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Author Topic: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]  (Read 3764 times)

Evelyn Takamura

    (12/03/2014 at 12:38)
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A little party never hurt nobody, and in the grand scheme of things, a single night wasted away in revelry was worth it, if only to dissipate the mediocrity and mundane nature of day-to-day life. Evelyn had always naively believed in magic, but now that she’d spent a few years as a witch, she wasn’t so certain it was all that fantastical. After last summer, she’d taken to avoiding newspapers and spending her time in any place with half decent music and a crowd. It was unlike her, but maybe nothing was like her at all.

However, halfway up the mountainside path, a wave of nostalgia washed over her. It had been a year since she’d stumbled into a party just like this, and a boy kissed her. It’d been that egomaniac with the blonde hair. Since then, she’d kissed other boys, but each of them were half-remembered and only the outlines of their lips were ever recalled. None of them had lasted for more than a couple of days, or a week, and had amounted to nothing but a grand waste of effort. That was the way boys were, yet she’d keep going after them, and she knew it.

After arriving, Evelyn circled the edge of the crowd, and took note of who’d shown up by scanning faces in the flickering light of the torches. It seemed like half of the Hufflepuff quidditch team was there, which gave life to a small, bemused smile on the edge of her lips. A lot of the crowd seemed to be from quidditch, actually. Something seemed particularly hilarious about that.

Ignoring most of the nervous banter, Evelyn took languid strides over to the ice and fetched herself a butterbeer before slipping into the circle near her friend Joy, casually sitting with her legs tucked underneath her and her upper body supported with one hand. In the low light, her eyes sparkled, but whether it was from mischievous thoughts or boredom, it was hard to tell.

Rooster seemed to be whispering a little loudly to some other boy about the girls, and although Evelyn couldn’t quite make out what he meant through all his accented man-speech, she shot him a dark look. Some other people were rightfully nervous, but Joy seemed delighted.

"Is Felix plotting for you to get your first kiss? He's almost as bad as a girl."

“Assuming the guys can kiss anyone without missing.” Evelyn chimed in helpfully as she lazily reached out to try and coax over a cat that had tagged along with some gorgeous girl who had superb taste in pets.

A gir- a boy explained the rules rather passively in Evelyn’s opinion, and it seemed as if the game would be underway. With a slight grin towards Joy, she waited to see whose fates would intertwine amidst the fire and gaudy pirate decorations.
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B. Foster

    (12/03/2014 at 13:22)
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He was not certain where he had heard about the game. Perhaps from Cadwallader, or Litchfield. Overhearing their banter and escapades with girls, which he did not understand and in the end possibly was envious of. At least, envious of the fact they could act so carefree about life and  these silly little games seemed important.

"Oh it's easy. All you have to do is spin a bottle, then whoever the bottle lands on, you have to kiss them."

He really saw no point to it though. Finishing up his first bottle of butterbeer, he began to count the number of people that had arrived. Noting where each was standing, their body language, what they were doing. It was easy to be in the background. Mostly halfbloods and purebloods he was not considered, and then of course those muggleborns that had come (Rooster), they had assimilated. Found no fault or oddity in the whole fact that magic was real, and this world was alien and dangerous. Perhaps he was an oddity in the fact he could not assimilate, refused to trust anyone with a wand, not even himself.

"There's one more rule. The last person to get kissed, has to walk the plank, sans attire."

Opening up another bottle he looked at Felix, brow raising slightly before he gave a scoff and began on his second butterbeer. Giving a challenge such as that was a sign of hubris, and in the end it was going to be Felix’s downfall.

"Well, Felix, it'll probably be you anyways."

His thoughts were voiced out loud and he actually gave a grin at this before his face falling to stoic indifference again, “He’ll be walking the plank twice then.” Allowing Felix and Ra'asiel to remember that there was also something else that went along with hiring him for his cooperation. He took another swig, eyes falling back to those that were gathered again. His count up to eleven, counting himself. A couple having come by and walked by him to grab some refreshments, and he had assessed them only for a moment before walking on, and going again on his observations. Ra’asiel seemed flustered by the whole idea of this, which made him wonder why he was going along with the plan. Was the whole purpose of this party simply to get people to snog?

Again, he had to question the appeal of the game. He had never kissed anyone before. He understood the action, understood the sonnets and poems written to express how wonderful such an intimate act of pressing two lips together was but… Was this only a thrill if you experienced it?

He furrowed his brows in consideration as he saw people beginning to set themselves in a circle. Still on the outskirts, watching everyone and another person was added to the list coming to twelve, as another Pureblood (Grant), came in and sat himself down quietly at the prompting. He was not here to participate. Foster was here to observe, and to make sure the party did not get shut-down early. Payton or him would have to go back, closer to curfew to make sure the younger students were in bed, but as long as he was here, the others fourth year and above did not have to worry about going to their bunks late this night.

