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* B. Foster

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Welcome to the HHS Salty Sea Dogs!

This here is the out of character forum. It is a place in which announcements can be made, greetings can be shared, and certain Sea Dog news can be spread among the campers. I am one of your counselors, and the other is Payton Rose. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask either of us, or any other of the counselors.
Now, a little bit of History on our patron pirate Anne Bonny:
  • Was raised as a boy growing up.
  • Sailed with John “Calico Jack” Rackham, and was his lover. 
  • Was married to a man by the name of James Bonny, before she ran off with Captain Rackham.
And now, let's get on to the fun part! Fill out the form, and walk the plank!

Please check-in by filling out this form:
Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name: [/b]
[b]Year: [/b]
[b]House: [/b]
[b]Catchphrase: [/b]
[b]Three Things We should Know:[/b] (About your character)
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* B. Foster

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Character Name: B. Foster
Year: 5th
House: Gryffindor
Catchphrase: "No." or " *growls* "
Three Things We should Know:
  • He likes poetry! Even writes some, or attempts at least. No one hears it except Oddball.
  • His first name is actually Beowulf, but no one would know that if they were not a professor, or really good at getting information.
  • Actions speak much louder to him than words. So, you want to be his friend (or not be intimidated by him), you have to show him you want to.

Sophie Ross

    (12/01/2014 at 17:50)
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Character Name: Sophie Ross
Year: Fifth
House:   Gryffindor
Catchphrase: "I'm in."
Three Things We should Know: (About your character)

  • She loves Quidditch. And anything that has to do with Quidditch. It's a go-to time killer for her, especially during the summer.
  • She's feeling a little restless with her life and looking for anything to spice it up. She wants to do something out of the ordinary and new this summer.
  • She doesn't care for small talk, as she finds it tedious and boring. She'd much rather jump right in to the real stuff.

Katya Volkova

    (12/01/2014 at 18:14)
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Character Name: Venus Lind
Year: 4th (hopefully)
House: Unknown
Catchphrase: "Go away" (real socialite, this one)
Three Things We should Know:

1. She is at war with The World, because she believes it owes her a big debt (father taken away by time warp, mother killed by The Blitz).
2. She is not a social person. Good luck trying to make her social. Threats won't work. You'll need to try something else. Like the next point ...
3. Quidditch/flying. She does like it. She thinks someday it might make her rich enough to buy The World (see #1).

P. S. Oh yes ... if you hear her speak some weird language, it's her family's native language: Swedish.

(I know, it was supposed to be 3 things. But thought I'd add this too. <3)
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Chartreuse Greene

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Character Name: Chartreuse Greene
Year: Sixth
House: Hufflepuff
Catchphrase: Welcome to the good ship FACE PUNCH.
Three Things We should Know: (About your character)
1. Chartreuse loves all things pirate.
2. Even though her outward appearance may be off-putting, Chartreuse is a loyal and trusting friend.
3. Chartreuse has never snogged anyone. Nor does she plan to.
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Raasiel Albear

    (12/01/2014 at 22:33)
Character Name: Ra'asiel Albear
Year: 5th
House: Ravenclaw
Catchphrase: "Erm...What?"
Three Things We should Know: (About your character)
  • Ra'asiel is quiet and calm most of the time, bu he is coming out of his shell. He is still somewhat introverted, though, and unfortunately isn't confident enough in himself to avoid being easily intimidated. *looks at Foster*
  • He likes to invent things! :3 But he doesn't show his inventions to very many people thanks to his grandfather's attitude towards his hobby.
  • He is petite for a boy his age, and looks very feminine. He hates it, and is hoping that he'll grow out of it soon.

Oliver Razi

    (12/01/2014 at 23:22)
Character Name: Oliver Razi
Year: Second
House: Slytherin
Catchphrase: " Go Away " ( for the summer )
Three Things We should Know:

  • Is rather depressed this summer, due to the fact he thinks he is a failure.
  • Tends to find his way into trouble of the adventurous sort.
  • Loves broom races.

