doesn't please others in the slightest.

Blanche C. Artois is also from France, a muggleborn imposing as a pureblood for the sake of wanting to be treated properly. Nobility in the muggle world, she holds a high position there as the Countess or Artois. She moved to the wizarding world with her squib maid in fear of changing her family's history.

i am not afraid


* Waldo Woodrow Angerville

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If we were to take all my characters into consideration, I would have eight. Which is obviously too much for me to handle. Nemo Georgson and Kai Herschel are lurking around in limbo until I find some better destinations for them.

Ignis Fides Rivers. She was my very first baby ever, entered Hogwarts in her second year. In her application, I did not put a house preference, but I can remember how I put down how she studies philosophy just so that I could still make sure it was Ravenclaw. All the struggle, I don't know why I do that. Ravenclaw '41 with the Big Finishing Bang as Head Girl, working as freelance lawyer. The worst overachiever you will ever meet. She is feisty and fighting for justice by getting into heated discussions with philosophy as her backup. She's currently brokenhearted and denies fact she's still pathetically crying her eyes out. Then we have Salazar Ricardus, my second character and I was so damn excited for him and still am. He entered as the second half of Serafina McAllister (Serazar, anyone?) but obviously that did not work out well due to fact he is a cheating and lying bastard. Slytherin '39, employed as Ministry Spy. Born as the first heir of Loxias Ricardus Junior. One might believe his pretty facade of a cold man with elitism embroidered in his genome and who finds joy in destroying everything in his wake. Yet Salazar is not as clever and tactical as he looks for he cannot count properly and is fairly stupid. Currently, he finds himself battling an arranged marriage with Pandora Duke whom he is determined to break - or is he? Arcus Ricardus popped in only a couple of weeks after Salazar, I think. Rook '40, currently working as a wandmaker. Pureblood, third and disowned son of Loxias Ricardus Junior. He is not the average over-achiever because he only learns that what he finds interesting - which happens to be nearly everything. He has secretly returned to the UK even as Loxias had forbade him to do so. Yet, whilst back on English soil, he suffers from paranoia and tries to live as a complete hermit whilst he actually just wants to be loved. Does not really work out well, really.  Another one of my characters who really badly just wants to be loved is Cladis Perses Gallion, and I am still fangirling over his name. Ex-unspeakable and Ex-Beauxbatons-divination-professor, Ex-Hogwarts' divination professor. Currently unemployed because he's under treatment for schizophrenia, mysophobia, agoraphobia, delusions, xenophobia, inferiority complex and a bipolar disorder. Multiple happenings caused the fragile balance to tip in the favor of this man's demons. His gentle disposition and gentility are often clouded by his insanity, but on his rare good days, it still shines through. His genuine trust is hard to gain, harder to break, almost impossible to restore. Loyal to a fault, he will stand up for you unconditionally. I actually made Loxias Ricardus Junior because Lysander Ellwood-Luxe asked me to for a Wizengamot thread. I wanted to bring him in before, but this was the right opportunity for me to actually play him out. Slytherin '16. Businessman, first heir of the Ricardus Family. He is enigmatic, apathetic, cold, indifferent - making you begging at his feet by the rhetoric trickery with words. Due to his cunning and his self-preservation, he even made sure that his youngest brother was accused of a murder Loxias Junior had committed. But he too has weak spots. Loxias secretly cares for his youngest brother Jarvis and for Pepper Grace Kedding. And last but not least, there's Waldo Woodrow Angerville, Hufflepuff fifth. He was abandoned on an orphanage's doorstep and taken in where he grew into the odd and ugly duckling that he is now. Suffers from an undiagnosed condition of hyperthymesia, making up for a continuous stream of memories recurring in front of his mind's eye so that focussing on the present is hard. When someone has the patience to keep up with him, Waldo tends to blossom. Small smiles will turn into megawatt Cheshire grins, his gaze of introversion will turn into inquiring and curious extraversion. He will, as far as he is able, focus all his attention on this person to prove himself truly loyal and quite of a goofball.

no need be best

Caius Thorne

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Can I escape this question because this tears my soul apart. Why you gotta do this to me, man. I don't even know how old they are...