A sip of his butterbeer, and he was moving again, simply walking around the circle for a moment longer until he found himself a place to sit and observe. Unfortunately because of the layout of the party floor there was no place he could really be without being noticed, but that did not matter. They all would be focusing on a bottle…

“Assuming the guys can kiss anyone without missing.”

He looked at Evelyn for a moment watching as she attempted to coax a cat, and now the count came to thirteen, and fourteen in total with him there. Of course what she said made no sense in his head. Kiss anyone without missing…

“Missing what?” He had spoken without thinking about it. A brow furrowed before he cleared his throat and shrugged, before finding himself a place back by the refreshments. Best he did not speak, he was an observer. He would not be sitting in that circle.

Theodora Arwen Duke

    (12/03/2014 at 23:31)
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"Oh, okay then. That sounds simple enough... I'm Vladimir, its lovely to meet you."

"Exactly, thank you - Theodora."

At least two people appreciated her knowledge of this of kiss and tell game.

"And so, we'll be initiated into the great history of teenagers who've played Spin the Bottle during summer camp. Just think how're part of history, Ra'as."

Theodora let out a small giggle, tucking a strand of soft curls behind her ears. This would be a long night. The look of the what seemed to be the leader of this whole thing, his face was priceless. Trouble. Just plain trouble. She glanced at gir-boy, his name was Ra'as. How could a boy be that pretty? He had the pink cheeks, and everything. She noticed the smile, and she returned the favor.

"There's one more rule. The last person to get kissed... Has to walk the plank, sans attire."

This was the most twisted spin-the-bottle, she ever played. By the look of everyone's faces the most dirtiest too. Heads kept popping up, and the party just may have actually become a party.

"Well, Felix, it'll probably be you anyways."

Theodora's mauve lips curled into a smirk at the girl's remark. This Felix guy seemed to have a reputation. It was a funny one too. Theodora swayed her hips in her dress, looking down on the soft fabric. Her cousin Pandora made it specially for a summer night like this, since she knew so many. Theodora just bet that Panda would be one of the most high fashion designers, she could just sense it.

"Those who are playing, please take your seat in a circle,"

Before she decided to sit in the famous circle, she decided she would need to play this game with a little butterbeard in her stomach. Theodora found the nearest, unopened bottle of the liquid, before opening the cap, and holding the bottle to her lips. Her light seafoam orbs scanned the new faces, taking in everything.

The great thing about being new is no one knew your past.

She skipped to the circle, butterbear still laced between her fingers as she sat down. Theodora was definitely not going to be the last person to be kissed.
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Felix Oliveroot-Leontine

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"Since Felix has been so wonderful in arranging this, he's going to have the honor of starting first."

Felix suffered the emphatic pats on the back that followed, though by Ra'asiel standards 'emphatic' probably wouldn't shake a leaf off a tree, let alone hurt him. And as far as being ruffled went... he raised a brow at the other boy, along with a sly smile. He was in his element in games of chance (famous last words, and Felix was full of those). If his friend thought he had snared him, well, Felix would raise him one. Easily.

"Ready to live a little, Ra'as?" The boy teased, deft fingers reaching out before the other could realize it and - snagging away the hairband that held up Ra'asiel's long dark hair. "Let your hair down~" Laughing, he grabbed another Butterbeer, this time to drink, before darting back to the circle.

"On one further note - if you choose to skip your turn," He intoned as he took his seat, smirking wickedly at the Ravenclaw, "You risk a penalty, to be named at the circle's majority decision. If you skip your turn twice in a row, you're kicked out of the circle." After all, it would be a boring game if people were going to pretend they were going to play and then didn't. This was a solution to people awkwardly giggling and giving each other the eye during parties, not an excuse for it. And Felix played for keeps; anything less he wouldn't tolerate.

His eyes fell over the members of the circle one by one, assessing and weighing. It'd be interesting to see which of those, put to the test, would bend or bow out. The Hufflepuff's eyes held a glinting dare, sharp as swords - or rather, daggers, because there was undoubtedly an air of roguery about him. "And, of course, you may leave the circle at any time."

Now this was starting to sound more like Russian Roulette than Spin The Bottle, but better to go in guns blazing than half cocked. A little dire consequence would simply heighten the tension.

With that said, smirk smug, Felix reached out and spun the bottle.

It spun...

And spun...

And slowed ...

And came to a stop on ... Joy Detora.



Okay, so, maybe he hadn't fully planned this out...
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Joy Detora

    (12/04/2014 at 01:25)
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Joy had a cup of butterbeer in hand as she settled down for the game. She'd need it to get through this, and butterbeer was the only thing she was allowed to drink. Definitely not Firewhiskey.

As the rules were intoned by their organizer; Felix of course,  Joy tuned out and drank more butterbeer. It'd take bottles to get her tipsy, so she just kept drinking. She'd built up quite the resistance since that first time.