Beatrix Lancaster

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Character Name: Beatrix Lancaster
Year: 3rd
House: Gryffindor
Catchphrase: "..." or *blush*
Three Things We should Know:

  • she isn't entirely sure she wants to be here for the summer
  • she is very daring and brave
  • though she can be painfully shy and quiet, she is the truest and most loyal of friends to have

Felix Oliveroot-Leontine

    (12/02/2014 at 04:38)
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Character Name: Felix Oliveroot-Leontine
Year: 5th
House: Hufflepuff
Catchphrase: "bIRDS" "caLY NOdfGDF"
Three Things We should Know:
  • Due to an unfortunate incident in his childhood, Felix has a terrible phobia of birds. This is both terrible and hilarious. Watch out; he's gotten better at hiding it.
  • Has a tendency to get into ridiculous situations, usually which involve a good amount of mischief and trouble. He'll never steer you wrong though! Actually, he will. But it'll be fun. You'll thank him later.
  • Felix is going to snog everyone.
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Payton Rose

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Character Name: Payton Rose
Year: Sixth
House: Ravenclaw
Catchphrase: "I'm sorry."
Three Things We should Know:
  • Payton is an empath, meaning she is VERY sensitive to the emotions of others...especially when she is in physical contact with people.
  • Blake is Payton's alternate personality and is her exact opposite: condescending, brash, direct and very blunt.
  • Grant Chemfield is taken...very much so.

* Anastasia Borovsky

    (12/02/2014 at 15:41)
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Character Name: Anastasia Borovsky
Year: 4th
House: Ravenclaw
Catchphrase: "You're gonna be sorry." *makes voodoo doll*
Three Things We should Know:
  • So very eccentric.
  • Very proud of her Russian heritage.
  • Has a pet wolf called Boris.
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Alec MacTire

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Character Name: Alec MacTire
Year: 2nd (hopefully)
House: Slytherin (hopefully)
Catchphrase: "Peasant."
Three Things We should Know:
  • Dislikes anyone who isn't a pureblood.
  • Likes to pull pranks.
  • More cunning than people give him credit for.

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Aethelstan G. Lowsley

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Character Name: Aethelstan G. Lowsley
Year: 6th (so old)
House: Ravenclaw
Catchphrase: *Slip away quietly*
Three Things We should Know:
  • The G. totally stands for Glorious.
  • Does everything with his left hand.
  • Knows how to make wands.

* Henry Viggano

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Character Name: Henry Viggano
Year: 3rd
House: Slytherin
Catchphrase: “I always win. I always get my way.”
Three Things We should Know:

  • He's better than you.
  • He's too smart for his own good, and has horrible people-skills.
  • Has no problem correcting someone when he thinks they are wrong, which is often.

* Serena McCormick

    (12/05/2014 at 06:29)
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Character Name: Serena Rose
Year: Fifth
House: Gryffindor
Catchphrase: *rolls eyes*
Three Things We should Know: (About your character)

*Serena is originally from New York, and transferred to Hogwarts last year.

*Serena likes to get her way, and is willing to fight for it.

*Serena has commitment issues.

Isabelle F Oliveroot

    (12/05/2014 at 19:09)
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Character Name: Isabelle Oliveroot
Year: Rising 5th
House: Ravenclaw
Catchphrase: "Okaaaay then"
Three Things We should Know: Fiery Temper, Loves tea, and very unpredictable.

Rose Witte

    (12/08/2014 at 01:43)
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Character Name: Rose Witte
Year: Don't know quite yet, probably 1st
House: N/A
Catchphrase: "Why do I have to have a catch phrase?"
Three Things We should Know: (About your character)
  • Rose loves to read, and will read anything; fiction or nonfiction, magical or muggle
  • Rose always keeps her arms covered with long sleeves, no matter how hot it is
  • Rose is an insomniac and is prone to late-night wandering