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Author Topic: Player of the Week: Aiden Hazard!  (Read 267 times)

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Player of the Week (or PotW) is a weekly feature we've implemented each summer to introduce some of the newest players to our Hoggies community. We've had such an influx of great, exciting members that the Mod Squad and I wanted to acknowledge some of them, and bring them to your attention if you haven't met them yet! We took a moment to ask Aiden Hazard a few questions about life, Harry Potter, and adjusting to Hoggies (not to mention chat shenanigans).

Nearly every day I log in, I see Aiden's username splayed down the Lastest Posts list because he is a madman! He's in half a dozen threads and has already become a super active character on the site. On top of blitzing the Plot Pages forums with posts from both Aiden and Eleanor, he's even opened on a gorgeous avatar shoppe for players to make requests. Willing to plot and a posting champ, he's ready and willing to get knee-deep in the site and to hell with the rest.

She's so friendly and nice, and has jumped into graphic making too which I'm always happy to see.

Aiden is a really active player and puts in a lot of time into developing Aiden and Eleanor, both of whom have distinctive traits. She's very passionate about posting and getting to know new friends on the site!

What shall we call you? Do you have any favorite nicknames?
Hello everyone!  I'm Carmen, currently residing in sunny Singapore! Yesh, I'm Chinese, but Singapore's not in China - on a side note, I grew up in Arizona, though! Also, I'm a female playing the very male Aiden! (Just to be clear, heh!)

I have a friend who calls me Karmygummayenana for some reason, and although the name makes me cringe in fear, as well as goosebumps to break out on my skin - well, if you wish to, I'm fine with people calling me that!

My classmates call me Lumpy, which is probably by far the oddest - but also the most unique - nickname ever - it's a play on my asian surname (Lum).

How did you find Hogwarts School?
Ah, the very lovely typist behind Scott Cooper and Maverick Steele, Rachel, introduced me to this place!  OOCly, we're classmates and recently discovered that the both of us love to RP! It did result in quite a lot of excited screaming. (Well... screaming on my part. Screaming isn't quite her thing. But she was excited too!)

What made you decide to join?
Honestly, I've always had this thing for RP.  It's almost like a guilty pleasure, even. I've been RPing in Harry Potter sims in the virtual world Second Life for close to a year and a half now, and had my fair share of disasters - terrible initial characters *cringes at the thought of her first ever RP character*, being online at a time where no one else was due to my timezone, etc etc!

But really, the sole force that drove me to join really was dear old Rachypoo. (She's going to kill me for calling her that, by the way.) I was a little hesitant to join a forum as I was a complete forums-idiot, I had no idea how threads worked, and how everyone kept up with all their threads! I also didn't quite understand how RP could work when you don't have an avatar representing your character in front of you on your screen. But Rach explained face claims, and Quidditch... and I took to the idea quite well!

Also, Rachel kind of challenged me to play a male character... Challenge accepted. >D

Which book is your favorite in the series?
Ah, Hoggies... Why do you torture me so by making me choose? :c Hmm... That's a tough one, but I'd have to go with the Goblet of Fire.

Y'know, I had this issue where I was younger, where I was so amazed by fictional series-es (is that the plural of series?) that I'd fantasize about flying, or performing magic and the like. The message really hit home when Ron and Harry sort of fell out when Harry's name appeared in the goblet cause of Ron's lack of faith in Harry.

It was just so human, and so close to home because I felt that that sort of situation happened in all our lives. JK Rowling really struck that chord with me then, because she managed to engage with a reader, and I felt that wow, this author really is amazing.

Who is your favorite character from the books?
Rach will completely roll her eyes at this, but I absolutely adore Draco Malfoy. Some of the others close on the list include Harry, and Sirius, and Lupin... But if I really had to choose, Draco Malfoy would win hands-down.

First of all, although this might make Rach hit her head with her pencilcase like how she did last year, Draco Malfoy's kind of a bad boy. That smirk. That swag. And he's blonde. And honestly, I for some reason have got this thing for blonde bad boys. Even better if they ride a motorcycle. (Case in point - Cloud Strife.)