Felix spun the bottle and Joy leaned back on her elbows, watching the entertainment. She wanted to see where the bottle would land. It spun, around once, twice, and finally slowed down.

It slowed in her section, and still the thought that it might land on her never crossed her mind.

Until it landed on her.

Joy's eyes shot daggers at Felix. "Felix Oliveroot-Leontine..." Then a thought entered her mind. If he refused Ra'asiel would be teasing him forever, and honestly so would she.

"Are you a hypocrite?" He'd understand what she meant.

Loyalty, Labor, Love

Payton Rose

    (12/04/2014 at 02:28)
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Ra'asiel's flustered reactions to everyone's teasing made Payton laugh...and shoot her friend a curious look. Biting her lower lip, she made a mental note to corner Ra'as later and grill him...she was a bit more observant than most and she and Ra'asiel had become a lot closer as of late. Of course, that had been because, for the first time in a long time, she'd separated herself from Grant's side.

After that awful fight...

Well there was no need to think of that right then.

As talk of Spin-the-Bottle rose and crested, Payton sighed, resigning herself to the game. While she had very little desire to kiss anyone in the circle, she was at least trying to have branch out. And her lack of desire to kiss anyone had more to do with the fact that her heart was taken than any of their attractiveness or lack thereof.

"There's one more rule. The last person to get kissed, has to walk the plank, sans attire."

That made Payton lift a brow.

There was no way she was going to do that; if she happened to be that person, she'd pull rank and inform them that a counselor was going to do none of that. She didn't care if she looked prudish or like a goody two-shoes, there was no way that was happening...and the prefect in her wouldn't take to bullying if Felix pressed the matter.

Although when the Hufflepuff tasted his own medicine, she'd gladly laugh along with the rest. She settled in the circle, close to Ra'asiel with a small smile. As they gathered, she realized, with a start, that there was someone else here that she knew rather well: Grant Chemfield. Her boyfriend...or whatever it was they were right now. Swallowing hard, she looked down at her hands immediately, not wanting to accidentally catch his eye.

What would happen if the bottle landed on him?

Worse, what if it landed on someone else?

This was something she hadn't planned for, though it was foolish that she'd neglected to even think of it. Grant was in her year, in her house...but she'd never figured him for parties. To be fair, she wasn't much for parties either. Grant was the only one in the circle she wanted to kiss...but pride and anger and guilt kept her from even looking at him.

"Ra'as..." She started, about to dismiss herself.

But Felix spun, the game was on, and it was too late to back out now.

Merlin help her.

Evelyn Takamura

    (12/04/2014 at 15:35)
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Even though the words that gushed past her lips were soaked in a languid sort of confidence, a small storm came to shore in the bottom of her heart, and even as she took a cool swig of her bottle, Evelyn’s nerves began to kick in. However, she was no longer a fourth year quaking in her boots. As she looked around, she was surprised to realize that many of the participants in the game were actually younger than herself. When did that happen?

“Missing what?”

The response came from an unexpected direction, and Evelyn found herself forgetting about the cat and scanning the crowd for whoever spoke. It took only a few seconds to find him- a boy she’d seen a few times who seemed to be conducting this party as if it were somebody’s funeral. He’d yet to join the circle, and it didn’t seem like he was planning on it either. What was he here for? To chaperone? To study? It was amusing, nonetheless, how perplexed he seemed to be about the whole ordeal.

In lieu of an immediate response, Evelyn’s lips parted, but no words formed. Instead, she smiled towards the poor boy in a way to seem to hint at some sort of delightful, unexplainable secret. Of course, she wasn’t going to explain to him that she’d been referring to how guys tended to be so clumsy during their first kisses they sometimes they took themselves too seriously and ended up kissing a nose, or a cheek, or an occasional eye. Such a moronic explanation would cause her jibe to lose of its punch, and it was better to keep him guessing.

“You’re missing out.” she evaded, the lines of her grin spreading into her face as used used the hand she’d been luring the cat with to push herself back from the circle just enough to make space. With a light tap, she invited him over to the space, her voice as warm as the caramelized drinks in their hands. “Come over and see?”

Some more rules were put into place, and the first round started. The bottle had ended up on Joy, and Evelyn idly wondered if Joy had kissed many people before, and decided that she’d probably had. Whatever happened, it was bound to be amusing.

Especially if she could get this guy in.
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B. Foster

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What just happened?

He blinked at the girl, brows furrowing his jaw clenched as he was caught unawares at the quip back at him. He was used to smart remarks from Litchfield, and the Cadwalladers, but this was a girl he barely knew, and the tone of the voice, and her body language this was different. This was not a taunt simply to get a rise out of him, or being friendly because she wanted something. No this was...

Was this flirting?

Had she just flirted with him?