Thalia Gray is my first character, kinda me, only blonder. Country-bumpkin from Washington DC who likes to act tough. Julian Cross is like this misfit goober I can't fit into a stereotype because he's really messed up. He ran away to somewhere in Eastern Europe. Stefan Sinclair's my flirty francophone at BB. I've never written anyone so arty and romantic but I welcomed the challenge. Oh, fun times. Seth Gray is my first adult character, he's an auror, Thalia's protective dad, family man - he's his brother's (Michael G yo) keeper. Serafina McAllister's existence was spurred on by Jip's Salazar Ricardus. We toiled over these two tbh, and although the ship had sailed well and strong - it didn't endgame as we'd expected but I absolutely loved playing this pure sweetheart. And I knew I had enough characters to handle at the time, oh but did I stop? Nuh uh, so in came Vivienne Fortescue, because I was feeling particularly evil and I wanted a female antagonist so bad. I'm so terrible at playing these types of characters I think, she's more mean than evil, but I tried! Jerome Vanhelm's another strong, silent type - obsessed with time and clocks. Emily Hobbs was a secret project I barely told anyone about. She was an adorable little liar like me huhu. I was feeling powerful thereafter, though defeated in spirit, very burnt out for creating so many characters... Vivianne Marlowe Almost forgot about her omg. Adopted from the ever awesome Scott Cooper - I totally got her sorted in the wrong house. She's this crafty little diva, and just Natalia Vodianova yanno? She reallyyy hates her house but was there anything she could do about. Not really. She's fab tho, very fab. Zeus Ricardus emerged for a split second before fizzling out like sea foam. He was a sexy mofo tho, I wish I explored his character a little bit more. Now the CURRENTS: thank jesus this is exhausting... Caius Thorne is yet another strong, silent type. I bet that says something about me... pft. I seem to play these characters half-decently so hey, third time's a charm right, right? He's this angsty ball of anxiety/cactus-hybrid person. OK. And Camilla, oh dear dear Camilla. I fell in love with Tori's Noble family and I thought hey... I thirst-stalked (who am i kidding, i thirst-stalk all my fcs)a model recently and her ridiculous face is giving me ideas and muse just won't let up so here's Camilla Noble, dreamy fairychild from the realm of NO COMMON SENSE-RY.

ugh k thankS A LOT /sweatdrops
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my baby shot me down

* Irma Wolffe

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Newton Yune MacDonald, my first Hoggies character, is a half-blood (not really, we'll get to that)- his father was a muggle pewtersmith and his mother a student at Salem turned homemaker (before there was an official Salem).  He is the 7th of 8 children, but only he and his little sister had any magical ability.
Newt graduated Head Boy in 1953 (pre Time-Warp) from Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw, and immediately took a job with an organization of 7th born wizards called 'the Hyadum' as an Arcanologist, specializing in Dark Arts artifacts.

To make a long story short, Newton has long been plagued by Dark Arts magic, leading to the deaths of both his mother and little sister, for which he blames himself.  This, coupled with a long stint in a Prisoner of War camp in Vietnam (another long story), has left Newton fairly unbalanced mentally.

He is incredibly bright and astute, and extremely observant.  He can often deduce in a single moment more than most people know in a month of knowing a person.  The troubles of his past have lead to him being a very lonely man whose sense of right and wrong, while unflinchingly swaying towards right, can be quite skewed at times. 

He currently plans on ruining a perfectly good party by using magic to make flirtatious and provocative actions (kissing, in this case) have serious consequences.  He will likely either chicken out, fail outright, or go to prison.

He is also set to discover in the near future that his father was a second generation squib, which technically makes him a pureblood... and also means he might still have a living relative.