But on a different level, Draco Malfoy's entire character development really just blew my mind. It was one of the only things besides the entire concept of a magical Potterverse that really drew me to the series and made me adore JK Rowling. I loved how Draco was (*corrects herself: is! *) such a 3D character. I love how JK Rowling wrote him to be an obnoxious brat, but with his own fears, and his own insecurities. And I was so amazed by how Draco evolved over the years! The way he grew less childish and older. Even more so was how he, a rich coward, turned out to have some redeeming quality in him at the end, even though he had done so much evil before that. Maybe everyone really does have some good to them! It was so incredibly... human. <3

I've always secretly envied JK Rowling's ability to make a character like Draco, and he's been my "model essay" in creating my own RP characters, too! I'll always love that twitchy little ferret!♥

Who are you most excited to RP with, that you haven't yet?
Honestly, I have quite a few people on the list right now!  But if I had to choose just one, I think it'll have to be Lysander Ellwood-Luxe. Oh sorry... I meant god.

I've seen quite a few of his threads lying around, and goodness I was amazed by his RP style and the ideas he comes up with! Also, maybe Aiden needs someone to bully him, whether because of his eye colour or otherwise, and shake him up a little.

I haven't gotten the chance to speak to Lysander properly about possible threads yet (still drowning in threads for Eleanor, too!) but I hope the chance comes really really soon!

What is one thread that everyone should read this very instant? Why?
Everyone needs to read thisssss!

It's a thread at Beauxbatons, between Lucretius Chaucer and Landon A. Beauchamp! I stumbled upon it by accident, honestly - back then, I had just started, and had no idea that an Elsewhere section existed. Goodness, nooby me - but I was blown away!

The whole thread is really well-written, the two of them are amazing RPers! I'm not exactly one of those teenage girls who squeals over every couple in every movie, but I guess it turns out I do have a soft spot somewhere for a certain sort of romance, with swooning and all those other emotions, that were displayed in that thread.  I'm sorry, I can't seem to put a finger on what exactly about the romance caught my attention, but it did! ^^;

What really stood out, to me, was the way they wrote the RP more like a novel rather then just a recount of incidents happening to their character. It's something that I've always wanted to do and still can't do, and it's making me jealous!

Go read it, go go go!

What is one thing about Aiden that no one knows?
Aiden... can somewhat be considered a hopeless romantic.

What is one thing about Aiden that everyone should know?
Besides the fact he has heterochromia, Aiden has a long-term injury, as a result of a previous Quidditch match. Although he won't ever admit it, he's a little sore that he has to be kept off the pitch because he was unlucky enough to have a bad hip. He had been caught in the ribs by a bludger, thrown off his Hawk, into a nearby pillar, before falling some hundred feet to the ground. The Headmaster slowed his fall towards the end, but he happened to land badly.

Probably the only sign of his continuous love for the sport is the fact he drags his broom around up till today, even though he can't play.

What are you most excited about for term?
School dramaaa! <3 I can't wait for the crowded hallways, and all the creative plotlines that will surface in the castle, together with all the different personalities that Aiden will have to deal with! I'm quite particularly interested in what will occur in common room threads... In Second Life, we never ever use the common rooms for RP!

Any last words?
Yes, Rachypoo, today I thank you personally on here for introducing me to this incredible place!♥

I just really wanted to express how amazed I am by the community here. When I joined, I honestly didn't expect to stay long due to busy schedules and everything, but now, I find myself checking threads on my phone while travelling, and thinking up possible plotlines in my free time! I enjoy making all your avs too, so really, if anyone wants a new av, PM meee!

I just really got so much more than I joined this forum for, and I really wanna thank every one of you for that experience!  I hope I can give back to everyone as much as you guys have been giving me! You guys are really too sweet, I love you all - Live long and prosper. ♥
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