He blinked at her for a moment, his cheeks flushing lightly for a moment before he took a swallow of his butterbeer again. Hoping that some sort of lubrication in his dry throat would allow him to respond in some way that was coherent. He had, not expected to be part of the circle. Observation, and perhaps eyerolls and grunts if he was needed to comment, and doing his part of keeping people civil. He should not be participating really, because of his position, but Payton was.

So, that point was moot.

Another gulp of the butterbeer, and he had finished the third. His mouth still rather dry, but he gave a nod of his head before taking a step back (he was not retreating), "I'll... Join in." Just not now. Another step and the plan was to get another of the bottled beverages (perhaps two), and then sit down.



He looked back at her, "I won't miss." He said lamely blushing again before turning to retrieve his excuse to turn his back on her while he blushed.

What just happened?

Chartreuse Greene

    (12/04/2014 at 18:38)
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Last summer, Chartreuse would have shut down any sort of shenanigans she heard whisper of. This summer. Well, this summer was a whole new story. With a haircut worthy of a pirate lord and a gritty attitude toward the way of mere mortals, she was ready for anything.

She thought she saw her former crush Rowan head up toward Blackbeard's Peak, hand in hand with Sophie Ross. She was thoroughly over Rowan, anyway, so seeing the lovebirds definitely did not cause her stomach to lurch. Maybe it was just gas that caused her to belch. It was louder than she expected, and she jumped into a bush along the path to hide her shame. She did not want Sophie or Rowan to see her after such a loud, unpleasant sound escaped from her lips.

She sat in the bush, hidden for longer than she should have. Watching student after student walk by, she grew more and more nervous. "How am I going to get out of this bush without looking like an ol' bushwhacker," she worried. She had never drank anything harder than butterbeer. She was not one to flirt easily with the boys, either. All this and more let her stay crouched in the bushes.

When she thought the coast was clear, or at least the path was clear, she crawled out. She ran up the path to where the gang was hanging out. It looked like they had just started playing a game. Chartreuse sort of just stood there with a few leaves on her shoulder and dirt on her hands and knees, unsure of whether or not to make a boisterous entrance into the party.

She slowly slid up next to the group, unaware of who she was next to. "Is it too late for me to join?" she uttered. A leaf fell out of her hair and softly landed on the ground. She stepped on it and smooshed it around under her boot.
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Raasiel Albear

    (12/04/2014 at 20:59)
"Ready to live a little, Ra'as?"

"What do you- Hey!" Ra'asiel hadn't expected Felix to steal his hairband, freeing his long black locks from their usually proper state. He hated that his hair made him look more feminine, but he refused to cut it; it was one of the only things he had control of, and when he was at home, he could hide behind it like an added defense. Maybe that made him strange?

"Let your hair down~"

Pinching the bridge of his nose in mild annoyance, Ra'asiel decided that it was no use arguing with his friend, least of all at a party. He could put up with it for one night... Right? Maybe now was the time to get himself some libations. Sure, butterbeer was hardly strong enough to do much, but it could still take the edge off.

"On one further note - if you choose to skip your turn, you risk a penalty, to be named at the circle's majority decision. If you skip your turn twice in a row, you're kicked out of the circle... And, of course, you may leave the circle at any time."

"And feel free to get yourselves refreshments as you like," Ra'asiel added, putting on his best Host Smile, before standing and doing just that. He went to get himself a butterbeer as Felix took his spin, knowing the other boy would hold everyone to their seats in the circle even if they were standing.

"Dios mío," he murmured more to himself than to anyone else as he grabbed his bottle, before he returned to see Felix's spin pointing to Joy. He snorted a little as he took his seat.


"Hm?" he looked to Payton, but her focus seemed to have shifted. Ah, well. There would be plenty of chances to talk to her tonight, especially as the night wore on and the butterbeer made him everyone relax more.

"Felix Oliveroot-Leontine... Are you a hypocrite?"

This promised to be good, he thought as he took a drink of his butterbeer.

“You’re missing out... Come over and see?”
"I'll... Join in. I won't miss."

With Foster's pseudo-promise to join, Ra'as briefly wondered what might happen if the bottle landed on him for anyone. He was always so... fierce? Scowly? Intense, certainly, but there was that aggressive quality to the Gryffindor that was harder to put a name on. That could get interesting.

"Is it too late for me to join?"

"Of course not," Ra'asiel said, smiling at Chartreuse when she appeared. She was one of the few people whom Ra'asiel didn't know very well but liked very much despite it; she always doing something interesting, or saying something interesting, and yet always seemed to be on top of things. Overall, she just seemed fun. "Have a seat whenever you're ready."

Current Turn Order: (Subject to Change)
Felix Oliveroot-Leontine
Eres Herondale
Payton Rose
Joy Detora
Vladimir Borovsky
Theodora Arwen Duke
Sophie Ross
Rowan Stann
Serena Rose
Ra'asiel Albear
Grant Chemfield
Evelyn Takamura
Chartreuse Greene

Challenger Approaching??
B. Foster

Felix Oliveroot-Leontine

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It was a beautiful thing, how people suddenly remembered his name when they were angry with him. Or some sort of phenomenon, at least.