Things you may not know: he was once engaged to be married; he is obsessed with the number 7; he can speak fluent Scots Gaelic; and his biggest fear is dying alone.

Irma Lycoris Scrivner is the fourth-generation half-blood daughter of a (half-blood) novelist and the (pureblood) publicist for the Puddlemere United quidditch team.  She has lived most of her life as an only child, essentially a spoiled rich pureblood wannabe.

Her parents are vain and neglectful, leading to her spending much of her youth alone- she learned to talk by means of their house elf, Goggi.  This explains her horrible, rural accent.  Her mother seems to want nothing more than to be rid of her, while her Doddy throws money and gifts at her rather than attention or love.

She will be entering her third year as a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts at the end of Summer.

Irma has been described as a dynamo on the Quidditch pitch, hedonistic, and a Giant wrapped in a little girl.  She is headstrong and can be bullish at times, but fiercely loyal to those she calls friends (whether they agree or not).  She is also adventurous and laughs in the face of danger (often literally).  She has long decided that boys are stupid, but at 13, she is learning to use this fact to her advantage.

One of her driving desires is to marry a pureblood, so her children will be 5th-generation half-bloods.  Their children, if they also marry purebloods, will be considered pure by the Ministry.  She views her half-blood status as a horrific smear on her family, and feels the shame of the generations before her every time she has to look at her Blood Status badge.

Things you may not know: she doesn't know how to whistle, dance, or swim- nobody was there to teach her; she is obsessed with the color pink; her father is having an affair with his secretary and they are expecting a (pureblood) child, which will essentially make Irma (and her mother) throwaways.

* Geryon Crowley

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Carlo De Natale was my very first here, and I treasure him still even though he might not have gotten as much attention lately. He is my Italian Casanova and used to be a knight in shining armor, always painting, quoting poetry and saving damsels in distress. He attended Beauxbatons from the fourth grade (I think), went through the Time Warp, just graduated before BB was attacked and boom – he’d lost everything. Even himself. So now he is a careless daredevil in the MOD, secretly hoping to get himself killed or something. Gosh, I hope he’ll be saved – I miss that ray of sunshine he used to be.

Geryon Crowley – better known as Crow, is my pride and his parent’s greatest disappointment. Owner of Crow’s Creatures, a well accomplished Magizoologist, an animagus, former professor and head of one of the houses (know it’s not called that but can’t remember right now) at Salem, former transfiguration professor at Hogwarts for some years, former puppet of the former Ministry Institutions – and now just a wreck released from Azkaban. This guy is really struggling now and I don’t know who is treating him worse – other people or himself.

Adriel Thomas Winston is my street-child growing up into what I think will become a rather fine man. He went to Salem in his fourth year and transferred to Hogwarts for the rest. Gryffindor, Quidditch captain, summer counsellor.. He had come a long way from the angry distrustful boy he was. Now he is an auror in training hoping to muster up the courage to propose to Sylvie – the love of his life – really soon. (omgwe’rehavingaweddingyouguiiiise!!)

Nicor Zellorius Crowley is Crow’s dad and head of the Adams Crowley family. He is an old, strict fart who is getting really tired of dragging his son’s ass out of all kinds of mess. I am applying him to be a professor at Hogwarts this upcoming term, so maybe you’ll see him around and get to know him better there?

Sevastian Borovsky II is my precious Russian bad boy. He loves the ladies, cigarettes and his motorcycle. Right now he is not doing anything officially, but he is really acting as a minion to his uncle Rostislav. This guy is all about family and is super protective of his cousins in particular.

Truman Litchfield is my troubled E&T Healer. He is all about work, but loves his family more than I give him credit for. He is this logical guy who will worry in silence and observe from the side line. He has not been given as much love from me yet cause I have so much plot stuff for the others going on, but he will in time!

I also used to have Yngvild Aurora Höst up until now, but she is getting retired as I just have to realize – after this second serious attempt – that I just cannot play female characters. Something is seriously wrong with me.

You can’t learn to tell the truth
Until you learn to lie