"Felix Oliveroot-Leontine... Are you a hypocrite?"

The arrival of even more people (including the reluctant but inevitable participation of Foster) was something that Felix barely noted, preoccupied with the predicament he was in. Even the indignant look he gave Joy wasn't quite all focused; the Hufflepuff was a man of his word. He had done stupider, more reckless things on less pretense before. He wasn't going to back down from a little kiss, especially at his own party.

The fact of the matter was: Joy was his friend. He liked Joy.

And he hadn't ever thought about her in the same context as kissing. Not that Joy was unappealing; it was just a matter of having never looked at her... that way. When he thought of Joy, it was to automatically contemplate what sort of trouble they could cause. Joy was someone to play pranks with, not kiss.

Well... until this moment, actually.

It'd be a lie to say that part of the trouble was that he couldn't tell if Joy was angry with him. She looked slightly angry. But then, she'd sat in the circle too. All was fair in love and war, and Spin the Bottle was somewhere in there, he supposed. Had she even kissed anyone before? Was this going to make things awkward? There was not enough time to answer all these questions, and that was probably for the best.

Ever fearless, Felix grinned wickedly back at Joy.

"Do you really need to ask?" He shot back, getting up from his spot in the circle and moving to her. He wore that smirk all the way, moving as confident and easily as if he someone had dared him to climb on top of the Hogwart's roof (though he had actually done that once, compared to this). When he was close to Joy, however, it eased. Without any hesitation, his hands cupped her face - which was, he was now noting, petite and pretty - and his eyes met hers for a split second.

C'est la vie, right? Hopefully Joy didn't kill him after this.

Without fanfare, he leaned in and kissed her. His teasing of his camp mates had been well founded; this wasn't his first kiss (and neither would it be his last). At least he could make sure it was nice.
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Maël Rey-Cadwallader

    (12/05/2014 at 02:51)
On his way up to the party, Maël had gotten distracted. There was some very interesting foliage on the way up, and inside was....

Well really nothing interesting, but parties made him inherently nervous. Was he wearing the right outfit? Would he say the right thing? Would his friends be there? Felix had told him to come, and he was sure Ra'as would be there. And Rooster wasn't in their cabin, so he was probably there too, right?

He reached the edge of the party and grabbed a butterbeer. Standing with his back to the others, he quickly downed the first before grabbing a second and making his way over the cluster of people. As he was reaching the circle, Maël started to smile, but stopped dead in his tracks, nearly dropping his newly acquired butterbeer. A strange and unfamiliar feeling rose up in his chest and his lips twisted in a look of mild disgust for just a moment before he took another long drink from his butterbeer. It was half empty... Best to grab another one to be safe.

Grabbing the second butterbeer gave Maël a moment to compose himself before he headed back to the circle. Despite appearing calm and collected, Maël's thoughts were a maelstrom. He was kissing her. My Felix was kissing Joy. Is she a better kisser than me? Does he like her? I mean I guess he can, we're not together but... Those lips are mine...

This must be what jealousy feels like.
The heat rose to Maël's cheeks, and he quietly insinuated himself into the circle near Ra'as with an awkward smile and mini wave. Taking another swig of his half finished drink, he caught sight of the bottle in the middle of the circle. Seeing the bottle there made him feel slightly more at ease. He had heard about this from one of his cousins. Leaning over, he asked, "Is this... Is this that Kissing game?" He glanced at Felix quickly. If he could go around putting his lips on other people, Maël supposed he could as well. "Can I play?"

Chartreuse Greene

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Chartreuse didn't want to just plop down in usual Chartreuse fashion. That would call unneeded attention to herself. She thought about starting a game of Duck, Duck, Goose with all the campers sitting around, but this also would cause people to notice just how bizarre she was. She was trying to figure out if there was an advantage to sitting in a particular place or stepping back and getting a butterbeer.

"And feel free to get yourselves refreshments as you like."

"Did they put some rum in the butterbeer?" she considered inwardly. She hesitated and thought it might be best to not drink anything at all up on the peak. A sugar rush could send her spiraling out of control down the mountain like a marshmallow in hot cocoa.

"Do you really need to ask?"

Trying to get herself a bit of courage, she fixed her gaze on Ra'asiel, ignoring whatever Felix was headed off for. Ra'asiel was a quiet boy who had been fun last summer when she was a camp counselor. "Ra'asiel?" she called. "So..." More hesitation. "This bottle spinning game we're playing... It's like Truth or Dare?" Her voice went up higher than anticipated at the end of her query. She felt her cheeks burn red as raspberries in her Aunt Mischief's raspberry Collins cocktails.

Chartreuse couldn't figure out who to sit next to in order to feel most comfortable. Joy was always a good choice. Vlad had proven to be a pretty fair pirate. She thought about Rowan but quickly told herself, "Heck no." Grant might have a potion up his sleeve she would worry about the entire time. This left only a few others. She scurried over toward Evelyn. "Can I sit next to you?" she whispered, not wanting others to hear the nerves in her tremulous voice. Evelyn was fun in a bun, as the kids said.
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Xanthos Duke

    (12/06/2014 at 05:50)
Why was he always late?

It wasn't a good look, especially after rushing up a bloody volcano which of course resulted in him running his hands through his curls to shake them out. The messier the better, apparently. Even if product did help to maintain them in this God forsaken heat.

Eventually he came out of the shadows and the orange lights of the tiki torches illuminated his face and his upper body which peaked out from an open shirt. He was hardly muscly - not that he wasn't working on it - but he was reasonably athletic and the outlines of abs had just begun to take definition. Never had he been one to care much for his bodily appearance, but with summer and having the friends he had it made him want to change something, anything to appeal more to the people around him.

Upon approaching the crowd of students, he scoped them out before approaching an all too familiar blonde head that sported an attractive black dress, one that accentuated her petite features. He picked up a pint on the way, curling fingers around the chilled bottle and sipping at it before licking his lips free of any foam that might have lingered.

"Hello you." He had been subtle, pressing a finger to his lips to silence his cousin that stood with Eres and the whisper he eventually spoke was as soft as the velvet on her dress as his lips floated by her ear.

He'd only stay for a minute or so as the boys would be waiting, but his priority were the two girls in front of him. By name alone he would hope they would keep crude comments about his cousin, Theodora, out of their mouths, but to protect Eres from their vulgarity was a harder challenge. If he had it his way, they wouldn't be there at all and they certainly wouldn't be participating in the game that had been rumoured to make an appearance tonight.

However, he knew from experience that telling someone not to do something often made them more tempted to do it which was exactly what he didn't want.

"I hope that's juice you're holding," He straightened to his full height and looked to his cousin with a raised brow before looking down to his friend, seeking out the blue eyes he had always loved, "Don't think I won't be watching."

A goofy grin tugged at his face and an arm wrapped around Eres' shoulder to embrace her, squeezing her gently before pressing his lips to her temple.

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Eres Herondale

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"Has to walk the plank, sans attire."

Eres raised a light brow at the boy. She had absolutely no intention on doing that… but the idea of watching another rather unfortunate student suffer the consequences seemed rather amusing to the girl and caused her lips to curve upwards cheekily.

She certainly wouldn’t be kissed last, the blonde would make sure of that.

She stifled a slight giggle before returning to be butter beer, blowing softly against the foamy bubbles that threatened to leave her with a rather unattractive mustache, being taking a sip. She liked her lips, clearly pleased at the taste before turning her attention back towards the male beside her. He looked about a year or so younger, probably a fourth year since the younger student were prohibited from attending, thank Merlin…

She had grown rather annoyed with a few of the younger students at camp this year. Only yesterday was she stalked by a rather round youngster who thought it an incredibly good idea to rain dung bombs down on whoever was unlucky enough to walk beneath the tree he positioned himself in. She, of course, had wondered down past the tree only to receive a smelly surprise land upon her head.

Merlin only knows how many times she had conditioned her hair after that. Although, the poor child probably needed therapy after the lecture she’d given him and perhaps throwing the stones might have been over reacting… oh well, nobody had died over a few bruises… Dung bombs on the other hand were an entirely different story.

"Err... Yeah, I think it is actually. Have you played this game before?"

She simply shook her head, looking down curiously at the group that had gathered.



She hadn’t noticed the other boy at all until he, well, literally leapt into the scene. Eres grinned slightly, rolling her eyes and sipping once again at her butter beer. After everyone in the group started forming a circle, Eres couldn’t help but notice another figure moving along towards them, however, the start of the game distracted her, and Eres’s gaze moved to the spinning bottle. She hadn’t taken her seat yet, but planned too, soon enough. Perhaps she’d get herself another drink or something.

The bottle stopped on a familiar looking girl. Eres wasn’t sure who her name was, but simply smiled as the girl offered up a challenge to the rather baffled looking boy. She wondered if he’d really kiss her, he seemed pretty into the game in the beginning, but now… she wasn’t so sure. Yet he did. She saluted him for his courage and laughed along with the others. It was going to be her turn next, and she hoped at least it would land on someone decently attractive. She could name a few guys here that she couldn’t mind sharing a little kiss with.

"Hello you."

She jumped.

Goosebumps trickled down her spine as she spun around on her toes. His breath against her ear had startled her. She stood face to face with him, a brow raised and blue eyes gleaming mischievously. She put an arm on her hip, leaning slightly to the side before whispering a quiet ‘hello’ to her friend, Her boy with curls.

"I hope that's juice you're holding,"

Eres snorted slightly, glancing at Theodora before giving Xan a rather amused look.

He then turned back towards her, her eyes locked immediately with his, searching them hungrily. She hadn’t thought that Xanthos would make an appearance tonight, but it didn’t surprise her. She didn’t quite know how she felt about him being here, especially with the game being played tonight. But then again, it wasn’t as if anything was going on between them, was there?

"Don't think I won't be watching."

She leaned in.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way…”

A foxy grin appeared across her face as the boy loped an arm around her. She loved being close to Xan like this, she felt tiny against his tall, lanky figure. He felt like home and comfort. His lips brushed against her temple before lingering there for a moment. Her heart rose from her chest and plummeted into her belly, exploding into butterflies.

She blinked before looking up towards him, speechless.

After a moment or two, she finally untangled herself from him, taking his hand momentarily before dropping it and trotting to join in the circle. She squeezed in besides the boy she had spoken with earlier and awaited her turn.

Her cheeks still red and flustered.

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Vladi watched as the bottle whizzed around and around until slowly stopping on Joy. He grinned widely. Joy was a nice girl, friendly, easy to talk with and pretty ruthless on the Quiddich Pitch, whether or not she would kiss, he did not know. But he would have been happy with that match.

Suddenly a thought occured... What if the bottle landed on someone of the same gender? Did the rule still apply? Would you still have to kiss them? Vladimir did not really like the idea, it was as his cousin Leksa often liked to point out, a sin. Although he wasn't into the whole Catholic belief system that most of his family swore by, he still didn't feel appeased of the idea to share his first real kiss with a boy.

Suddenly, he wanted to back out. But his pride would not allow it.

He glanced around sheepishly until they rested on the blonde with the prettiest blue eyes he had ever seen. Another lad was with her and his arm was draped across her shoulder.

"Who's he?" He asked Rooster, taking a large swig from his bottle as Joy and Felix approached each other to kiss. It appeared this girl had got the attention of almost all the boys at camp. But it was understandable she was really, very pretty.

Then again, so was Theadora, and a few others.

He smirked and snapped his head forward, eyes on the bottle as she pulled from the boys grasp and headed thier way.

Shuffling came from his other side and out the corner of his eye he saw long blonde hair. She was sitting beside him. Straightening upright, he turned and smiled towards her in greeting.

"Hey... I never got you're name?" He tried to be cool, charming but his ears twitched a little the way they often did when he got nervous. "I'm Vladimir. You're next right?"
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Joy Detora

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The thing was, Felix was a friend. A partner in crime. Not someone to kiss, not someone to flirt with (not really anyways), not someone to even consider doing anything of the sort with.

He was handsome, and it wasn't like she hadn't noticed that. She had to be blind not to. Joy definitely knew how to appreciate good looks, and although she had snuck a few looks at Felix's face while he wasn't paying attention, it wasn't in that way. Just appreciation.

"Do you really need to ask?"

She grinned back, the slight churning feeling in her stomach alleviated. Their easy banter was a familiar part of their relationship.

"You never know. You could have changed in the last five minutes." She sat up so she now had her elbows on her knees, sitting with her legs crossed like a child. Felix wouldn't back out. She knew that.

The smirk was on Felix's face the entire way, and Joy's own face carried an expression disturbingly close to Felix's own. It wasn't as much of a smirk as his, but anybody could tell that Joy was still smirking.

And then it happened. They made eye contact, and Joy realized she was now closer to Felix than she had ever been before. Physically anyways. Then Felix leaned in, kissed her and ended it.

It wasn't a bad kiss really. Not that she had a frame of reference to put it against, but she knew that Felix had kissed girls before. He was old enough to. And that Joy's first kiss had happened during a game of spin the bottle wasn't all that embarrassing. Plenty of others had the same situation happen to them too.

She smiled at him to show she wasn't angry, then scooted closer to the bottle. She looked around for the new girl, the blonde, and caught her next to Xanthos and Rooster.

And Vladimir. She hadn't noticed him before. She waved at the little group and spoke up.

"Hey! Um...I don't know your name, but the pretty blonde next to Xanthos! I think it's your turn."
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Rooster plopped himself down after Vlad’s show of excessive strength (Rooster would have to remember this, since using Vlad was a means of transportation could prove great come start of term.) He stretched back as a stifled a yawn, grabbing the bottle straight from Vlad’s grasp to take another swig. “Sharing,” He muttered to the older student, all wide grins and mischievous eyes.

”Is it too late for me to join?”

“No ways!” As Chartreuse arrived, Rooster bit down a laugh: she wasn’t what he’d call ‘his type’, but it was the scrap of leaves and other derbies that had his brow raising. Nonetheless was a female, and Rooster never claimed to be picky, so the Ravenclaw couldn’t help himself but look over her. “Woah, man, yous look like a pirate al’right.”

The game had started, and with the first Spin Felix had landed on Joy. A fun spot, but Felix sure wasn’t makin’ a good show of it. You needed to woo your lady. Touch her hip and dip her and do all them things those New York movies did. Say, ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn’ and then kiss that dame. The sixteen year old still wasn’t sure why it sounded cook, but them movies sure made it seem awesome.

“It’s like Kiss or Don’t.” Rooster hooted to Chartreuse with a loud laugh, smacking Vlad on the back for good show. “Likes, if I ever spun Vlad here, you knows he’s getting’ the best kissin’ of his life.”

He hadn’t even noticed as Xanthos slipped in and tried to steal his girl. What a smooth jerk. But then that cute little blonde with that perfect behin- smile. Truthfully, Rooster felt a bizarre bubble of jealousy brewing in the very pit of his stomach while Eres looked back at his good friend with such doe-eyed lovey-dovey. Perhaps Xanthos was doin’ something better than Rooster himself. (Seemed impossible, but could have been a reasonable answer.) 

“Oi, yous two ain’t supposed ta be canodoodlin’.” He muttered, giving Xan a hidden and less-than friendly salute of the middle-finger.

His head flopped to the side and landed unceremoniously on Vladimir’s shoulder, still unable to shake the sense of swollen pride popped as he watched friend and female cuddle. “Xan, o’ course.” He found himself grumbling. And then he even was up and eyes all on another leaving Rooster in the cold! What was this bullshit? Did guys to batty when a pair of pretty eyes landed on them?

Arms crossed with a sour expression, Rooster pouted.
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Eres Herondale

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"Hey... I never got you're name?"


Eres tilted her head slightly towards him; long blonde waves seemed to bounce around her waist while she turned. Shockingly blue eyes wondered towards the boy beside her, centering on his well-structured face. He was defidently handsome and she swore that he looked slightly familiar, but then again, most purebloods did to her. They had almost always made an appearance at one of her mothers parties in some way or another.

Lush lips curved upwards in a slight smile when Eres spoke, pushing a strand of stray curls behind her ear.

“My name is Eres.”

She answered, nodding her head slightly.

"I'm Vladimir. You're next right?"

Hm… Vladimir… that name did sound familiar. Perhaps he was a Borovsky, a few had often made appearances at her manor during events and such. They were a well mannered family, although, she had to admit, it was a little hard to understand them sometimes, especially the older ones with such heavy Russian accents.

She was next?

A flurry of panic crossed over her face, however it was soon replaced with a naughty grin as she bit down on her lower lip. It sure was exciting, playing a kissing game. It wasn’t her first kiss though… Xan had been her first, but it wasn’t anything romantic, was it? No… defidently not romantic. Eres wasn’t sure the boy even knew what romance was, even if it bit the boy on his bottom.

"Hey! Um...I don't know your name, but the pretty blonde next to Xanthos! I think it's your turn."

She blushed scarlet and nodded her head, indicating that she had heard. It wasn’t everyday someone just threw the word out and called her pretty, but she smiled earnestly at the girl who had just been kissed as a thanks.

Eres started towards the bottle, shifting her position slightly so that she sat on her knees. The bottle felt cool beneath her fingertips, causing a slight unnoticeable shiver to travel up her arm. She took a deep breath, shut her eyes tightly and spun the bottle, a bit faster then she had previously intended to.

It spun and spun, giving her no clue who it might land on. She leaned back towards a more comfortable position, her arms folded neatly over her knees.

It continued to spin, however now a bit slower then previously until finally stopping.

On Rooster.

Xanthos Duke

    (12/06/2014 at 22:06)
His grin didn't falter and he raised the bottle of butter beer to his lips, sipping at it before someone called for the game to begin. Xanthos removed his arm from her petite frame and she took his hand momentarily in hers as they approached the forming circle but before they could sit - or stand - together, he leaned down to mutter into her ear.

"I'm gonna go sit with Roo."

If he didn't there's no way he'd be able to relax properly. Parties were supposed to be fun and yet whenever certain people were around and he wasn't properly distracted, he found it hard to indulge in enjoyment. He had always been the same, even when he was young and incapable of doing anything at all to help those he cared about.

A gentle squeeze of her hand before he let go, turning to stride towards his friends who had grouped together. He nodded in greeting, his fingers still curled around the bottle that he brought back up to sip from once more before he joined the more muscular Ravenclaw at his side. His head turned to him, the beginnings of a goofy grin having tugged at the corners of his mouth before he spotted the sour expression and the closeness between him the the Russian lad.

"You two want a room?" He jibed, "What's wrong, man?"

He hadn't noticed who it was that spun the bottle next, instead his he was fixated on his friend and whatever the hell was wrong with him. It was unusual to see him like this and it was likely to be something ridiculous, but being the decent friend he was, Xanthos naturally was concerned. Blue eyes flit upwards to Vladimir and he rolled an eyebrow upwards in his direction as if to ask the same question.

"Have I missed something?"

Supposed it served him right for his lack of punctuality.